To The Heavens Blue Xhonovith

Deep steel blue hues take hold over this average sized blue dragon's smooth hide from head to tail. Wedge shaped head and sharply pointed eye ridges are enhanced by pale sky blues that almost fade away to nothing against the darker shades. His long neck and wide chest bare the brunt of a collision between medium and royal blue hues which continue down along his underbelly and up slightly over his haunches. The darkest hues are found near his talons and the ridges along his back which are a solid midnight blue, giving a strong contrast to the ghostly light blue that starts along the back of his neck and spreads out over the top of his wings and ends at his lower back, as though the blue carries a light film of ashes. Large, wide wings are, overall the same steel blue as the rest of his body with the very tips darkening into medium and then royal blues.

Egg Name and Description


Feathered Messenger Egg

Midnight blues creep along the farthest tip of this average sized egg, slowly seeping into darker and darker shades until the rest of the egg's smooth shell is tainted black as black can be. Pinpoints of white dust themselves across the otherwise untouched dark hues, so small in some places it's really hard to pick them out. Although five, fairly large, whitish specks have aligned themselves in a broken line starting downwards and then suddenly changing angle back upwards. To give off a possible crude illusion to a wing amidst the dark blues and blacks are ghostly wisps of grayish white that weave in around the large white points.

Impression Message

Time seems to come to a crawl on the sands around you, all the loud confusing sounds becoming muffled and then drifting away to silence. Then a low rhythmic sound like that of a heartbeat or drum may be heard and a fleeting, feathery touch flickers across your thoughts and mind then a rather feathery-like embrace and an overpowering sense of strength and compassion may wash over you. It is then that he makes himself known. «Messev?» he calls out to you in a soft whispery voice that soon deepens into a rich, soothing tone. «Time has finally brought me to you. You are what I seek. I am Xhonovith. I am hungry…so long I've waited now. You will assist me?» And with that, time and sound return to normal in an almost dizzy flash and pop, only now a sturdy blue hatchling stands before you, head tilted up to gaze into your eyes.


Xhonovith is a blue with great strength both physically and mentally. He has a noble air to him, one who is friendly unless he is not treated with the same respect (or you for that matter). He is a little on the protective side, mainly when it comes to you or any opinions he may have or that you might share with him. Family means a lot to Xhonovith and he considers you and anyone associated closely with you as family and therefore his and under his responsibility.

He is compassionate and always there to listen to you, about anything and everything you have or want to share. Xhonovith also has a deep fascination with so-called visions and dreams. He'll want to know yours, to fullest details, and possibly try to coax answers out of others as well. He loves the sky and flying since it's the only time, as he puts it, that he can experience freedom. He hates being cooped up or left doing nothing for too long, since this blue always wants to explore and observe things, regardless if he's seen it already.

Overall, he can be a quiet thinker and observer when need be and other times he'll be bursting with energy, ready to go and do anything and everything with you. And it would seem he is only quiet when he is thinking since at any other time he is talking, either with you or with others. Not exactly a gossiper but he does enjoy hearing the latest news and findings, so long as they hold some truth to them. And he particularly enjoys messages, sending them or receiving them and finds it another responsibility that is good to have.

Xhonovith, as a hatchling, will be highly energetic and while he'll never grow out of that it'll mellow out a little over the years. He'll hate being cooped up in the barracks for long periods of time, always asking you or anyone that'll listen if he could go outside or if there is something to do or hear or talk about. As a blue, he'll be small when young but will grow up to be an almost athletically built, averaged sized, mature blue dragon. It'll be apparent from the beginning that your Xhonovith possesses a great knack for speed, strength and agility. When it comes for exercise and training, your Xhonovith will most likely excel to high levels, although it may take him a few tries to understand and do them correctly. As he grows older, he'll continue to possess these traits and refine them a little more as they'll most likely come in handy be it for work, leisure or the occasional flight.

Again, while young, he'll be very curious and might get into trouble when getting into things he shouldn't. He'll also not quite know the proper boundaries of politeness at first and with his love of talking and messages he might ask a few wrong questions or prod a little too much into one subject. He'll seek your guidance and reassurance for this and it'll be up to you to help him remember while he matures. Xhonovith will be very protective of you at first and possibly a little too close to fault, but with gentle reassurances and patience he'll relax and learn to trust others. He has a high sense of honor and compassion, even when young, so any arguing or scuffles will not go over well with him. This will be the same when he's older only he'll know to restrain himself without you reminding him.

When he does fully mature and is ready to chase in flights, he'll be there and ready, trying to be the gentleman of the group or the stealthiest depending on how he may see his odds at wining. And with his love of the skies and his strengths laying a little more in speed and agility, he'll put his all into a flight, either going all out or hanging behind and plotting his moves. Never will one flight be quite the same with him as he'll keep trying new and different ways to catch a rising female.

Xhonovith chose you because he just knew you were the one. He could sense little things about you that filled parts of him that were missing. Being somewhat of a dreamer himself it is no wonder he chose you as his. A loyal friend he yearned for and it is that that he sensed in you, a companion to call his own forever more.


Ghostly Feathered Whispers

Xhonovith's voice is ever changing. Sometimes he'll speak in a soft, whispery tone or change to his more casual deep, rich tone. It all depends on his mood or what is appropriate, to him, to use. But in any case there's always a bit of an echoing whisper following his words, which might be a little odd at first. Visually, he uses many colours but they are often washed or faded to the point of almost being transparent unless he is in a highly intense mood or situation. Most of the time, the colours will appear as wisps or the vague resemblance of feathers in calm moments or whirling blizzard of shattered shards in times of anger or ash-like flakes in times of sadness.


Name To The Heavens Blue Xhonovith
Dam Gold Branwynth
Sire Brown Zoith
Created By T'nah
Impressee S'sev
Hatched December 5, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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