A stout, burly brown hatchling, with a nearly perfect, even shade of deep sienna from head to tailtip, with just a bit lighter shade on his underside and wingsails.

Egg Name and Description

Seeds of Change Egg

At first glance an even golden brown, this large egg bears the ubiquitous closer inspection. What seems at first a relatively even tone becomes an uncounted plethora of minuscule, granular dots, each a slightly different shade and shape. It’s a trick of the eye, but many of those grains seem to be tiny spheres, domes, spindles, and other such shapes interspersed by tiny flicks of pallid, silvery white forking and branching between them. Diminutive tongues of new-shoot green flicker out like tiny tongues of golden-green flame - newborn roots seeking firmer ground and the first tiny evidence of leaves peeking out from newly split seed husks.

Mind Touches

Germinating Awareness finds an unexpected, perhaps premature split in the oneness that is its existence inside of its hardening shell. For a brief moment, there is a sort of motion, so slow as to not be, and then it is. A *feeling* of something small, something fragile, something as new as light and as ancient as dawn reaches out, and begins to press itself into your psyche, digging with a need but without comprehension, until it finds something to root itself to. But the connection, it is tenuous, and then withdrawn, as if the Germinating Awareness weren’t aware it’d been digging outside of its own existence at all!

Germinating Awareness returns, driven more by a sense of need than curiosity. Yes, there you are again, you strange entity OUTSIDE of itself! Germinating Awareness considers you, and then niggles again, wriggling its way against your mind, until it finds a deep repository of … experience. Experiences. Thoughts. Dreams. Emotions. Desires. Failures. Triumphs. The world is certainly full of … THINGS! These are all strange to the little one, and it tries to sift through them, though it proves a slightly unnerving and frustrating experience for the Germinating Awareness…these are YOURS, alien, inexplicable. There is nothing like what you have seen, known, done, inside that egg!

Germinating Awareness spreads that metaphysical split a little wider, and this time, not only does it root about against your mind, but it reaches with other, barely realized senses. Are those wings? Foreclaws? Emotions? They spread, tenuously, and then bloom out towards you like a tiny sprig first pushing aside shell and soil, reaching for the warmth of Rukbat close, closer, so close…gone, like your name being called on the edge of a daydream.

Hatching Message

Seeds of Change Egg has quietly been continuing the ancient battle between shell and hatchling since the dragons started humming. Amid the chaos of the Hatching, it splits asunder and deposits a burly brown hatchling onto the Sands. The stout little fellow is a nearly perfect, even shade of deep sienna from head to tailtip, with just a bit lighter shade on his underside and wingsails. He shakes his thickset head from side to side to clear his vision, and then makes like a landslide towards the Candidates.

Impression Message

A few moments later, he arrives out of the commotion at the side of a young woman from the Smithcraft, who beamingly announces his name to the Weyrlingmaster that comes to claim them, "Says his name is Wanreath!" Laylanna, now Lanna, leads her new lifemate away to find some food.






Egg :Assorted seeds


Name Wanreath
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By Xe'ter (egg)
Impressee Lanna
Hatched cell-content
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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