Blue Yyrith
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As if Yyrith were molded from grains of sand, heated and blown into immaculate sweeping curves, so this dusky-blue portrays the restrained and muted quality of a glassblower's art. His beauty is less obvious than a cut crystal goblet's, instead being engraved into something much finer. Flowing lines of aquamarine wash in translucent wheel-shapes over his muzzle, giving his hide a sinuosity like the tide flowing in the sea. Tourmaline dilutes the ultramarine of his belly, deep and as nuanced as an underwater scene coming to life.
Over the aileron of his wings, intercalated black spots sweep in graceful contours, his veins standing out in the delicate tissue and giving him an almost marbled sense. The thin membranes are pictured like colourless glass where, hinting like a memory of light strikes them as they move, the transparency slowly dissolves into a deep, cold blue.


With enough curiosity to be the envy of felines everywhere, Yyrith will ask questions about anything that happens to catch his eye. His nature can be finicky as well, but from his devotion to _his_ Lynn, he could just as easily be part canine. Be warned: This dragon has a silly streak underneath that pretty blue hide.


Name Blue Yyrith
Dam Gold Promith
Sire Bronze Lyrath
Impressee Tylynn
Hatched December 1998
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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