Predator in the Murky Waters Bronze Vesukith

Greenish gold hide spreads in dark array over this venomous looking dragon's body, filaments of shadow dancing about the skin, cascading to a bronzen midnight. Exempt from these dark colors is the lush bright color of unmarred bronze, traveling from a blunt muzzle and large triangular head, down a sinuous throat and along a well barreled chest. Pooling at the bottom and around the belly, the flow of light bronze follows on the insides of his muscular legs, while also rushing down the underside of his tail, conforming the lighter colors underneath the darkness of shadow. Wings extend like large fins across his sides, the membrane thicker then usual as it casts upon thick rounded wing fingers. The wing tips, muzzle tip and tail spade seem to be of ebony, though glimmers of gold show through, as if water logged by such dark colors.

Egg Name and Description

Larvae Filled Sponge Egg


Hatching Message

Larvae Filled Sponge Egg shakes, rattles and rolls, looking as if to shake all those black blotches off of its shell. With a few more shakes, a large crack appears upon the shell and a taloned paw appears through. A minute or two passes, the claws being the only witness, before a earsplitting roar and the occupant bursts from the shell, jumping outwards and onto the sands, landing just a little clumsily on his feet. His stance is prideful, tada! He is here. Now clap or feel his wrathe, his stance almost seems to demand.

Impression Message

Darkness clamps over your mind like jaws, blinding your mind's eye with what at first feels like pain, but turns out to be a seering joy. Soon, water fills within, almost like drowning in the depts of the sea, no light piercing except for the movement of blackened waves. «So, it is you.» A darkness whispers, almost ponderous and baring the same tones of your own voice. «You have met my challenge, young C'yr. And I can tell that you accept. I am Vesukith.» The whispers goes from sharp to somber, almost yearning. «I am weak from battle. Feed me?»



Vesukith from the start is going to be independant, and a loner. He is going to go where he wants, even if you don't follow him, and though your approval does matter to him, if the hunt is at hand, you will find yourself being dragged along. From the day of hatching, this bronze will have a serious aire about him, almost deadly, though he rarely ever means anyone any harm. His tongue is as sharp as his mind, delivering the deadly blow to those that challlenge him. He will hardly ever back down unless he finds himself on uneven ground with another, and still then, he will escape as gracefully as possible.%r Pride will be his source of strength, but sometimes, it will also be the reasoning of his downfall, letting his ego effect his judgement on occasion, though he is quite wary of his movements.%r Being his sole companion amoung all else, he will immediately come to your aid when you call, no hunt too great to forget to defend his eternal friend. The only time that he will not be at your aid is when he determines the situation silly, or childish. For what is a great hunter like him to do about name calling? He will hardly lower himself to such things as that, though a taunt or two will find their way through if the talk amuses him.%r This bronze will show little care for the chromatics unless they hold a position above him, hardly paying attention to their antics- ofcoarse unless he finds one green to be perticularly lovely. Other then that, he will consider the chromatics to be lower then him, only giving due respect to a few bronzes and golds. Like Lupiciuth, Vesukith will find himself a born leader, ever attempting to lead the pack, though when the time is needed, he will make a supurb follower aswell, following his lead at any command, like a true warrior.

As said before, this large bronze, who will usually outsize most bronzes, will be a lone wolf from all others, sticking closest to you and on occasion, those he deems worthy of his attention. WIth his independance that has blossomed right from the shell, you will find your sly beast convincing you into adventures you might not always find yourself commonly doing. Racing down to go hunt fish just a sevenday after the hatching might be common, Vesukith pouncing on his prey, as for some odd reasoning, his tastes tend towards sealife then they do herdbeast. Maybe its the salt water on his tongue that gives it that extra zing? But he will have the love of water like no other, coming out of his serious shell during these times to splash around like a kidlet.%r As your beloved matures, you will find that he will become more intuned in realising that he must be in shape for battle, going the extra mile in excersizes to make sure his muscles are built, much like a boxer would before his match. But he also knows at a young age, that the ladies are meant to be lovers, and oh how he loves them! So those built muscles are not only for battle, but to prove to the ladies that he is the best man for them. He isnt a smooth talker, persay, but his languid movements are just the stuff.%r And when it comes to the time for flights? He will have a hunters eye, going for the chase, even if the female doesnt entertain his thoughts. He will be vampant, cruel upon the herdbeast when he is given time to blood. His only fall back? He has the best stamina- but the smaller bronzes and chromatics will beat him out in agility, his agile movements sluggish in comparison, though he has the wits to make up for the slack. He is Vesukith, after all, isnt he?



As was asked, Vesukith (Ves-oo-kiith) which means King of the Serpents in Indian Myth, is based upon the Great White Sharks. I did a bit of research for this bronze, and it was quite fun too- since I take an enjoyment in all animals. I just hope you like the name. I figured, a dragon is a serpent of sorts, and the Great White is the King of the Sea(Which many people refer to them as , So the meaning of the name fit rather well. :)


With that much pride and assurity hiding in your breast, how could he possibly resist? You showed the resiliance of one who didn't fear him among those that might have trembled. You were the one that could look past his steely gaze, and conquer his ferocity. You are the fighter that could defeat the hunter, and survive the leer of his eye at being the hunted. And somehow, he knew, from instinct, that you would understand the beast from within.


Name Predator in the Murky Waters Bronze Vesukith
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By C'rro of Ista
Impressee Cyril
Hatched October 29, 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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