Mangled but Still Moving Brown Alexie

This oaken brown firelizard is tough as nails, his body is muscular, his mahogany and rough hewn jaw, head, and neck speak to the pinnacle of masculinity. Despite being suited for a hard life, he is no blue collar clown. His long knotted pine legs give him a serious, dexterous, and purposeful gait, swift on his feet and agile on the ground or in the air. His hawk hued form and broad, powerful russet wings give him the staying power and speed classic to his color. However, this streamlined creature, while blessed with the colors of the richest of evergreen woods, is cursed with a natural deformity that leaves one forelimb slightly shorter than the others, and minus three of the five pentadactyl talons. This heavily redwood deformity in his forepaw is broken by pale birchwood scar marks, the marks of an accident which he doesn't seem to feel. For this determined and stubborn, wooden hued creature keeps on taking care of business, as if his paw is normal and the scars are not even there.

Egg Name and Description

Dangerous Forest Egg

Covered in mist and mountain and rock, this tiny egg has images of Lemos' verdant forests displayed on its unusually brittle and delicate shell. The bottom of the egg is stony brown with bits of moss green, the upper portions are a rich woody brown and pine green. It is an egg that speaks to the raw beauty, and danger, of nature, for between the trees dart shadows, predators or humans its hard to tell. Large machines of unknown purpose are rusted over between the trunks. Whatever its inhabitants, despite its peaceful veneer this forest is crawling with dangers awaiting the unwary.

Hatching Message

The Dangerous Forest Egg's hatching does not go as as planned, the brown hatchling that crashes his way through its confines and due to a hatchling's clumsiness and a natural deformity in one forepaw he crashes into the half built portable wher kennel with frightening force. The tool box on top of the finished product is tipped over, sharp and blunt implements and hardware crash down towards the hatchling. The poor creature bolts into the kennel's confines, but not before his naturally deformed paw that caused the pileup is mangled painfully, oozing ichor and hanging at an angle that indicates a fracture. Aeyric holds his breath, and golden Maia screeches in fear for her brown offspring. There's a pulsepounding silence, several minecraft owned lizards hold their breaths, expecting the brown to go between from fear and never return. But no keening, no screeching, no sounds or signs of mourning come. Two tiny red eyes glow from the kennel's depths, and then the brown stumbles forth at a hobbled run, mangled, but still kicking and still fiesty, and hungry as all get out.


Tough an dperseverance


The theme for the clutch was shows on "History Channel." I mainly concentrated on their reality programs, called "American Originals" but also used favorites like "life after people" "the universe" and "Jurassic Fight club." History's programs are near and dear to my heart and this clutch is meant to pay homage to some of my favorites. This egg was based on their "American Originals" reality series Ax Men. In Ax Men, several logging companies compete for revanue, while the camera crews explore one of the most dangerous professions in the country, logging. These people risk serious injury and death at every turn on the mountain top, but they wouldn't trade it for the world. Some of them even turned down a college education in favor of logging.

Ax Men has run for three seasons, and while season 2 saw the exploration of "Heli logging" (logging using a helicopter to lift the logs) in the Montana hills, as well as Aqua Logging (salvaging logs cut decades, even centuries ago, lost beneath America's water ways and cured with an extremely valuable color and grain,) and while by season three competitors come and go, one company has lead the charge, and the scores for truckloads of logs per season, J. Browning Corp.

This fearless and diverse company is lead by Jay Browning and his son Jesse. Why does Jay catch my attention? He's an amputee, and a living example of how dangerous his profession really is. Jay lost the fingers on one hand to a logging implement. During his convalescence he refused disability coverage in favor of a hand made prosthesis he made in his own shop. He returned to logging as soon as his health allowed, and typically uses duct or electrical tape to fasten the prosthesis to his stumpy hand. The logging implement now sits on his lawn as an ornament, and a reminder that he risks his life every day on the job, for a profession he wouldn't trade for all the gold in the world.


Name Alexie
Dam Maia
Sire Bahrain
Created By Aeyric
Impressee M'nol
Hatched 7 March 2010
Minecraft Hall
PernWorld MUSH

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