Ellamariseth's Flight Record

[Clutches] [Inspiration]

Date Chasers Winner Clutch Type
Nov 7 2008 Arinith (R'miel)
Aslinath (Or'un)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Dulacth (Senkyou)
Nasrinth (N'kor)
Odryth (Ly'am)
Tesnath (P'ton)
Arinith PC
Jul 21 2008 Arinith (R'miel)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Meluth (M'iken)
Meluth NPC
Apr 16 2008 Arinith (R'miel)
Aslianth (Or'un)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Kunaseth (Z'kiel)
Limerith (V'gay)
Arinith NPC
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