Runaway Salt Shaker Green Aventurine

An exotic mix of green and white splotches covers the sleek, strong body of this little firelizard. On close examination the white splotches are made up of thousands of individual dots like salt thrown onto the vivid light green of her hide so thick in places that the green only barely shows through. Her tail is long and curled, bereft of white markings, as is one side of her face where a striated mix of dark and light green forms a fan of color across her jaw.

Egg Name and Description

Wastin Away Again In Margaritaville Egg

Vivid neon green fades up from the bottom of the egg to a pale green, then yellow, and finally pale yellow at the top. The lower half of the egg has an underlying pattern of disc shapes gives the shell a bit of texture, reminiscent of a bowl of lime slices.

Hatching Message

Shimmy shimmy shake. Shimmy shimmy shake. And every shimmy and shake brings forth more cracks in the shell until finally a claw pokes through followed by a green snout. With a trimphant trill she leaps from the rubble of her too-small abode and fans out her wings then resettles them against her, surveying her new kingdom, yes, kingdom, now, where is my prince!?



The egg theme for this clutch was 'Drinking Songs' - though not your traditional bawdy barroom songs, rather songs that mention alcohol/drinking/etc. The hatchlings themselves were a combination of drinks as well as 'the beach'. This little green is all things lime with a dashes of salt from that lost shaker. She was desc'd by Lissi.


Aventurine has been neutered due to the rules about each alt only having one fertile female. To see this character's fertile green, visit Tourmaline


Name Aventurine
Dam Quisitis
Sire Ore
Created By Niva
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 17 July 2009
Length 42
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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