A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Yonsaith

The stiffness of bland, grey-tinged beige glistens with the effort to contain the passionate tawny shades gleaming at this dragon's every joint and corner. Blocky, blunted angles form a muscular shape characterizing everything from the dull neck ridges to the short stump of his tail; elegant curves are exiled from the rough lines of his body to the arch of wings and spars, copper-engraved contraptions ill-suited to the rest of his bland figure. Yet, where dragon hide stretches over bones and muscle thins, there's a hint of warmth whispered, the promise of brilliance casting a splutter of colour across the hind.

Egg Name and Description


Expressively Simple Blues Egg
Emerging from a focal point of darkest midnight shades of navy, lilac, and sky cloud over the shell in simple thick clouds over this larger-than-normal egg. The scattering clouds shatter into a variety of simple curving forms floating over and around each other in a smooth colourful montage. Thick, smooth brushstrokes of electric blue outline curves with bright emphasis, snaking over the shadows with improvised style.

Hatching Message

Expressively Simple Blues Egg lurches sluggishly. After a pause a thin crack streaks up the side. No fanfare. No explosion. Expressively Simple Blues Egg simply splits at the equator. The hatchling inside pokes out a taloned paw as if testing the air then proceeds to rip its way out. Large sections of shell strewn about it, the newly hatched dragon gives a shake and clears the goo, revealing its vivid coloring.


Name A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Yonsaith
Dam Gold Zaislinth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Xanadu SearchCO
Impressee Estasravel
Hatched August 14, 2003
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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