Strategia Del Terrore Cioccolato Piccolo Brown Jasper


Cast from a mold used a million times over, the playful energetic brown before you is of this mold and yet somehow his own unique personality. There is wedge shaped head and sturdy neck, check, a deep barrel chest and strong limbs, check, and of course lengthy tail and a set of wings, checkcheck. Beyond this there are more subtle modifications, the slightly more curved nature of his hips, a slightly stockier builder in his chest and body, and somewhat thicker wingsails than usual. Nothing to extreme, nothing which would make him any less of a firelizard than any other. Beyond physical appears and the playful spirit within there is the hues which have taken hold of his hide. A rich, melt in your mouth milk chocolate pours across his frame, highlighted upon ridges and defining muscles with streaks of dark chocolate and drizzled in his wings white chocolate. Talons too are of white chocolate, but despite outward appearances they are sharp as steel.

Egg Name and Description

Shrouded Turin Egg

A misty veil clouds much of the eggs surface in a strange linen white fog. To one end the tips of grayed mountain peaks, jagged and raw dappled with diamond snow sparkles for a moment before vanishing. Toward the middle a jigsaw puzzle of red-brown tile roofs fades in, glimpsing a buzz of activity below the shrouded misting veil which closes in again. A teasing playful egg which sits oh so innocently right in front of you. What might ever hatch from it?


This playful, friendly flit fits in well with most fairs, even if he does look a tad more edible than most predators would prefer. The only problem is that he can be a tad… tricksy, stealing abandoned goods and hiding shiny objects.


The eggs were inspired from locations in Italy. Yours is based in Turin, a bustling city which has hosted the winter olypmics, houses religious artifacts and is the birthplace of solid chocolate. Yum! The hatchlings were inspired from pets of mine (plus turin being known for chocolate). Yours is based on my playful tuxedo male, Taz (or Terrore (terror) in Italian). He is just playful and fun and acts like the eternal child. Congratulations and Enjoy!


Name Jasper
Dam Alchemia
Sire Starburst
Created By Neyuni
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 4 June 2009
Length 51
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Firelizard Lineart by Rhasmir

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