Lover of Darkness Bronze Vsetovith

Warm burnished bronze reaches over broad shoulders and a thick girth which attempt to fill out the big bones and lanky frame of this hatchling, but somehow they jut cant quite get it. Just knees, wing spars and elbows all the way. It’s a wonder his ambry hide doesn’t strain to stretch from his snout to tail tip. Both tail and neck are of mentionable length and his wing joints extend just as far, threatening their own size increase as this hatchling grows. A rich dark-bronze reaches over them, darkening as each finger of the joints reaches an end. From each joint fiery amber reaches out along the sails, paling into the shimmery golds of blazing brass. These same honey tones rise up from his belly, leeching like watercolors into warmer coppers. The darker bronze rolls out in smudges rubbed over his eye ridges and working their way down his spine in a bleeding dorsal stripe. Trickles of pallid metallics coil over his snout, and fleck his belly, shoulders, and haunches in silver raindrops. Like-sprays of silver reach out in the honey-hued portions of his broad wingsails and decorate his brassy feet and underbelly.

Egg Name and Description


Bubbling with Anticipation Egg
A core of flaky paper mache layered with uneven globs of matte brown all over forms the majority of this slightly lopsided egg. This drab colored egg is splashed with a rippling spot of gaudy red at one end, surrounding the very tip which has been dipped into a stark black. The egg is distinctly warm to the touch, and there is a particularly peculiar smell wafting faintly about it - like powder and a less pleasant smell akin to vinegar?

Hatching Message

Bubbling with Anticipation Egg shudders from it's base up to it's top, the sides bulging and rippling as if a grand explosion is only moments away. All the quaking of the egg sends avalanches of sand rippling down the small hill it sits upon.

Bubbling with Anticipation Egg steadily become riddled with cracks as small flakey shards of shell fall from it to lay upon the sand. With each fighting movement of the hatching within to get out, the more fragments fall free to leave small gaps where one might be able to see hints of movement within the shell until all falls quiet once more.

Now is the time for the hunt to begin and without further adieu Bubbling with Anticipation Egg explodes in a fantastic upward array of shards as the hatchling within it shoves it's self into a standing position within what now remains of it's shell as a first creeling bugle is given to announce it's arrival. Fear Me! it seems to say.

Impression Message

Darkness surrounds you, it's blanketing thicker then even night time here at Xanadu. A chilling breeze hits your skin, drying the sweat from the hatching sands as soft laughter steadily becomes louder as another mind infiltrates your own so thoroughly that you cannot tell where it ends and yours begins. « Airk..A'ir…No. From now and here after I deem that you are to be known as Ar'ik. » the voice booms out richly from the darkness that surrounds you. Slowly scarlett, emerald, sapphire are lit up with the pure mellow light of the moon as questions that surely are rolling about in your head are answerered as your belly gives a loud growl and you look down upon the dragonet that now stands proudly before you. « I am Vsetovith, your lifemate forever. » the voice booms again before adding. « I am hungrey. I need food. »



Here we go, just remember all this stuff is just ideas on your dragons personality. Nothing written here is set in stone since you’re very free to play your dragon the way you wish to. Enjoy!

GROWING UP: Vsetovith may very well bring you some sleepless nights at first as he tries to get his days and nights mixed up, preferring to be out exploring in the deep richness of the night while sleeping the brightness of the day away in his couch tucked back into the far end of the barracks. He's a very sleek mover, knowing where his feet and body are going even as a hatchling. Now your dragon has a few oddities to him that will come out while he moves from hatchling towards dragon full grown, like he loves to blood his meat if he can before chewing and swallowing it. It'll take /a lot/ of reminding from you to get him to eat like a normal dragon. Most weyrling lessons will be met with utter boredom on his part, until you make your way to those flight lessons that will have him air borne alone then a little later air borne with you atop him. The other lesson that really takes his attention, is of course Hunting. He's a meticulous hunter, quietly stalking his prey before lunging and wrapping his wing about it like a cloak of darkness that when it opens again the beast of his choosing is gone. When it comes to his fellow clutchmates, Vsetovith sees them as his minions whether they like it or not and he'll try rather hard to persuade those around him to see things his way.

PERSONALITY: Over all Vsetovith is a deep thinker, choosing to watch things from afar before getting in and taking part. He's a smooth one, his mind and movements. All his quietness covers his sly way of getting things done, he much rather have you get others to see things the way he does since you are his main minion… err lifemate. He tends to strike at the weak points on those around him, trying to control them through some underhanded means. When it suits him, this bronze your lifemate almost seems to shift shapes to make himself seem larger or smaller as he sees fit.
As he reaches maturity, he may often revert to his loving to spend the nights alert and doing things while sleeping the night away. There may even be complaints about blooded corpses of herdbeasts being left in the corrals even when there's not been a flight to blame them on. Now don't think that Vsetovith is all slyness and darkness, he has a rather sweet side to him as well. A romantic part of him that leads him into seeking out his perfect mate to share his weyr with though that dragon must have the perfect mate for you as well.

MATING FLIGHTS: No matter what he'd prefer, which would be that those silly females would rise at night instead of by day, he's a strong contender in any flight he takes part in. It doesn't matter what size they are or what shade of green or gold they are, he loves to chase them all. When soft words don't woe them into his clutches, then he'll revert to sly moves that may or may not work at all. Vsetovith just loves the thrill of the chase, the way he has to think fast and make sure to keep all those other far away from his treasure, his desire. When it's all over with, he's rather happy to go back to his old ways of living. He may very well keep the green or gold he caught dangling along with soft words and a nuzzling of his head against hers in passing but that's about it…until next time.


Dark Shifter of Shapes
Sleek and dark, as soft as fine satin. This mind has an edge to it, as if never knowing just what to expect in its dark appearance. When he speaks or uses images, they always come with the soft rushing of the wind behind them as well as the soft scent of burning candles and soil. An odd mixture of scents and sounds to blend with such a very different seeming dragon. Mostly black and dark hues of green, blue, and purple as well as scarlet will come with each thought that comes through his head. The more excited he gets, like that rush before a flight begins and while he's chasing, the colors become bolder and brighter but in those darker moments of his they are as somber as they can get. His mindvoice is deep and seductive, warm and soothing when he wishes it to be. He might often speak with a hint of a Russian accent at times too with a splash of vodka added in there just for the fun of things or else the lingering scent of a deep, rich red wine.



This cycle's egg theme was 'Elementary school projects', and the Bubbling with Anticipation Egg was created by Meaghan. This is what she has to say about the inspiration:

This egg was based on the elementary school project - the volcano. Often made of paper mache over a wire frame and painted with very cheap tempera paint, they are a pot into which baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring are put. When the soda and vinegar mix, they foam vigorously, creating a red-dyed 'lava flow' to come from the top of the volcano. (Designed by Meaghan)


Your Beloved Vsetovith rolled from the minds of T'eo, Tay and Niva combined. His name comes from the combination of two possibilities - Vetalasth and Vsanovith. The former are ghoul-like beings which inhabit corpses in Sanskrit folklore, predecessors to vampires. The latter comes from the name "Sava Savanovic" who was the most famous Serbian vampire in folklore. We played with them and combined them to come up with Vestovith.

He's based upon Dracula by Bram Stoker. We tried to stay very hard to keep his personality close to what you asked for but please remember that nothing about him is set in stone and you are free to change him to be more workable and playable for you.

Tay used this website when working on his personality and things.


Name Lover of Darkness Bronze Vsetovith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Impressee Ar'ik
Created by Meaghan (Egg), Niva, Tay, and T'eo
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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