Reddish-gold star dust mars the otherwise untainted darkness sprawling over this robust beast. A green metallic sheen can only be discovered when light illuminates and dances against the black-copper hide, as if the northern lights lived upon his form. A tapered snout explodes with an orange burst, the color plastered on the tip of his muzzle, with a blending comet-tail of shimmering amber swept up the bridge. His head is wide and thick, with eye ridges craggy like silhouetted mountains against a night, in affect producing a permanent sinister frown. Head-knobs and neck ridges follow the same trend; sharp jagged peaks against a long muscular neck. This creature has developed to be efficient, with his ribcage and chest slender, while his hindquarters are large and full of muscle, set on wide sprawling feet tipped with obsidian talons. Due to his size, wings are broad and lengthy, with spars dipped in milky silver and spar-talons glinting with ruddy winking highlights. Behind him, a slender tail is abruptly forked with an oversized spade, very clunky in appearance and awkward compared to the rest of him.

About Yarkovith's shoulders rests a set of brightly colored fashionable straps. Dyed a bright yellow-gold, they gleam in the light, looking brand new against the dark hide of Yarovith. Leaf scroll work is stamped into the leather and the buckles are actually shaped with fern like buckles. The straps have several odd clips around the width, as if attachments could be made. By the looks of it, these attachments are long streaming banners.

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Xanadu Weyr
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