Enter the Circle Blue Ysamieth

The pale, icy blue hues of a frozen lake glide over bulky, muscled shoulders, unable to smooth the bulk beneath the hide as it gathers above stocky fore limbs and around wing joints. Coloration darkens slightly as it creeps down his back, drifting in shadowy ridges around his hind limbs, shifting with depth as it nears the ebony talons on each foot. Long tail is threatening, showing the same muscle mass as the rest of his body, hide contributing to the rippling effect present. Mountainous ridges, darker in hue, like the shadowy silhouettes against the distant horizon, march down his back, from between head knobs, down a serpentine neck, over muscled back and to his tail. Broad wings extend on either side, sails the crisp, clean blue of a cold winter's day, spars the same paler hue of his body, while a few speckles of the same crisp coloration invade his squashed-in muzzle, though they disappear into the iciness without truly encroaching on his faceted eyes.

Egg Name and Description


Blood Quenched Steel Egg
Silvers and greys intermingle, stretching to cover the entirety of the shell, twisting together in a metallic masterpiece. Gold covers the bottom portion of the shell, a hilt to the sword, a faint gold hue taking up residence over the remainder of the egg, also. Deep gold, almost bronzen, characters of some sort form a line down one side, the overlay seemingly coming from this source.

Hatching Message

Blood Quenched Steel Egg had been violently moving, cracks spreading without hesitation, nothing slowing their movement. A long moment, and the shell starts to shatter, sand flying outwards from the ditch it had dug itself into, leaving a blue in its wake, shell scattered to the Sands.

Impression Message

Raw, uncontrollable power rushes into your mind, fighting for a spot of its own, trying to change you enough, just enough, to have its own chance. With it comes the start of a sandstorm, dusty hues obscuring the power, a light tune weaving within, driving it onwards. And then, instead of the storm continuing to build, it quiets, content with the contact. « I am Ysamieth - Together we will take on the world, D'hiel. But first, food and drink? »


You said you would like a dragon who would be a traveling companion, a drinking buddy, and the best to back you up in a fight against the odds. I hope that Ysamieth here fulfills those qualities in your mind as he did in mine.

First and foremost, your Ysamieth has a bit of a questing streak in him - whether it's for a pretty green, or fame and fortune - and it tends to push him to everything he does.

As a weyrling, he will always try his hardest to be the first to succeed, but also to maintain his number 1 position. While not, perhaps, naturally talented, his persistence and perseverance tend to push him into first place. He is likely to push you to practice at every opportunity, no matter if it's something simple like muscle-building exercises to remain in shape, or even something more difficult like manned flight. Sometimes, he may even rouse you out of bed in the middle of the night. « D'hiel? Would you like to practice? I am too awake to sleep, and Sefiyth looks as if she has been making progress too. We must remain ahead. »

Starting in his youth and continuing into adulthood, he will have a tendency to overindulge - where with you it may be alcoholic drinks, for him it is meat - however, as long as you allow him such an indulgence he will be more then happy to keep you company while you drink, and he'll even participate in intoxicated conversations. Though, he is not as likely to suffer the same sort of debilitating effects from his binge as you might - he is still rather aware of his surroundings, and on his toes. In fact, his requests for late night practices are often the aftermath of these episodes, forcing you to endure it all with a throbbing headache, at times. He'll be antsy - itching to practice - as if to show that he is, indeed, no worse for the wear. At the same time, he'll be loath to take any advice on the subject from you - particularly as he knows deep down you are correct.

If there is any sort of argument, whether it is in the weyrling barracks, a wing, or simply while out and about, Ysamieth is completely comfortable going against the odds - whether it's because it's what he actually believes, or just to see what happens, he'll throw his large bulk into the mess, usually trying to pull you in with it. At the same time, he's careful to watch his back, never fully trusting any of the others to not pull a cowardly move. He, himself, is never a coward, and he'll stand up for you and his friends, in whatever way he can.

In that, he will try and find fame - after all, the quickest way to be well known is to save others, take on poor odds, and generally be a risk-taker. That way, his reputation will travel far and wide, and his name will be known. As such, when time comes to be assigned to wings, he will constantly inform you that the pair of you belong /only/ in the Search and Rescue Wing, and there you shall go, unless you can win the battle.

Once free of his egg, Ysamieth will distinctly dislike anything resembling captivity, therefore the initial weyrling separation period will irritate him, provoking a violent sand storm in his mind. Once restrictions are lifted, he will be eager to explore anywhere he can, and once you can freely *between*, Faranth forbid you manage to spend an off day at Xanadu. However, despite all his love for travel, he will prefer warm places to cold - Ista is much better then High Reaches, for example.

Ysamieth is also, to a certain extent, a womanizer. He is unlikely to form any lasting pairing with a female, instead preferring the one-night, no-real-connection fun of flights. Even when it is not a flight, he's willing to sidle up to just about anything female - as long as they don't expect anything serious from him. And, the moment they do? He's gone. Unlike some who form lasting attachments as a result of a flight, he'll prefer to disappear once he can comfortably do so, and it will take a lot of luck and amazing patience for a female to change his perception of relationships.

All in all, Ysamieth is a bulky, stereotypical male - searching for glory and pretty bedmates, hoping to see the world, and leave his mark on it. I hope you enjoy playing him as much as I have enjoyed writing him.

Why Dashiell? You are the perfect traveling companion for him - You already have seen much of the world, and experienced much. However, this hardly stops you from experiencing even more, only this time with a partner.


Lyrical Sandstorms
Power flows through Ysamieth's mind, at an ever varying pitch, always present - sometimes it is controlled, while at times it is anything but. He is fond of the sandy hues of a desert, though they will include a clear blue of a cloudless sky, a hint of the dull red mud bricks used in dwellings, and the faded greens of the occasional hardy shrub. As the strength of his emotions increases, so will the prevalence of the wind-swept, tawny hues of a sandstorm. Very few scents can be associated with his mind - a brief scent coming off a water hole, or an odd smell of a light breeze - nothing significant or long-lasting. A low musical lilt will characterize his voice - barely noticeable most of the time, but if it is, be prepared to brace yourself for the worst. A low, almost dried out crackle is his voice, as though his is far older then reality.


Your Ysamieth is mostly based on the sword dancer Sand Tiger, from Jennifer Roberson's Sword Dancer series, however he also has smatterings of both Tiger's traveling companions, Del(ilah) and Samiel, his jivatma or blooding blade. Tiger-the-character began life as a slave, managing to earn his freedom by killing a large carnivore - a sand tiger - that was preying on the desert tribe he was with. Taking the name of his source of freedom, he left and trained to become a sword dancer, or one who is trained thoroughly in the ways of the sword. Sword dancers either become teachers, passing the techniques and exquisite rituals onto their students, or they work as swords-for-hire, fighting other sword dancers in the circle on behalf of whoever has hired them. In general, sword dances are not to the death, however serious injuries often occur. In the series, Tiger travels the Southron desert, the punja, with Del, helping guide her on a quest of her own. In turn, he travels to the icy north, and events them have him continuing to search, hoping to discover his heritage. His spare time is spent in their equivalent of bars, drinking, though he always remains on his toes - one never knows when a fight will erupt.

The egg itself is based on a particular type of sword that is granted to Northern sword dancers, if they are the best, or the an-kaiden. The traditions very greatly between the north and the south, and only the northern sword dancers use jivatmas. In short, it is a blade that is carefully crafted by the user, enspelled with particularly qualities, making it loyal and useful only to he or she that knows its name and its rituals. Once the blade is complete, it is blooded - The first kill of the sword will draw the soul of the dying into it, granting it a conscious of its own, in a way. However, one must be careful with a jivatma, as if you must kill an animal before your blade is quenched, it will take on the soul of that animal. A jivatma is keyed with a personal song, and keying releases the full power of the blade - whether it is of the icy storms of the north, the massive sandstorms sweeping across the deserts in the south, or something else entirely.

Ysamieth's name comes from that of Tiger's jivatma, Samiel. Samiel is a blade of the south - sand storms are his speciality. Keying Samiel results in simoons, or large deadly sandstorms, sweeping across the area.


Name Enter the Circle Blue Ysamieth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva
Impressee Dashiell
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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