Putting It All Together Blue Wensith

Woad-speckled patterns of indigo mark this dragon, a dark blue shade that's spotted and flecked with darker blotches along his dorsal surfaces. His back, his tail, even out onto his wings, all of them are spattered with those midnight spots against hide that is itself only a half-shade lighter. Along his lower surfaces - starting beneath the chin and extending down along his belly and the insides of his legs - that same whorbled design is made in reverse, thin veins of ghostly white traced against the darkness of his hide in irregularly curving patterns. In places they're dense enough, evocative enough, that it might almost seem one could draw a picture from them, but in the end the patterns reveal nothing and everything, an indication more of what's on the mind of the viewer than anything else. He's a sturdy creature, with a blunt muzzle and compact body that has his paws set in a wide stance beneath him, but his tail is long enough to make up for it and his wings seem to match that tail, extending past his rump when folded. The underside of his tail is heavily marbled with white on one of the forks, but not the other - an asymmetry that may be more obvious in the sort of dim lighting where this dark-blued dragon might all but disappear save for that scattered tracing of white. Were he to make that attempt at stealth, he'd be well advised to keep his wings folded, for while the backs are speckled darkly, the underside of those sails is traced with wispy white like fair-weather clouds stretched across the blue of the sky.

Someone's Been At Me Egg

Right at the tip-top of this egg - at least, so long as it's standing up properly - there's a wedge of creamy yellow. It's quite an attractive color, really, framed with an ordinary sort of white. Eggshell white, one might say, though at least there's a few crumbs of that golden hue to brighten it, tumbling down to where, as the egg widens, it turns green instead, a worbled texture that's all quite green but differs in shade enough to give it a bumpy sort of look despite being smooth to the touch. The dividing line between white and green is skewed diagonally across the egg, and on the side where the white dips lowest, it's crossed by a streak of red like an arrow pointing toward that bit of gold on top.

Bits and Bobs is hungry. So very hungry. It wants… oh, what does it want? What's the tastiest of things, the best possible treat? Do you know? Show it, won't you? What are the best things, the ones where the mere scent will make your mouth water? Are they crunchy? Smooth? Creamy? Does it crack when you bite down or melt in your mouth? Oh, please, show it all sorts of delicious things. Oh, yes. That's good. So good. It wants that… and that… and… oh, it wants all of them! In fact… it's going to go get them! Right now. No delays! Not a bit of that! It's just… here, hold on now, it'll just be a minute and then we'll be off to get some wondrous, delicious, fabulous food!

Bits and Bobs rattles to a stop in front of you as a construction built out of your memories of conveyances - all of them, at once. There's bits of boats, runner-legs, a wagon-wheel spinning on top, a pair of wings that rotate through every color of the draconic rainbow and a few more besides… and a boundless sense of enthusiasm. Ah! You're back. Brilliant! Just hop in here - mind the gap, yes, quite good - and we'll be off for a bite to eat. Off we go to where the food comes from! Which is… where? Is it a vaulted kitchen meant to feed hundreds? A modest hearth in a cottage? A campfire, perhaps? Show it where food comes from. Have you made something yourself? It's curious to see, eager with anticipation for every fanciful dish and exotic flavor - or just for a hearty meal that will stick to its ribs.

Bits and Bobs sighs with contentment. That hit the spot, didn't it? It could eat like that every day, enjoying the feast of your memories… oh. It's made rather a mess of them, hasn't it? What with the bits it's taken from here and there and put together in strange ways. That won't do. Will you show it how things are supposed to fit? The order to your days, the schedules that you keep. It wants to follow along, to try to make sense of it… and then to realize, somewhere along the way, that it's not yet ready to spend all its time out here, and so it recedes back to the confines of its egg once more to await the proper meal that will come in due time.

Wobble Message

Someone's Been At Me Egg rocks in place as the dragon inside starts tapping at the shell. At first, the taps are merely exploratory, too weak to break through the surface. Tap… taptap… rattatattatap… tap. Before it can quite turn into a drum solo, the dragon inside figures out whatever it was that was being investigated and those taps strengthen into a series of jabs that leave a jagged ring of holes around the yellow top of the egg.

Crack Message

Someone's Been At Me Egg accumulates enough holes that the yellow segment on top simply falls down inside the rest. There's silence for a moment, then a crunching sound of shattering eggshell that doesn't seem to correspond to any further emergence of the dragon inside.

Hatching Message

Someone's Been At Me Egg topples over onto its side. Two paws emerge from the opening on top… upside down… and bat up at the empty air. Hmm. This doesn't seem to be working right! They withdraw, and the egg rocks side to side until it rolls partway around and those paws once more stick out. This time they find sand beneath them, and the dragon steps forward… or tries to, anyway. Its head emerges easily, but the shoulders take a bit of a yank to manage, one that breaks the shell down the middle and leaves it in two large pieces and a scattering of smaller ones around the dragon climbing to its feet and shaking itself off.

Impression Message

« I'm here for supper! » The voice in your head is bright and eager, bringing with it the chirping of an entire chorus of hungry baby birds. « What are we having? And what do you want to do after? We could go on an adventure! » Scenes flicker in your mind like picture-postcards or flipping through a travel magazine, gone almost before you've had a chance to see them. « But, that's for after, because I'm hungry. Also Wensith, but mostly hungry! » There's bouncing amusement, the sense of a playful nature despite the hunger that you can feel shared to you. « How about you? »


Exuberant from beginning to end, Wensith goes from inspiration to action with no pause for thought along the way. Expect to be first in line to demonstrate things for the rest of the weyrlings - whether or not he actually knows how to do whatever it is he's volunteered for. He's sure he can figure it out along the way! He's a smart dragon, and so are you. Well, a smart human. Close enough!

His way of rushing into things will mean he sometimes fails - but Wensith also succeeds, more often than it might seem he should. The more careful planners of his clutch may be annoyed with how often his headlong rush actually does stumble onto the right answer. « Lucky little blue! »

The truth is, he actually is rather intelligent… in his own impulsive, happy-go-lucky sort of way. He has good instincts, and they'll grow better as he learns from experience and puts the pieces together in the wrong way… and then a different wrong one… and then a right one! His answers may not be the most logical or typical, but they work… which may also be a source of frustration to those who don't follow his leaps of intuition.

Wensith loves to eat, and if you don't keep any eye on him you may well end up with a rather pudgy dragon. Fortunately, he's also fond of getting out and exploring to find new adventures, and an active lifestyle of investigating what's up that cliff and whether that's an island or a piece of driftwood may help keep him lean. Of course, once you've found someplace new, he might want to find out what the herdbeasts there taste like… and look, it's a seabird! « I haven't ever eaten that… yet! »

He likes finding souvenirs - often not things with any particular value (or use) but just ones that seem interesting to him. Sometimes he'll have a plan for them - « That seashell would be perfect to make the table level. » - and sometimes they'll simply be passing fancies of the strangest sorts. Good luck explaining to that holder why your dragon is sniffing at her laundry line!

His love of exploration and investigation will aid Wensith when it comes to riding search, and his choices there will be just as seemingly-impulsive as the rest of him.

He seldom admits to being wrong, but he's not doctrinaire about holding to his positions - his reaction to discovering that someone else has a better answer tends toward enthusiastic agreement, taking their side as eagerly as he did his own. When pressed, he'll admit he changed his mind, but he doesn't see why it matters. All dragons live in the present, but this is especially true of Wensith. « I'm sure I have it this time! »

When it comes to his interactions with others, he usually wants to be friends, but he can be a bit thoughtless and overly impulsive in how he goes about it. Shy or standoffish dragons may find him disconcerting or feel threatened by his exuberance, but when he meets up with someone equally outgoing they'll have a grand time together.

Of course, the place might be a wreck by the time they're through - not from any sense of malice, but simply because when Wensith gets excited, he tends to hop from one thing to the next without any thought of the chaos he's leaving behind. He may scamper off mid-bath and leave a trail of puddles behind him - or worse, try to do the same while you're oiling him and make an impromptu skating rink of the barracks.

When flying, he's prone to trying clever tricks that may work wonderfully or not at all. « I can get into the air in half the time! I just jump off this cliff… » He doesn't see passengers as an impediment to his aerobatics - if anything, they're an audience, and one he assumes will be just as eager as he is to see what happens when he goes corkscrewing through the clouds.

The time will come when Wensith is ready for the other sort of flights, but even once he's begun to notice the glowier sex, he won't always join in the chase. It's only some greens that will catch his interest as having that special something… whatever it is today. He may develop favorites, greens he consistently races for - or even other blues he enjoys racing against, joining in for the adventure of stretching his wings against a friend.

Wensith may change his mind about many things, but he'll never question his very first impulse: you. His instincts told him that you had a playful heart and a curious spirit, and perhaps just enough common sense and practicality to temper his exuberance into a manageable form while still being willing to dash off on adventures together.


Wensith's mind is a creative place, one where all the many things he encounters are put together in new ways. At it's heart there's a comfortable cottage - or at least, it's probably a cottage. It has a dream-like nature, room changing out when you're not looking at them. There's always a kitchen, always somewhere with a comfortable place to sit, but it may be a palatial parlor or a vine-twined garden patio depending on his mood. There are often birds, whether that's simply avians on tree branches or an elaborate cuckoo clock counting out the hours. At first, his inner mindscape seems mostly populated from your memories - with the occasional odd addition - but gradually it will gain more and more influence from the things you experience together.

When his thoughts reach out to others, they'll often take the form of an artificial bird, cobbled together from strange bits and pieces and chirping in a chorus of tones. This mental avatar will contort itself to match the tone of his comments by changing color and size - or even exploding into a rain of spare parts that reassemble themselves into some new shape that provides a visual demonstration of some of his more interesting points.


EGG: Someone's Been At Me Egg was based on Wallace and Gromit, particularly their first short, "A Grand Adventure". The egg's description is based on Wallace's appearance - with a bit of cheese on top - and the mindtouches are inspired by his strange and scatterbrained inventions and love for a good bite to eat. It and Wensith were written by Soriana. I hope you'll enjoy him, but remember - everything here is just a suggestion that you can alter according to what works for you. Congratulations!

NAME: Wensith - a bit like whimsy, a bit like Wensleydale in reference to the egg's theme, and a short, sweet name so as to not waste any time that could be spent on having fun.


Name Wensith
Dam Kairoikyriath
Sire Zeruth
Created By Soriana
Impressee Ka'ro
Hatched September 26, 2014
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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