Spirited Brown Hematite

This brown firelizard seems to be blurred, as if seen through some sort of mystical, shining fog. Flashes of gold and silver can be detected amongst the brown, although that is not all. Along his wings are flashes of other colors, a veritable prism of light that shift around from different angles. Basically, the impression this firelizard gives is that it's unsure what it wants to be, but it has the potential of being anything. But primarily, it is a brown firelizard, and it's not going to forget what it is, deep in its soul.

Egg Name and Description


This egg seems to have been influenced by those old stories about when Thread fell on Pern. The weyrbrat drew this egg with a base of black with lots of dots, like space. Streaks of silver splay across the surface, all aimed at this one little blob of blue and green, seemingly Pern although no details can be seen. And as a crowning feature, there's another blob of red that is supposedly the Red Star right on top.

Hatching Message

Almost as if it couldn't wait to shed its shell with its deadly enemy pictured on the surface, THREAD! Egg bounces, tilts to either side, then explodes, leaving a hatchling behind that blinks at everyone.



The egg and hatchling descs were written by Xhaine. The egg theme was weyrbrats painting the eggs, and the hatchling theme was elements. This one is based on Spirit, a rather…./difficult/ element to describe. X'hil donated the egg.


Name Hematite
Dam Elizabeth
Sire Binns
Created By Xhaine
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 14 August 2009
Length 51
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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