Boucing Baby Boy Blue Aquamarine

This firelizard is blue. Not just blue in some places, but blue from head to toe in one single, solitary shade. His broad, widened nose is the same shade as his short muscular neck and matches the hide that stretches over his broad chest. His stocky legs are blue and so are his broad, stretched out wings. Sharp talons and wide feet support his form in such a way that you might consider him a lumbering giant. However, this lizard seems to move quite gracefully for all his size and musculature. A short, stubby tail twitches behind him, diped in the same monotone shade as the rest of his altogether and totally blue body.

Egg Name and Description

Locked in the Laboratory Egg
A field of white makes up the majority of this small egg. It's almost clinical in it's cleanliness. Silver surfaces appear haphazardly. Splotches of various colors seem almost like bubbling liquids held in an array of oddly shaped vials, flasks, and containers. Other shapes are set upon the backdrop of silver and white, like measuring instruments and tiny sharp pointed tools. The base of the egg, however, is a criss-crossing of black lines upon the white.

Hatching Message

Locked in the Laboratory Egg rumbles, shimmies, shakes, and then hops just once. When it comes down again onto the ground, the shell splits open in three parts, revealing a large, creeling hatchling among the broken shards. The small blue looks around, and then noses at one of the broken pieces.


Your firelizard is a thinker first, a do-er second, but he certainly manages both of them quite well. He'll be athletic from the very beginning, but also curious about the world around him. You'll find him sometimes perched in the most odd positions, and he tends to sleep with his head curled around in the weirdest ways. He'd be an excellent helper for most things for the fact that he's very good at picking up and handling tools. He's going to want to perch on your shoulder when reading or doing paperwork, ready to offer a chirp if your mind wanders too far away from what you should be focused on.


Egg and Hatchling created by R'owan. The theme of this clutch is X-men and locations in the X-universe. The 'Locked in the Laboratory Egg' is based on the X-men's science lab sometimes seen in the comics. Basing this one totally off memory rather than any reference material.

Your firelizard, is based on the wonderful and querky Henry McCoy, also known as 'Beast':


Name Aquamarine
Dam Green Ishta
Sire Bronze Tanfri
Created By R'owan
Lineart Rhasmir
Coloring M'nol
Impressee M'nol
Hatched July 24, 2009
Length 47
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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