Dragonhealer's Annex

The Dragonhealer's Annex was established at Xanadu Weyr as a counterpart to the main facility at Ierne Weyrhold. The Annex is located in Xanadu Weyr proper, and is a large complex attached to the Hatching Complex, to allow the dragon healers there easy access and monitoring of the complete fertility cycle. The Annex also studies fertility issues in other queens, particularly those who have suffered from reduced or non-existent numbers of viable eggs.

The Annex also includes a large incubator, to provide around the clock monitoring of eggs of infertile queens, which mimics a hatching ground. The Annex also sees its fair number of other cases - destroyed wing sails, broken limbs, and eye injuries, though many of those are relocated to the main Hall at Ierne.

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