Making Service Fun Bronze Bahrain

Sire: bronze Sobek

Dam: gold Rosea

Egg: Properly Pristine Egg

Egg Description: This smooth egg is coated in an undercoat of medium grey, but layered over that are multicolored stripes of all the colors of the rainbow and some that aren't. These colorful outbursts are thin, nearly invisible along the top, but thicken until they completely conceal the grey at the bottom. If it's possible, this egg stands straighter than the others

Hatching Message: The Properly Pristine Egg splits cleanly, almost as if it's occupant had simply slit it open. And since the little bronze strides out of it as if he'd just opened a door, it's entirely possible. He glances at the assembled, giving a mighty cheep.

Hatchling Name: Making Service Fun Bronze Hatchling

Description: This large bronze is a fine example of his species. Each dimension, each angle make him more and more the quintessential fire lizard. Pale bronze spatters down his deep bronze hide in a gorgeous array of speckles, interrupted only at the neck and feet. At the base of his neck is a ring of bronze so pale as to be nearly white and stretching from that down his chest is a series of stripes of light yellowish-gold and dark coppery bronze. These same stripes find their place again at his feet, forming little multi-colored sox for the bronze.

Credits: This clutch was themed on the characters of the forensic anthropology based television series Bones. Your bronze was inspired by Agent Seely Booth, the FBI agent responsible for keeping the forensic team in cases and evidence bags. Though he appears at first to be overly stuffy and stiff-backed, he hides behind this persona a gleeful man who loves sports and playing. He shows this inner personality in his work-suit by wearing brightly colored ties and socks.

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