Faeth's Flight Record
Date Participants Winner On/Off Camera Log
09 January 2018 Bronze Istereth (G'ene)
Blue Artinamth (J'than)
Blue Caerith (C'nor)
Blue Artinamth (J'than) NPC Personal Plot Flight N/A
06 November 2017 Bronze Istereth (G'ene)
Bronze Zymanth (W'yn)
Brown Tebinth (Dr'ven)
Blue Caerith (C'nor)
Brown Tebinth (Dr'ven) Off-Camera N/A
14 August 2017 Bronze Dolth (R'az)
Bronze Garouth (D'lei)
Bronze Kivshiralth (Is'ac)
Bronze Saumath (T'lon)
Bronze Teimyrth (Ila'den)
Blue Azrith (Zaria)
Blue Cenvath (S'ndri)
Blue Foryth (Leia)
Blue Azrith (Zaria) Off-Camera N/A
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