Sugar and Spice Brown Viskith

Butter and cream speckles this little brown's wide and chubby face, his short muzzle and large whirling eyes always having a strange hatchling appearance even after he is full grown. Ridges and knobs are rounded down smoothly, unlike the more ragged ridges that decorate all the older dragons. Dark chocolate covers the rest of his face, melting down his his thick neck and towards broad shoulders and chest; dark cocoa that contrasts against the brighter freckles scattered on his muzzle. The rest of his body is plump yet musculature, with a short stubby tail that is streaked in lighter syrupy brown and his large paws, as if still growing into them, are dusted with powdered sugar.

Egg Name and Description

Jade and Black Egg
The rich hues of quarried jade are gathered upon this shell, seemingly polished to a gleam, revealing the marbled patterns that meander through it. Veins of white peek through here and there, however black is the dominate color, weaving itself through the very stone of the jade.

Hatching Message

Jade and Black Egg gives a few hard shakes after having been sitting there all pretty like and hopefully inconspicuous for some time. It spins down onto its wider side, breaking the little nest its clutchparents had made it. With a loud audible crack that echoes across the caverns, it breaks in two. Woops! Tumbling out of its remains is a brown clump of a hatchling that gives a startled squeak.

Impression Message

Sugar and Spice Brown Hatchling finds himself with candidates all around him. However, he seems to like where he's at, as he's looking up at a pair of boys who are strangely similar looking. Looking left, then looking right, the brown hatchling turns his attention to the one on the right, nudging him away from his brother to keep for himself.

Andalien is nudged, and pushed away from his brother Jollen. After a moment of gloating, a smirk on his face as if to say, 'Where's yours', the brown is reminding the teen of his presence with another nudge, and A'en is grinning even more widely. "Of course, Viskith. Food, we'll get you food." He says with a chuckle, moving past his brother towards the edge of the Sands.


He's a sweet and innocent little brown, like a little cute toddler that's got a freckled angelic face… and a mischievous streak that has the weyrlingmasters tearing their hair out. He's all nice looks on the outside, but bad inside.


The theme for this clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. The name Viskith comes from Dimitrovski which means sugar and spice, while Viskith himself seems to be sugar and spice, while the rest of him isn't.


Name Sugar and Spice Brown Viskith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Niva
Impressee Andalien (A'en)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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