This brown dragonet is near black in color, so rich and deep is his hue. He is like the soil after a heavy rain, dark and heavy. He is stocky, with thick limbs that hint at a hidden strength within. He has a somewhat short neck with rock-like ridges that are light brown. Wings make up for the shortness of his body and span large and black. But, much like the shell that he shattered from, the veins of the ebony windsails show through and etch a myriad of designs upon them. Difficult to see, but there visible within the right lighting. His muzzle is stout and tipped with a broad nose, curiously colored a tarnished shade of bronze. All along his dark body, traces of that same color can be seen. Thin, near imperceptible streaks that run down the legs and tail.

Hatching Message

Behold! The shell of Tears of Ink egg erupts and from it, a thick brown hatchling is revealed. He stands at his full height, glistening with the wetness that comes from being fully hatched. His body is a stark contrast to the white and red sands, and for a moment he may seem much like his egg: A blotch of ink escaped from an inkwell.

Impression Message

Light Within Darkness Hatchling moves, broad feet carrying him surely towards the unfamiliar faces of the candidates that await. He wastes no time. He's already found his long ago. He was only waiting for her to wise up and find /him/. Right up to Lasuka does he tromp, and he stops before her with a heavy snort to her face. "Yuck, dragon breath!" «And there will be more of that to come, Suka, as I am Zinieth, and I have chosen you» "Or I've chosen /you!/" retorts the girl, but even she can't help the huge grin on her face as she and Zinieth move off the sands together.


Name Zinieth
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Ka'el
Impressee Suka
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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