The breath of the snowy wastelands has chilled the cyan-black hide of this blue dragon, adding an iridescent glitter to the somber coloring underneath, the shimmer of crystalline frost gracing every inch of hide from nose to tailtip. The glacial shade of rounded head and blunt, sturdy headknobs, washed in the earthy shade of aqua, blends to sea ice across his muzzle darkening to a near-black at the tip. The muddy hue of his wingbones lighten towards the trailing sails; the wings when fully spread, flare to the translucency of sparkling snow falling through a pale winter sky. Patches of murky indigo mantle burly shoulders and neck, waves of briny marine sweep thick middle and hindquarters, the dusky liquid flowing down the length of a somewhat stubby tail. Dipped in midnight ocean his legs, though short, are compact and sturdy, ending in navy paws tipped with wickedly sharp onyx talons. Hints of bulky muscle ripple beneath his hide, hinting at the predatory strength ready to be released onto the world.

From Ground to Air Egg

Blues of all shades adorn this egg as it rests in the warmth of the sands, gracing every curve of this ovoid. The majority of this egg is a blue tinted with hints of green, wave upon wave of seafoam edge the sea that bathes across the surface in the middle of the oval-shape. On the bottom can be spied brown, like fresh-dampened dirt, crooked streams of crystal blue weaving their way over the ground beneath the bright green canopy of trees, a bubbling brook cutting across the new-growth forest. Along one side of this landscape can be spotted rising mountains, green and brown fading into snowcapped mountains at their peaks. Rising from the sea, or maybe falling from above is the silvery-blue sprinkling of raindrops which fall from fluffy white and gray clouds that grace the bright blue sky on the upper half of this egg. Upon the apex, a flash of yellow sunshine sends its soft warm rays down over the clouds.


Incoming Tidal Wave starts out as a soft wave, lapping against the shore that is your mind, testing and teasing your senses with the scent of the sea, bringing forth little tidbits of color to scatter across your mind like bits of shells and rocks. The wave grows, however, as the mind within becomes stronger, plucking bits from your mind to withdraw into its own, offering forth its own take and opinions on those tidbits in another wave that rushes against your brain. Growing bolder, ever bolder, the wave's size and strength increase, furiously plucking bits and pieces of your past and present away for its own adjustments. You did it that way? Well, why not try it this way instead, it will increase efficiency twofold. The ebb and flow of this mind against yours continues for hours, or is it just mere moments? Have you gotten lost in the soundscape of the ocean yet? Finally, into your past the mind delves, was it dark or bright and hopeful? It wants to know, it needs to know so that it may twist it into its own vision. But twisting and turning general ideas into complex ideas is difficult work, and so at last it withdraws some, grabbing as much information as it can before the wave fades from your mind.

Incoming Tidal Wave slides against your mind again, brushing it with a light feathery touch of warmth and soon you are floating upon that warmth, rising upwards and outwards into the sky. Warm soft brushes of wind slip against your brain, upwards higher and higher you float as the sea below grows farther and farther away. But what's this? Cooler air threatens against your mind, the cottony white of softness pillowing you gently. It's a pleasant sort of feeling of leaving the physical world behind as you're pushed upwards towards the heavens. The temperature is changing again, the cold creeps through your very bones, chilling and making the trip less than pleasurable as it twists and turns against your mind. The fluffy white clouds darken with each moment, turning into soft gray and then black as the storm brews, flashes of lightning here and there amongst the darkness. Thunder rumbles as the cold steadily increases, and soon you might find your body and mind numb from it, the warmth of the sands you stand upon is momentarily forgotten in a gray haze. And then… then the gray fades away leaving you floating amidst nothingness, pure silence and nothingness.

Incoming Tidal Wave pushes against your mind, the pressure of a storm filling your brain as suddenly you are on the move again, being pushed downwards towards the ground amidst a droplet of pure clean water, leaving you upon the ground once more. The liquid droplets of the mind within this egg are suddenly there showering down over your body, leaving you soaked through. It's a gentle rain, at first, light little sprinkles of refreshing water but it turns into something stronger as the wind against your face increases and soon those soft sprinkling droplets grow larger and hit harder against your skin, leaving it stinging. Will you seek shelter or will you be bold enough to brave the storm? That stinging rain crisscrosses over your mind, leaving its mark upon your thoughts. The air is growing colder once again, the temperature dropping despite the heat of the sands against your feet, soon the stinging rain turns into numbing sleet against your brain. The sleet seeps through your body, leaving it exceedingly colder with every moment, chilling every inch of your body. Will you pull away from this cold sleet? Or will you stay and brave it through? Remain and you shall be rewarded, retreat and you may never know what comes next. Finally, after what may seem like an eternity of the icy sleet, it starts to soften into gentle powdery snow. Each snowflake different than the other as it brushes over your cheeks and nips playfully at your nose. See the variety? It's like the mind within this egg, every piece different and changing. The snowfall is short, and soon it's fading as well as the sun peeks through those clouds above. The cycle is now complete and free to start anew, will you join it?

Wobble Message

The From Ground to Air Egg starts to stir in its wallow of sand. The movement seems to bring the images to life upon the surface of this egg. Did the water just move upon the shore? Is the snow shifting down from the mountains or was it just the wind rustling through the leaves of the forest? After a moment it stills once more and you are left wondering if it was all just your imagination in the first place.

Crack Message

The From Ground to Air Egg starts to stir once more, but now it is like an earthquake is rocking the landscape. The tremors do not stop until a crack starts to appear along the edge of the snowy mountain and radiates toward the sea. Feathery cracks radiate out from this central line, seeming to cause the leaves of the forest to rustle once more, but oh so violently. It is at that point an onyx claw pushes through the shell and then there is stillness.

Hatching Message

The From Ground to Air Egg sits still for a few moments before another claw appears and they seem to pull apart the landscape. The cracks grow larger and spread across the surface of the shell. Mountain and trees, snow and water collapse down around the hatchling as the shell falls slowly away. Once the constraints are gone, the and the hatchling stands upon the sands, it almost seeming to melt a little as egg moisture drips off his hide.

Impression Message


The first touch is like a soft wave brushing the edges of your mind, much like that first contact with the shell that contained him. Are you imagining this? Yet there are those whirling eyes looking right into yours expectantly. Cold foam sprays as his tide rushes ashore, sensations start to flood you. There is a feeling of familiarity yet the invasion is subtle, tentative, at first more hesitant than he was those sevendays ago when your minds first met. Forcefully then, a chilling breaker rolls over your mind and there is a sturdy presence there that gives a steady assurance that he will never let you drown. « M'kal, I have found you! I am Xeosoth . We have so much to learn of each other, but will you find me something to eat first? »



Xeosoth will be your stalwart companion throughout your life. He is a large blue, as large as some browns and as he grows he will become even more brawny and muscled and will use his size to defend the weak and support the Weyr. With the strength comes confidence, not a cocky confidence but a knowledge that he will be able to do what he sets his mind to do. He will take stands with you against injustice and may someday lean towards leadership, but will excel in supportive roles. His physical strength and his determination will make him suited to this. He will be well in tune to the needs of others and might be considered for assistance at the Dragon Healer Annex with Luraoth. In times of others’ stress, he will be their rock, supporting them and helping to keep them calm. He will not be afraid to tell you or anyone else that 'enough is enough' and now it is time to take a break or rest.

During weyrlinghood his thoughtful nature may cause him to come across as slow and dim witted. He is anything but. He will take the time to full understand the problem before him before he tackles it or lets you tackle it. 'His enough is enough' moments may well come across as cowardice or even fear of failing, but he will want to take a step back and explore the problem from a different angle instead of making the same mistake over and over. « That didn't work…ok, let's figure out why before we do it again. »


In the beginning his waves of thought may be quite disorientating. They will flow and ebb around your mind giving you snippets or crash over you like a tidal wave and overwhelming your mind. At first he may overcompensate for 'overwhelming' you, by withdrawing and only letting the faintest wave touch your mind and you will need to coax him back to you. As your bond grows, you will both learn to balance this, to mentally 'flow' with your dragon's thoughts as he learns to control the extent of contact. This will be a learning experience for you both to grow and come to know each other.

He will seem slow to learn his milestone tasks, content to watch the older dragons give their examples over and over, examining every aspect of the movement. While he may be the last of his group to attempt to do things when he does do it is generally with considerably more skill for his careful study. Hunting will be a challenge at first for him. These are weaker bleating creatures after all. There may be a reluctance to attack at first until again he watches the others succeed in this task. Instinct and appetite will then kick in and while he may be clumsy at first, once he perfects his technique his strength will come to the fore in this and he will become a skilled hunter. His 'protective' nature will show in that he will never 'play' with his food, but offer them quick, clean deaths.

When he becomes old enough to mate he will attempt to step up to whatever challenge the green's set him. As large as the smallest browns, he will be able to compete for agility and stamina in a green flight. He may be slow to go to the lead of the pack, again his watchful nature wanting to access his competitors as well as how the green moves. This waiting and watching will hopefully serve him well as he gets older. No wasted energy if he can help it as he learns the flight patterns, which males to fly near to catch slip streams and which to avoid to prevent injury. And when he discovers that ‘stealth-mode’ will allow him to slip up and replace the tiring leaders of the pack to make his catch, he will use it to his full advantage. It may take him man flights to perfect this technique and he may even view the chase more exhilarating then the joy of actually catching.

As he grows in all things he will strive for skill, but he will rarely rush to get there. As such he will influence you in the same way. Study, study, study, then act. His calm, steady nature and physical strength will lend him well to supportive roles, whether it be wing second or just guiding a smaller group to do something. He might be viewed as a teacher as well, helping others sit back and understand where they went wrong and how to improve. He will be approving of others’ achievements and help where he can. When it comes to a crisis, that slow and steady mentality will be replaced with bold action, doing whatever it takes to rescue or protect those that need protection.

These are just suggestions on how to play your dragon, in the end it is your choice how you end up playing him.




Thoughts come in waves of vision and emotion, sometimes it is a gentle wave that tickles your mind and you are grasping for the meaning, but often it comes like a tidal wave and envelops the senses. This will settle as he gets older and you get used to each other's thoughts, but often in times in heightened emotion the tidal wave will return.(When either of you is hurt, During mating flights, during his own achievements during weyrlinghood.) It may take time for the 'waves' to build up at times. He may seem slow at understanding or 'dumb' to others, but he will want to fully understand something before he rushes in and takes it on. A feeling of something flowing around you and receding again. There will always be this subtle ebb and flow in the back of your mind, his presence. He will always have a strong sense of loyalty to you and a protective nature towards you and those who are smaller or weaker than him.

Even the sound of his voice is like rushing water through a river-bend headed for the waterfall at the end. Darkly lyrical tones of Pink Floyd "Dogs of War" and "Learning to Fly" come to your vision when his words imprint upon your mind. When he's upset his emotions might come across as icicles falling from a melting eve. Happiness comes in ribbons of bright blues and purples over-toned with feelings of the comfort of rain upon a thatched roof in the springtime. Thunder will darken his vision when something has him upset, the rumbling noise reverberating through your mind like the impending storm it might be.




The theme of this clutch was the Zodiac, traditional and non-traditional. The egg was based on the watery sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. This worked well with the egg theme as Polar bears are 'water bears' and Ice is a phase of water. His description was based on Ice and the shades of blue incorporated therein. Xeosoth is a blending of the Galician for Ice Bear (Oso de Xeo). You had asked for an X, Y, Z name and I searched around for names related to bears, ice and water and this one popped out. For his Personality, well you very much provided it as well as looking to 'Innuit Spirit Animal' descriptions. The Polar Bear is considered Wise and Strong, they stand against adversity. They are also considered connected to healing.


~~~Xaosoth was created for you by J'yn, Briana and Thea at Xanadu, Winter 2013 ~~~



Name Xeosoth
Dam Sahazyth
Sire Orionth
Created By J'yn, Briana, Thea
Impressee M'kal
Hatched February 10, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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