Fired Up Molten Bronze Zsuzsath

Autumn orange covers his fore-feet, licking upwards in a flame's pattern as the tops are surrounded by a bonfire's deep orange which continue to imprint this bronze's stout forelegs in fire, his curved talons a deep fig. Molten gold swathes well-rounded head knobs and drips between his smooth eye ridges, then down either side of his muzzle only to leave the end of the said rounded, stout muzzle covered with a bronzen brown mustard. The stream of molten color continues down the underside of a long, gracefully curved neck onto a wide and sturdy chest, and a sleek, rounded underbelly. Finally the molten stream ends as it drips onto the underside of his shorter, smoothly round tail, ending by the spade. The brown mustard that touched his muzzle is also spread over the rest of his smooth body, where molten hue and fire never touched, from powerful haunches to wide and equally powerful wing spars. Membranes hold a sand-esque texture, their color that of a desert camel, while rounded ridges hold the same color as they make their way down his spine and tail.

Egg Name and Description


Star-Eyed Helper Egg
Black as the darkest night, as deep as endless space, this ovoid egg has the base color of the void of space itself, speckled with dots of white, portraying the vast amounts of stars. However, the void is not the only thing to reside on the surface of the black egg. Bright orange-red - the color of fresh flames - splays out over the surface, blotting out most of the void with wings of fiery energy, taking on the shape of some sort of hawk. There seems to be an aura around this flat shell-hawk, an aura of a yellow-orange that borders on hurting the eyes when looked at for too long. 'Tail feathers' spread down towards the base of the egg, while 'wings' wrap around in a caring hug, and the 'beak' finishing the egg in a pointy peak.

Hatching Message

A faint, impatient creeling can be heard from inside the Star-Eyed Helper Egg, as the egg wobbles from the struggle within the shell. Moments later the hairline crack grows to a noticeable fissure, and the top of the egg (and the bird's head) pops off, then tilting over onto its side, and depositing its resident onto the sands with little grace and a loud creel, as the sides of the egg crack and open further.

Impression Message

That familiar and comforting blackness of his endless void seeps gradually into your mind, the yellow-white star of his fear ebbing into the background as warmth washes over you in waves, a golden star, accompanied by blue and green, shine brightly into your mind's eye. « I've found you, little brother. » Booms a deep, yet estastic voice, a rush of nearly unbearable heat coming with the voice. « Little brother J'ymi, yes. I will help you. We both need a friend, do we not? But I can also help you. » The absolute joy that comes with this new booming voice is almost as unbearable as the heat. « But first, come. I, Zsuzsath, hunger! »


Spam ahoy, J'ymi. During your Weyrling time, Zsuzsath (Zooz-sath) will represent Dawnfire more over than the Avatar. The Avatar will be sitting there in the background, but now that he is out of the shell, there are things to explore and sensations to experience. He won't be noisy, picking through other's things, but he'll be willing to have fun and play games like any merry child would. However, should you - or anyone - need a listening ear, that party-go-happy and play-with-the-ladies attitude will quickly take a back seat, and Zsuzsath will listen to problem at hand, though the advice he gives as a Weyrling might be a little doubtful. In other words, he'll act like the child that's on the brink of puberty. At times he'll still be extremely childish, but at other times, he'll wisen up and act like a young adult should - merry, but not immature. Flying will be a joy for him, and he'll be a good acrobatic flyer for his size, but what he might love more than air, would be learning to flame and the water. He'd revel in learning the ways of the flame, since you yourself as a glasscrafter play with it as well, and he'd be thrilled if he could somehow produce flame that you could use.
As Zsuzsath grows, so will his want to guide, more than play. He'll be on the lookout for your health more, and he'll be more persistant about you doing what's good for yourself. Whether it be taking a day's vacation from your work to socialize and have fun, or eat, bathe, and sleep, he'll be there watching you in the back of your mind, but let you do your work without his input unless you ask for it. He wouldn't even consider taking anyone's things, least of all your precious glass creations. Afterall, what's precious to you, is precious to him! Dawnfire will still be sitting underneath the guise of the Avatar though, and waiting for that gather day, or some sort of party, however impromptu, to be able to enjoy himself, and make you enjoy yourself!
Flight time - not that you'll ever go proddy - will be an interesting time. Dawnfire is in full force here, and oh, he'll be flirting with the ladies, and likely dragging you into a hole with him. « J'ymi? Oh he's /wonderful/. I've heard the ladies talk about him. » None of it will be really incriminating, but it might be enough to send the gold and greenriders your way after the flights are over and done with! If Zsuzsath ever fathers a clutch, well won't he just be the proudest thing on the planet? He'll be what any good gold should be: protective. But unlike most golds, he'll also be trusting and understanding of the candidates coming to converse with his children. He'll not boast of his children every chance he gets, but he'll be infernally proud of them. When it comes around to choosing a wing, it's all your doing, but as a general suggestion, during Clutch Time, you might very well find yourself at the position of Weyrling, or Assistant Weyrlingmater at the prodding of Zsuzsath. « But they are children, and they will need guidance! I am a good guide, yes? »

Why did Zsuzsath choose you, J'ymi? It could be that you seemed a little more sedate than the other people he got along with, and while there may be that party animal underneath, he isn't always looking for a party. No, what he was looking for most was a friend, and he noticed that you also need a friend. And a guide as well, with some of your habits. He'll only be too happy to fulfill the roll of friend, party companion, and guide to you, in return for your friendship.


Shimmering Void of Power
Zsuzsath is fond of his endless void, and his collection of stars, so it only makes sense that he'll continue to use them as a dragon. The black void is merely to represent him, and always, there will be stars dimly twinkling in the background. His emotions are communicated mainly via the stars and their colors. Golden approval with it's warm heat - blue comfort and a fuzzy warmth - green laughter and happiness - orange annoyance and it's spanking 'touch' - red anger and it's scalding hot heat - grey guilt and it's chilled aura - purple curiosity - teal pride - and so forth. However unlike when he was an egg, he now has an actual voice as well. His voice will be deep and boom through his own void, and it will be tinged with a heat strong enough to melt glass, though will always be at a bearable level for those receiving guidance. The more PO'd he gets, the hotter his voice will become. Zsuzsath can be mercurial, but he can also be a very steady personality to be around. He knows that everyone has their moments of anger and spite, and induldges in them himself at times, but otherwise is a generally fun-having dragon. He's not drop-dead serious, and he won't be six-year-old play mate either, he's more like your young adult that adores having fun, but will give in to the necessity of being grown and responsible. There's a very good chance that he'll even figure a way to balance the two opposites.


Zsuzsath is inspired from Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series, as you figured out so early on. Originally it was based on Dawnfire instead of Tre'valen, but as we discovered when we talked, after the transformation into Avatars, Dawnfire and Tre'valen were extremely alike. However, I still hold my ground that Zsuzsath is more based off of Dawnfire than Tre'valen. Why? Because Dawnfire had spunk, spirit, and she knew how to party! As the hawkbrothers tend to, they take their parties very seriously, and know how to enjoy them to the fullest. The outmost layer of Zsuzsath's personality is that of the Avatar - Calm, caring, guiding, a teacher, most importantly a friend! Underneath that Avatar layer however, lays Dawnfire's personality. Flirting with the opposite gender will always be an enjoyed past time, and partying until the sun comes up will be like second nature. Still, friendship holds constant, even when Dawnfire's raucous and randy personality sparks up. Though just because there's still a fun-seeking entity under the guide, Zsuzsath will watch for your comfort, health, hygiene and whatnot first above all else.. other than himself at times.
The Star-Eyed Helper Egg was merely an elaboration of what happened when you came into contact with the Star-Eyed herself. At one time a candidate asked why it chose what it did to communicate with, the stars, space, and flaming hawk. The answer Zsuzsath gave was this - The hawk because hawks fly free, and aren't constrained as well as being a bird of prey, very little can effect it. The flames because fire can be both harmful and gentle, both hurting and reassuring, as it can be both itself. The stars within space, because that's just what it chose. The color spectrum seemed to work just as well as anything else might have.
The creation of this egg and dragon should be credited to Lahela.
Colors can be found at
Colors to look up are: Autumn Orange, Bonfire, Brown Mustard, Fig, Desert Camel, and Glorious Gold (Molten color).


Name Fired Up Molten Bronze Zsuzsath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Lahela
Impressee Jeymian
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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