Party All Night Long Green Xvetaoth

Lines by Kaljaia. Colour by Xylaihl.

Bright hues of sun-burnished chartreuse linger on ruggedly robust lines, dazzling fluorescent greens flickering in a myriad of intricate shades over her sturdy body — all compact bulk and tough muscle from nose to tail. Beryl glints at her throat and sparkles delicately over a merrily petite muzzle, pert headknobs lending a playful air that's matched by her trimly balanced tail, all radiant from a dusting of yellow-green sparks. Her deep chest has a husky look, her hindquarters are built for power and both give way to solid limbs and weathered little paws clad in polished shamrock with stubby talons carved from glowing jade. Flowing wings enfold straight shoulders, an incandescent cloak of lime with neon green highlights flashing over wide wingspars, reflected across the fragile trailing edges and again on the tips of craggy 'ridges. She's graceful in her own fashion, the sassy boldness of her practiced poise echoed in the blinding brilliance of her satiny hide.

Egg Name and Description


Chestnut Trees Egg
Brilliant emerald glitters and sparkles across a winsome shell, dabbles of darker moss-green and bubbles of sunshine woven along knobbly branches. Two groups of trees it seems, each bending gracefully to the other to enclose a window into a distant world, their dabs of leaves twining at the top and a mat of grasses dotted with tiny chestnuts and pretty pastel blossoms set at their feet. And in the window itself lies a vista of pastoral simplicity, ploughed fields side by side with ones left fallow and far of groves of weeping willows nestled in homey hollows. There is rich loamy brown cast along rolling meadows of gentle tourmaline hues and a dance of pixie-like motes capturing a sunsong.

Hatching Message

Pixie-motes drift away, sifting down to the sands below as the Chestnut Trees Egg slowly surrenders to the force within. Trees stretch, flex and shake as cracks slip between them and shards of chestnuts spin lazily off. Emerald glitters and crumples, melding with moss and sunshine before vanishing into dust as a series of yellow-green sparks show through. The dragonet inside is ceaseless in her efforts to be free — it's definitely a green since bright chartreuse is now visible in patches that glisten wetly. Gradually, branchy shell loses its grip on the prize it has protected for so long and when the final moment comes, they part with an explosive *pop*.

Impression Message

Light arcs across your thoughts, the outside world fading to less than nothing as another mind locks onto yours — captures, holds and claims. Emerald waves spin dizzily around you , enveloping, holding, calling, needing. Scents whirl through your senses, exotic, elusive and vibrant. « Xylaihl. » She has summonsed your name out of your memory and she says it with a husky adoration as she shows you this inexpressible feeling of rightness. You and she are meant to be and her soul deep conviction is shared with a joy that goes straight to the your core. Love is expressed wordlessly as her mind is opened to yours in a gesture of absolute trust, her warm and friendly self another part of you. Then, in a rush of triumph, she comes up from your first moment of rapport to say in ringing tones, « I am Xvetaoth! »



Xvetaoth is a friendly dragon. A very social dragon as well — she's never happier than when she's got lots of people or dragons about her. Cheerful and bright and very fun-loveing by nature, she is also quite happy to take the spotlight and can be quite the show-off at times. Be careful with your straps — when she's in the air, she delights in showing just why greens are aerobatic queens of Pern!

However, the most important thing in Xvetaoth's universe is you. Xylaihl. Her beloved lifemate. She cares for you, cares for you so much that as far as she's concerned, Rukbat revolves around you. She's fixated and will never change. However much she flirts and plays and enjoys everyone else's company, no one and nothing is as important as you. Indeed, when she's awake, there is a powerful *togetherness* — she's laid claim to you and will not let go. You might get decidedly weary of it but she never will!

Bouncy and somewhat inclined to enjoy the odd practical joke, Xvetaoth still isn't particularly adventurous. She'll never be a especially curious dragon, or a risk-taker. Instead, she follows the crowd, follows the trend. She'll hardly ever be the first or the last to do anything but always, she does it with verve. With a cheerful energy that lends her a sassy style that's all hers.

When Xvetaoth is proddy, her flirtations take on a serious bent. She'll play the tease, do the 'come hither' wave at the males. The world is wonderful when she is proddy — she'll be very content to be in that state, enjoying the intensity of her emotions and the attention the males lavish on her. However, at some point, her feelings get too much, too intense for her to bear and then she makes an abrupt dash to the feeding grounds and then the sky. When in the sky, she's aerobatic. Twisting, turning — never more than a couple of dragonlengths of straight flight. She'll be hard to catch, able to wiggle round and evade her pursuers with more agility than most would believe possible. But in the end, she miscalculates and a dragon will get a hold. Never ever does she surrender or choose to be caught.

The young Xvetaoth has a girlish wonder in the world. She loves to be on the move, bright eyed and bushy-tailed and she'll probably sleep the least of all her clutchmates. In truth, her personality is much like her adult one when she's a weyrling. Just more energetic. That stocky little body of hers is solid muscle and like a hyperactive toddler, she burns off every extra bit of fat and then some. Food — oh, she enjoys her food. She tends to tear into it with avid enthusiasm and no one could say she is anythign but a healthy eater.

Physically, she is stocky. Compact! And tough as well. She'll be the least prone to various accidents like wing strains and she's definitely one of the most agile greens around. Speed is not her forte, aerobatics are and she exults in the shee *fun* of flying. Her hide is very brightly coloured naturally - brighter than many become at the height of proddiness. Neon green. And silky, very responsive to a good oil — she scrubs up just beautifully and, nicely, she doesn't like to get dirty. Oh no. Mud? Ick! Xvetaoth likes to look her best. Not pampered but definitely primped. However, there is this place on her nose that just itches like mad. Her shoulders also tend to itch although she'll itch all over as a baby, it's only those two persistent itchy spots that hang on into adulthood.

When she goes proddy for the first time, it's possible that neither of you will realise it until she's about to hit the grounds and Fly. She doesn't glow anymore than usual until that point and it will be a gradual built up of these intense emotions that sort of creep up on one. Xvetaoth loves the Flight though. Being caught… well, that's not too bad. But she won't get attached to her suitor, uh uh. She loves you and no mere male can really compete. There's no room in her affections for anyone else but you so Flights tend not to have *that* emotional entanglement.


Vivacious Waves of Bright Emerald
Xvetaoth has one of those husky voices — the ones that do dreadful things to male's libidos. It's about an alto in pitch and has a lovely, soothing sound to it that makes her very easy to listen to. Emerald always colours her words: it sparkles and dances along every thought. Her moods are not very easily read from her mind unless you know her, however: to the rest of the world, her mind touch is consistently cheerful and friendly and, once she's old enough, flirtatious. To you, she shows the dragon behind the façade and you will soon learn all the subtle variations in phrasing and intensity that characterise her feelings.

She tends to be fairly economical in her talking. No waffling. That's not to say she doesn't chatter — she does — but she tends not to waste words. Rare as the event is, when she gets angry, you'll know by the way her words get even more economical, even clipped. And when proddy, she tends to slur them, a little like she has an accent of some sort (French perhaps?).


Xvetaoth is from a Croatian word, 'svetao', translating as bright/shiny/luminous. I pronounce it like 'zz-vet-tay-oth', although you may pronounce it different if you choose. It was chosen because it suited your dragon and, of course, it began with X. ;)

Song Lyrics:

'Come On Over Baby (all I want is you)' by Christina Aguilera

C'mon over, c'mon over, baby. (4X)

Hey, boy, don't you know
I've got something going on (Yes, I do)
All my friends are gonna come gonna party all night long
I know, you know, I just want us to go
The fun we'll have fun you'll never be alone
So boy, won't you come?
We will party till the dawn.Listen to me…

All I want is you (Come over here baby)
All I want is you (You make me go crazy)
All I want is you (You better cross the line)
I'm gonna love you right (All I want is you!)

C'mon over, c'mon over, baby. (4X)
I want you to know you could be the one for me (Yes, you could)
You've got all I'm looking for
You've got personality
I know, you know, I'm gonna give more
But boy you know, I never felt this way before
So, boy won't you come?
So, boy won't you come
And open the door?


I want you, I need you
You know that I believe you
We got it, you know it
So, if its real, just show it



Name Party All Night Long Green Xvetaoth
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Valenth
Created By Qyh
Impressee Xylaihl
Hatched January 26, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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