Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Zaruath

Volcanic ash stains the hide of the abnormally thin brown dragon, highlighting the dull muddiness of his hide and emphasising his skeletal look - every muscle and bone that goes to make up his frame can be easily seen and counted through his lacklustre hide. His forehead is overgrown, nose shortened an upturned at the end, and each dusted with dust-like specks of white. His haunches shade more towards black coffee, an oil-like sheen streaking down the back of each leg, while his tail appears to have been dipped in molasses. Huge glassy wings, almost devoid of colour and definitely too large for his frame, shimmer in the slightest light, casting an odd haze around him and across his brittle alabaster talons.

Egg Name and Description


Distracting the Hero Egg

The calm blues and greens of a tidal pool have been gathered upon the shell of this rather round, squatty egg as it sits upon the Istan Sands. Turquoise hues linger near the upper end, darkening to medium blues, before a strip of sandy tan rings the bottom. Yet, despite the cool colors, a quite brightly red shape sits amidst the waves, shaped vaguely like some sort of crustacean, and distracting the eye from the backdrop with its rich color.

Hatching Message

Distracting the Hero Egg crashes to the sands, shattering the delicate shell into a myriad of tiny pieces and revealing a dark brown hatchling almost entirely enshrouded in his own wings.

Impression Message

Falling. Falling! Where are the sands, you're not that tall. The world seems to be rushing by and you can't stop it. Someone's laughing, another candidate perhaps? « Fyr. » A burst of laughter enters your head and suddenly the falling speeds up, the sands rushing up to meet you. « You need to learn to jump, Fyr. Shall I do it again so you're ready? » A blunted nose pushes its way into your face, eyes meeting eyes, minds melding completely in that one second. « Zaruath. » His name is spoken as barely a breath, but somehow you already knew it. « They are staring at me, Fyr. I do NOT like it. I want to leave. NOW. »


It could be easy to lose yourself amongst the turbulent world that is Zaruath. In some ways he is too intelligent for his own good, but he tends to use that mind in devious and almost cruel ways. He is moody and clingy, unwilling to share you with anyone yet wishing to push you out into the world so everyone can admire you.

He'll find a like mind in Tejath, encouraging her regularly to steal her rightful spotlight in ever increasingly dramatic ways, though you will find that at times he avoids her completely — that echo of his own personality can be a little harsh for even him to bear. The smallest slight against him, a poorly worded comment or more deliberate insult, is enough to raise his ire and send him into a downwards spiral. If a dragon were ever prone to being depressed then Zaruath is the one, but oh his revenge will be sweet.

He will discover from an early age that the right word in the right mind can do a lot. Occasionally he will even shut you out of his mind while he whispers to another dragon, encouraging them to do something, whispering ideas to them. If such a manoeuvre gains you advancement in the ranks, well that's just a bonus. He's quite happy to watch and chuckle to himself when things go wrong. And they invariably will, after all that was the whole point.

Hunting will never be a problem for him, though getting him to stop hunting may be. He enjoys the kill, the blood; he may even hunt when he's not hungry and then leave the corpses lying for the firelizards. He'll be one of the first of the class to hunt, though conversely he'll be one of the last to perfect flying. He would far rather run from shadow to shadow than fly in the bright daylight.

His intelligence will come to the forefront once more when it comes to flights, and he will think nothing of using his fellow chasers as a stepping-stone to get to the gold or green he's chasing. A few shredded hides or wings are a small price to pay for the win. Wins are a time of smug satisfaction, though he will never be one to stay around. Losses hit him hard and at that time he will want you and only you.

Despite all these negative traits, you will be the one with whom he shares his quieter side. As obsessed as Inimeth is with reading and learning, so to is Zaruath with music. Trips to the harper hall will be frequent when his darker moods take hold, the music soothing the savage beast, for a short time at least.


Zaruath's mind tends towards the darker side of life, no matter how happy he may well appear to be. The deep sea greens of his shelled mind are still present whenever he is particularly pleased with himself, but he tends towards rich blood reds and occasionally the stab of metal when he's angry. His voice itself is thin, musical yet somehow strange. Haunting is perhaps the best description, for he does seem to linger on after conversations have finished, which can be rather unnerving.


The theme for this clutch was the Zodiac, and your Zaruath is based on the sign of Cancer, specifically the negative traits associated with it. His name, Zaruath (Zar-oo-ath), comes from Arax Du'uzu, the corresponding month to cancer in the Babylonian calendar. We tried as best we can to include you wishes for a darker dragon, and hope this matches your thoughts. What's written here is not carved in stone, feel free to mould him to a shape that pleases. Welcome to Ista!

Leslyn & L'ton


Name Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Zaruath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Leslyn & L'ton
Impressee F'yr (Fyra)
Hatched 29 June 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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