Tranquil Garden Green Yuanth

As a peaceful garden within sheltered walls, this elegant hatchling reflects the serenity of a limpid pool whose jade waters dwell within the sanctuary of moss-covered stone. The color of ferns, silvered by mist, drips down her gracefully arched neck to nurture the verdant foliage of her back and shoulders which appear as hedges neatly manicured in perfect symmetry. Graceful as willows bending to trace wondering fingers in a pond's mirrored surface, emerald wings have sheer, leaf-infused membranes dimly lit the way incense smoke glows drifting by a lit paper lantern.

Egg Name and Description


Heaven's Portal Egg
Scales cover the shell of this egg in jadeite hues varying from pearly green to deep malachite. A hand from a dynasty long past skillfully etched into the surface a long, curved shape, a dragon coiled to sleep through the ages, awaiting her summons at time's urgent call. A head resting against the tail, jaw and belly lined with gilt hints that all things lead back to their beginnings. Delicate neck ridges touched with gold form a staircase, but to where do they lead?

Hatching Message

Heaven's Portal Egg twitches, sending a little torrent of sand down along its shell. The movement is enough to uncover the egg fully. Malachite and gold contrasts starkly against the red and white sands as the shell seems to pulse with life. Soon, left in it's own little crevace, the egg goes still, waiting.

Heaven's Portal Egg moves abruptly, rolling onto it's side. A tapping sound begins to be heard at steady, regular intervals. Growing louder each moment, the tapping finally results in a resounding crack as if stone had just been chiseled appart. A long, jagged line forms it's way between the greens and golds of the egg's shell, straining outward now. It's almost time.

Heaven's Portal Egg stretches, a bit of thin liquid oozing out from the crack. Finally, part of the upper shell gives way. With nothing left to contain the hatchling, it rolls out onto the sands below. Landing with feet set upwards, the hatchling's eyes move to scan over the ceiling with an appraising creel. After a moment, she rolls over, getting gracefully to her feet, even as the sands cling in odd patterns to the still moist parts of her hide.


Tranquility's Timeless Echo
The sounds of a tranquil garden float throughout the mind with Yuanth's words. From the peaceful sound of rain on a pond, to the cheery sound of songbird's melody to the sound of stone tossed in a still pond, ripples of pique spiral out to seek your answers to her questions. Breezes sigh through willows during her restless moments, increasing to a gale-force roar accompanied by the shriek of cracking branches and splitting tree trunks when she is angry - a rare occurance.


The Heaven's Portal Egg was based on a Hongshan Chinese jade-carved bracelet on display at the British Museum along with elements of that culture's emphasis on the meaning of an encircled dragon and may be seen here:

Yuanth draws her description from a Ming Dynasty classical Chinese garden.


Name Tranquil Garden Green Yuanth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Thea, R'owan
Impressee Lila
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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