Graceful Marbled Green Vivanth

Slowly, a long, graceful neck uncurls into a straight and high majestic pose, capped in a dainty head ever so petite, with an angled muzzle of jade, chiseled to show every angle and depression in her loving face. Of average size, her feminine form is forever poised in the most graceful and delicate of manners, showing off her sensuous curves and form, accentuated by swirls of teal that begin at the curves of her sweeping headknobs, neckridges and ends with tickling tendrils that drape like a blanket over her haunches. Fluttering wings fan at her face as though it's a bit warm in here. From the look on her face, it's obvious she's thinking the very words 'I do de-clare…' A soft croon, demure and shy, sets her in a light of pure innocence. Shame her color proves she will be otherwise in her older age.

Egg Name and Description


Music's Casting Egg
Right up front of the clutch is an egg, very much on the outside looking in, like a performing harper sitting in front of an audience. On a background of antique white, swirls of color ebb and flow across the surface, in an almost musical pattern. Drawing a hand across the shell, you can feel spiraling lines amongst the swirls, like a descant to the colorful melody. As you trace the lines with a hand, the egg seems to be vibrating beneath your fingers. Your hand stills suddenly, and you try to feel for the vibrations, but now you aren't so sure you felt it at all.

Hatching Message

As the egg makes it's final, almost violent, shuddering shake, a crack appears with a bell-like tone that rings across the Sands. Shards of eggshell start flying in all directions, striking each other, the sand, and the other eggs in a symphony of high-pitched chimes. In the final crescendo of noise, the hatchling bursts forth from the shell in triumphant finale.


Biancath's entire clutch was based on Jennifer Roberson's 'Sword Dancer' series, telling the journey of Tiger and Del.


Name Graceful Marbled Green Vivanth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Gauth
Created By Darianya
Impressee Hotaru
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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