Enlightening Entomologist Brown Fossil

The faint outlines of tunnel-snakes criss-cross this mud-brown's hide. Even his neck and tail seem more insect-like than normal, narrow and wriggly. His dark brown, near black, ridges splay out in odd directions, giving him an unfinished and unfocused look.

Egg Name and Description

The Inviting Insect Egg
This egg appears to be infested at first, coated in bugs and slime. But after a few moments inspection it becomes clear that they are merely the design of the egg, the twisting centipedes and tunnelsnakes against the marsh-water background the welcoming picture the egg chooses to show.

Hatching Message

The Inviting Insect Egg twitches, it's insect coating seeming to twitch and shiver, to crawl across its surface. A crack appears, and then another, then, with a mighty slither, a brown hatchling emerges from the confines, tossing the shards of egg away as if they were naught to him.


This clutches theme was the forensic anthropology television series Bones. Your hatchling was inspired by Dr. Jack Hodgens, forensic entomologist. He's smart, funny, and just a little crazy. He enjoys testing theories by doing things like dropping frozen chickens off of balconies (will it shatter or bounce?). But don't let him fool you, he has a gentler, more romantic side as well. You'll enjoy discovering all of the facets of this insect-loving brown hatchling.


Name Fossil
Dam Rosea
Sire Sobek
Created By M'nol
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 29 June 2009
Length 54
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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