Brown Zerounth

Cordovan engulfs this dragons hide, allowing no gentle light to peer through this darkness save for faint mahogany blushing that dares blend through the underside, freckles lay scattered across his broad chest and muscular limbs. This same gentle mottling dares to emerge over his muzzle, adding a faint glow to his faceted eyes. Talons are devoured as ruddy waves clash upward before blending into a defiant cascade of rich earthen hues, splashing over broad shoulders and clinging to this browns wing sails. Upon these sails melts dirty sanguine tones, seeking out the reaching wisps of rusty tendrils that bleed through tawny shores underneath. His features are average in every respect; his form is none too slim yet robust and strong, the exception alone of large wings, which are slightly longer in proportion to his frame.

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