Faschia Bronze Bloodstone



Shades of reddish-bronze are broken up what seems to be a layer of milky white that wraps around, thicker in some parts, thinner in other. All seemingly endless, just layers upon layers as it wraps around this wiry firelizard. From his knobby head down to his broad torso and all the way around his tail to the forked end, leaving that almost white.

Egg Name and Description

Connective Tissue Egg

Round and completely shaded in various layers of white around a marbled red shell. In an odd way, it almost seems very much like a cross-cut section of muscle, with it's various little groups, each with a band of white wrapped around it. All the way down to the smallest section.

Hatching Message

Tiny cracks appear along the surface of the Connective Tissue Egg, and then the cracks broaden and split and then suddenly there's a bronze sitting there with a shell sitting atop his head as the egg seems to practically dissolve with the exception of that one piece.


Bloodstone belies the initial impressions his name gives. He's very friendly, often flying up to complete strangers or strange flits, just to see what's up. He wants to be everyone's friend.


This clutch was based off of anatomy. Or basically, body parts. This egg and firelizard are based on the faschia, a tough connective tissue that envelopes that spreads throughout the body without interruption. It surrounds, muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessal and organ, all the way to the cellular level. And therein lies the sources for the names.


Name Bloodstone
Dam Eirwyn
Sire Vesuvius
Created By Keziah
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 17 May 2009
Length 58
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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