Winging on the Winds Brown Vwayath
Dusty sand floats on a light breeze, coating this brown's long, lanky form, a lazy hue coloring along his body. His elongated, narrow muzzle and jaw do not escape, nor does his whip-like tail. His stomach shows the same dust-stains of travel, though there they are not as thick, and a more russet brown, a simple messenger's color, is visible beneath along his belly and lean limbs. Wings stretch out from his back, the wingspan short, but the sails deeper then normal, pale khaki in contrast to the slightly darker, dusty hues of the wing spars. Dark mountains, a border undisturbed by the dirt, form ridges along his back, beginning at the eyes, and traveling back between headknobs to his tail. vwayath.gif

Egg Name and Description

CoolShavingsofMoisture.gif Shavings of Cool Moisture
Cool ice shavings float, piled in a pale pile, formed together to make the shell of this egg. Crystals of icy blue flick into sight here and there amongst the otherwise bright white surface. Glistening white, and light blue swirl, shadows caught here and there, giving substance that would otherwise be absent.


Name Winging on the Winds Brown Vwayath
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Tyfth
Created By Ari
Impressee Marte
Hatched October 9, 2005
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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