Over the Top Blue Zeituth

This medium sized blue is a physical representation of a textbook dragon. His lean musculature over a pristine bone structure makes for a form to be envied by any dragon. Gentle ridges lead down his back to a thin whip-like tail. His snout is perfectly molded, tapering in with a strong jaw line. He has big eyes seated under faintly drawn eyeridges. The majority of this dragon's hide has been coated in a pleasant sky blue. A long gray stripe runs from tip of the tail to a sharp point down his snout. This ashen spine falls into gray tiger stripes down the blue's body. Thin lines of silver accentuate the stripes, giving them a rocky appearance. Similar markings dress the wrists and ankles of the blue, becoming thicker and darker as they near soot colored claws. The broad wings of this beast maintain a softer blue underneath, while the tops are coated in a slaty pewter.

*Image by N'kor

Egg Name and Description

Tragically Without Fruit Egg
The majority of this egg is painted in a thick sky blue, save for a sandy straw-colored that seems to have washed over its lowest bits. On one side, there is a spidery pattern sprawling up from the bottom portion in dark mahogany. It's rooted in a thick brown stripe and thins as it climbs upwards and expands. At first glance this pattern may give the notion that this egg is a dud, since it appears already cracked, but on closer inspection it is indeed just coloring. Slightly displaced from this pattern are two circular orange splotches with bits of green fanning out from their tops. A few flecks of brown decorate the orange with purpose.

Hatching Message


Tragically Without Fruit Egg twitches a bit like it's got an itch it can't reach. It jiggles and wiggles, then finally gives a hefty jerk to the side, hopping slightly in the sand. There's still not a fracture in the hardened shell, but it's quite clear it won't be long now!

Tragically Without Fruit Egg is getting more and more annoyed at this pesky shell! It pauses for a moment to catch its breath, then goes back to jerking this way and that. Finally it's able to give a mighty push and falls over to the side, creating a thin crack running lengthwise down the oval enclosure. There's nary a pause now as the being inside causes the crack to spider outwards

Tragically Without Fruit Egg can't seem to catch a break from the side of the egg that's managed to crack through. After lots of pushing and wriggling it finally gives up. There's a few minutes of complete stillness from this egg. Maybe it's content being shell bound? Then there's a rather violent jittering as the end of the egg is pushed crowd-ward by a couple of spindley dragon legs!

Impression Message

Something gentle and beautiful pushes its way into your thoughts. A collage of yellows and reds, mixed in with some sky blues. A metal field of flowers, flowing from an unusually excited mind. «Ah! A'dar! There you are! What are all these other people doing here?» The beautiful blue dragon before you looks into your eyes with a gaze that seems to wash away everyone and everything else around you. The tenor chimes into your mind again with smooth eloquent words. «Questions! But first, answers. I am Zeituth, and I am yours and you are mine. Together we will climb through the ages. But right now I am in need of something to eat. Let us get something to eat!»


From the moment that Zeituth learns of Aradir's craft he'll have an unusual obsession with clocks. He'll love to hear them tick, and will enjoy the regularity and order that time brings to the world of humans, especially Aradir's world. Expect Zeituth to keep several of the clocks that Aradir produces and for him to want them all wound and adjusted. He'll also take to arranging things in order (such as books, from largest to smallest of course; tools, etc). He'll enjoy the daily routine of feeding, bathing and oiling, but count on him to scrutinize every detail, and always want to know why. Why do we oil after we bathe? Why do we bathe after we eat? Smarter than the average dragon, Zeituth will actually be able to retain a surprising amount of information.

His own order won't be the only thing he wants to question. He'll watch the stars and the sky and ask about the order of the heavens. He'll even find a particular herdbeast family he'll refuse to eat from to figure out their order as well (he may be upset to find one of them missing as part of another dragon's lunch… until you let him know that's also part of the order of life!) With all this curiosity, there will be little time for Zeituth to be lazy! But at least Zeituth's interest in Aradir's craft will keep him entertained for hours on end, as he watches his rider's skills develop as progresses through the ranks.

Zeituth's curiosity might also get himself and Aradir into trouble from time to time. «Oh! What's in this cave I wonder?» «I wonder if there's something good hidden at the bottom of the oil barrel..» «What if I fly a bit higher?» «What if I dive a bit faster?» «Why can't I chase a gold?» He'll also have a tendency to inspire curiosity in others, and will be smart enough to manipulate them into getting into trouble for him! But Zeituth is generally good natured enough to enjoy most other dragon's company.

Feeding time for Zeituth will be business as usual. He'll likely settle into a rhythm of felling a beast and then eating the bits in a particular order. Of course, figuring out what parts he enjoys will be an ongoing process for the first few turns. Same will go with figuring out what size/age beast he prefers, male or female wherries, and other such mundane details that most dragons usually don't have the mental capacity to focus on.

Zeituth will always prefer to chase the greens he's felt he's 'figured out'. These will be the ones that have regular flight cycles and tend to act the same way during their time to rise (Sophyrinth for example), according to you. The others he will chase purely out of curiosity, though it will be hard to tell the difference when he's in the skies hunting a proddy green. Flight losses will never affect Zeituth much, as long as you assure him that there will be many more opportunities.

Though Zeituth will maintain good relationships with many of the dragons around the weyr, Aradir's own relationships will always interest the blue much more. The concept of parents, family, and girlfriends (or boyfriends!) will be fascinating to him, even if he will never be able to fully understand them. He will understand the importance of these people to Aradir, and will not be prone to bouts of jealously, even if Aradir settles down with one girl (or boy) in a serious relationship.

Zeituth generally keeps an upbeat attitude. He will be comfortable in his own skin, and comfortable with the relationship that he shares with his rider. It's only when Aradir is feeling down that Zeituth's mood will tend to darken. Zeituth is very much a no regrets dragon, and will encourage Aradir to be a no regrets human!

"The harder I push the tension does grow
I gather my thoughts the further and further I go
With some luck I just might keep on climbing
So better to climb than to face a fall

So high the climb
Can't turn back now
Must keep climbing up to the clouds"


Another Cool Wind
Zeituth is a go-getter, but never pushes too hard. He isn't satisfied unless he's on the go with you constantly, working on your craft or off learning new things. His constant hunger for adventure and excitement is near unquenchable. He constantly wants to move forward, go further, higher, deeper, and anywhere he hasn't been before, whether it be exploring a tunnel or exploring the vast complexities of your memories and emotions. Usually he'll bombard you with bright colors, mainly yellows and reds. Simplistic, but they get their message across. Only when he's brooding or sad do the colors dim into browns or greens, the difference between a pasture at sunrise and a forest at sunset.

Another Cool Wind approaches your mind with hesitation, like an inexperienced climber approaching a daunting mountain. It creeps slowly around the base, only asking basic questions, finding out general things. How old were you? Where are you from? Nothing embarrassing, nothing to be ashamed of. And so it starts the climb into the depths of your psyche. It moves through your pleasant and recent memories.

Another Cool Wind is making the climb, higher and higher into where you keep your closely guarded secrets and unpleasant memories. Too afraid to fall if it turns back, it continues to examine the bits of your inner self. This mind is intent on reaching the pinnacle of your hidden memories. It's so high, so far, but it will get there! Toss it a rope, anything to lead it to that one memory, good or bad that will satisfy its need to explore all of you.

Another Cool Wind gathers all your thoughts, using them to propel itself further and further. Where was the top? That one thought, that one memory. Carefully up and up it moves, not wanting to turn back. Sifting through the clouds of your mind, this one suddenly starts to get hazy. And before you know it, it's blended in with the clouds and is gone. Did it ever get there?


Zeituth! What a challenge, though so much fun to write. Let me get right into it.

First off, this clutch's theme was Music Albums! In particular, Zeituth was based off the album Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. His egg was designed after the album's cover (at the very least, the circle in the middle with the tree). His original personality fell out of the song The Climb from that album, though I've tweaked it a bit to conform to your questionnaire.

Why blue? I had trouble with this question, too. Especially since a lot of what was written in your questionnaire tended to make me think you wanted Aradir on a green. Honestly it had more to do with Aradir's personality than anything else. I had a bit of trouble viewing Aradir as a chasee, even if later in life he ends up preferring men over women. It was easier for me to see a dynamic between a somewhat wily blue and Aradir than any sort of green I could come up with.

The name was a struggle for me with Zeituth as well. Even though I'm writing this as the second section I've done, it's likely the name will change several more times before I completely settle on one. I tried to stick with the sounds you seemed to like, while giving the name a bit of meaning and not having it spiral into something long and hard to pronounce. I could understand your suggestions here! I like my dragon names readable and memorable as well. Zeituth comes from the German word for clock, Zeituhr. I pronounce it ZAY-tooth, but you are free to pronounce it however you like.

Since you said size was not very important to you (all dragons are more than large enough to carry a human) I decided to pick a moderate size, and go with a long and lean sort of look for him.

Working out Zeituth's personality was by far the most interesting part. I pulled out several key points from your questionnaire and tried to roll them into a tasty dragon sandwich: a curious dragon, one that doesn't mind his craft, a dragon that knows they're pretty, and one that meshes well Aradir's personality. Out of this fell Zeituth, a dragon curious about the order of the world around him. I've written quite a bit about his personality, trying to give you some guidance about the inner workings of his draconic mind.

With all that said, Zeituth is yours and yours alone. Feel free to change/tweak/ignore anything about him that you'd like! Everything here is simply a guide, at the end of the day you should play him the way you think is best.

We're glad to have you in the ranks of Xanadu's riders! The entire SearchCo, myself included, were all pleased that you decided to try for a color here. I hope you enjoy playing Zeituth as much as I did making him!


Name Over the Top Blue Zeituth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By R'miel
Impressee A'dar (Aradir)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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