Snarled Waves of Gold Yumeth


She may be golden, this queen, but she is little else that one expects. Long, awkward flaxen-sailed wings look rumpled next to her richly caramel body. Her form is slender, with refined, elongated features from the curve of her limbs to the smoothly flawless hide of her muzzle. Prominent eye-ridges cast her fasceted eyes into shadow, lending them a dark look. The ridges of her neck are paler, buff blonde arching in uneven protrusions, peaks lopsided and sometimes craggy where they should be only smooth curves. Her limbs are slender, wing spars looking almost too delicate to hold her weight in flight, with dark talons that remain long and dangerously sharp. Shimmering honey streaks down her back and sides to brush against her syrup-colored belly, a line of it running down the lithe tail to the forked tip.

Egg Details


Harvest Gold Crabapple Egg

Nature's first green is gold, but at the last she becomes gold again, the unripened curve of nearly spherical fruit becoming honey and wheat in the summer's end. Most of the shell of this egg is a continuous melding of color, gold to yellow-green and back again, but one section of the lower hemisphere appears darkened, bruised. A stain spreads out from a single point, tainting the gold with overripe ochre, a perfect specimen fallen from the tree and left to turn. Though no larger than its fellows, this egg has earned itself a much higher status in the world—kept separate, on its own little mound of sand.

Hatching Message

A dark crack spreads around the circumfrence of the Harvest Gold Crabapple Egg. One more fervent motion, and the shell around the bruised spot on the egg breaks open. The Snarled Waves of Gold Hatchling pushes out of the shell, onto the sand, shaking her head to rid herself of the last fragments.

Impression Message

A faint tickle in the back of your thoughts grows stronger, and the little gold is stepping right in your direction. Her eyes meet yours and the tickle is suddenly a wind through your mind, rifling through every thought and memory without so much as a by-your-leave. « You did sleep in the stables? That won't do. Not at all. Never again. You should be finding me something to eat. » Her eyes are whirling very fast and very blue, enough to get lost in. « A name! Your name is Sorrin. My name… what is my name? It should be a good one. Yumeth! You may call me Yumeth, now and always. »


"As long as she stands there waiting
Wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes
Now how many days disappear
When you look in the mirror
So how do you choose?"

"Your clothes never wear as well the next day,
And your hair never falls in quite the same way.
You never seem to run out of things to say…"

- Nine Days, "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"

Yumeth chose you because you are such a good, dutiful person. Responsible and dedicated to your friends, and your work. Yumeth needs someone like that, because life so rarely goes the way it should and she needs someone there to help pick up the pieces and make it all make sense again.

She so often sees the world through rose-colored facets, thinking more of the way things should be rather than the way things are. An eternal optimist, she's quick to tell you what she thinks about things, but also tireless to help make them happen. Somewhere along the line she has grown up quite a lot, and the minor irritations of her weyrling days have given her a reason to work ever harder to have things the way she believes they need to be. She is no pampered queen, and while she might enjoy being doted upon from time to time, Yumeth is a worker just as much as you are - ready to not only find the problems, but fix them, even if it means getting involved, herself.

« I don't like this herdbeast. It tastes strange. We should talk to the herders. See if something is wrong. »

Oh, she has a dream, your Yumeth. Her perfect world is one where everything works just the way it's supposed to. Food is always fresh and succulent, her hide always freshly oiled, and the needs of those she cares about are seen to. Yet she's grown up enough to realize that no dream is ever acquired by spending the day on her couch when there is so much to be done. At first, it was just your sense of responsibility that got her going, but later she came to find a wealth of that capability within herself. Even now, though, it's your judgement that she never questions even if she might want to insert her own from time to time.

Even now, there is something almost frail about Yumeth, perhaps because of her delicate wings, or the injury she sustained so young. Those elegantly long limbs are not as coordinated as they look, and movement over land is a slow, careful process. Once in the air, though, Yumeth truly feels as if she has found freedom. She's graceful for a gold, not quick, but with an intricate balance held by those thin wingspars. She prefers flying even over short distances others might take on foot, but landing will always give her a bit of trouble. Scuffs and broken claws are commonplace for her, and no amount of practice will ever bring much improvement.

Yumeth will never revel in 'surprising' you with her mating heat the way that some dragons do. She tries to have the same kind of consideration for you that you have for everyone else, and she does her best to give warning, even if it's not a very good one. This will be of some advantage, as her cycles may turn out to be quite uneven, and a calendar alone isn't going to help much when trying to figure out when she's due. At these times, she'll transform from fragile doll to something close to the huntress that dragons were once meant to be. Fierce and strong in the air, she relishes in the chase and in challenging the strongest bronzes to win the day.

She will love the flight, but when it comes to the results, she'll always be a bit wary. Every egg will be cherished, but at the same time Yumeth will resent that they mean she is stuck bound to the sands without leaving them supervised. Unlike many queens, she'll be one of those rare ones that have less qualms about leaving the brood in the care of their sire so she can stretch her wings. Of course, if he disrupts them too much, the poor bronze or brown will certainly hear about it and find himself barred from the sands for a time until she calms down. For all that being grounded might irritate her, Yumeth will take great care with her eggs, usually involving the sires in their rearing. When it comes time for the candidates to visit, she'll step back, knowing that one of these might someday become the lifemate to her children. Like any good mother, though, she doesn't allow any funny business on the sands, and is quick to put herself between a candidate and one of her eggs if they are disrespectful.


Windswept Expanses

Scattered and wind-blown, Yumeth's thoughts usually come like a sudden breeze. When she speaks, she tends towards shorter sentences and simpler concepts. She's not unintelligent, but sometimes she just has trouble expressing more complex things in words. If she's quiet for a time, it might just be her allowing those thoughts to swirl around before they finally come to fruition. Sometimes she'll need help to find a word she doesn't know, and those times there is an odd feeling of ruffling through your thoughts as she tries to find what she needs. Of course, that doesn't mean that she isn't quite social and craves conversation and interaction with others. Like a cool fall breeze, the touch of her mind is airy and gentle, although like any wind there can be force behind it when the need calls for it. Touches of silver and the scent of smokey leaves lingers with the passage of her thoughts, drawing up impressions of the autumn harvest.


The Harvest Gold Crabapple Egg was based on the tart fruit of the same name. Rather than ripening to a bright red, the harvest gold variety turns golden yellow in the autumn. The Snarled Waves of Gold Hatchling was inspired by that terror to every well-groomed woman everywhere: the bad hair day. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't manage to look your best. Additional changes were added later to expand on the connection between Yumeth and the song 'Story of a Girl' which was included in her original Inspiration.


Name Snarled Waves of Gold Yumeth
Dam Gold Mhiyath
Sire Bronze Fenrith
Created By Hassaleah (Sorrin Tweaks)
Impressee Sorrin
Hatched November 12, 2005
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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