You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Vernammerath

Broad-hewn, thickset, every inch as powerful as the next - his burly physique is draped in a swarthy cloak of sapphiresque spinel, that adds a glimmering sheen to each well-chiseled curve and sculpted muscle. Goldstone's speckled shine accents the masculine arch of his eyeridges and nose, rugged features that are complemented by a sharp chin, wide jawline, and stubby headknobs. Accentuating the short arch of his neck are 'ridges daubed in raw tanzanite's purple-blue, their tips tinted dark enough to be near black, a shade echoed across the satiny expanse of his over-wide wings. The powerhouse strength of his compact body is supported by stout legs, though his chalcedony paws, with their moonstone claws, seem overly small, and overly pale, for his hefty aphotic form.

Egg Name and Description

Unlimited Egg

Tall, wide… odd. This egg looks nothing like the others, making it stick out like a sore thumb - and yet it's no less special for its differences. Darkness cloaks its form, its apex oddly peaked, a little too sharp to be typical, though its true curve is masked somewhat by the black its draped in. Down, down the dark goes across the barely-there curves of its elongated form, splashed with bitter green and accented by a streak of pure white, which is bubble-glossy in contrast to the shineless drab of the rest of the shell.

Hatching Message

Unlimited Egg has been quiet until now, letting its siblings take the limelight. But now its time is near, and it gives an almighty shudder as the dragonet within is through with accepting the limits of its eggshell prison.

Everyone deserves the chance to… hatch? Unlimited Egg shudders more violently now as its occupant starts to break its way free. It can't be long now, as cracks start to appear across the dark drab shell, splitting the bitter green from the bubble-glossy white. Soon!

Held together now by nothing more than a hope and a prayer, Unlimited Egg quivers, the crazy-paving cracks that cover its surface promising an impressive explosion of shell when the final push comes… only to leave spectators disappointed. No explosion, but instead a pale paw pushes through, and then the cracked shell simply caves in to stick to th form of the sticky hatchling inside. It gets to its feet, shudders and shakes to try and rid its hide of the clingy egg-shards… then tumbles over onto its side, wobbly newborn legs unable to support it in these first few seconds of the rest of its life. Despite being covered in egg-goo, speckled with egg-shards, and all sandy down one side, the rich blue of this hatchling's hide is very obvious as he stands up to begin his exploration of the candidates.

Impression Message

The heat of the Sands melts away, slipping into the background as you suddenly smell… what is that? Zingy tangerine? Something strongly citrus bombards your senses, and before you start sniffing at the air to find where it's coming from, there's a friendly laugh that echoes through your thoughts. « That's me, Y'taer, » a voice explains, rich and jewel-toned and lustrous as it explores inside your head, settling in and calling it home. « Together we're unlimited. Together we'll be the greatest team there's ever been… right, Y'taer? » Warmth spreads over you, but not the unpleasant heat of the Sands - this is a loving warmth, the heat of a best friend's hug, the comfort of knowing you'll never be alone again because someone has your back, now and forever more. « I'm Vernammerath. I'm also hungry. Can we go eat now? » And indeed there are hunger pangs in your belly - or are they in his?


Y'taer, I knew exactly what I wanted to give you: a loyal friend inspired by the meaning and symbolism of the gemstones used to create your jewel-toned dragon. And that is exactly what your Vernammerath is.

"The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend."
―Stephen Richards

Let's start with blue. Blue on its own, in terms of gemstones, is a representative of loyalty and truth. It is calming and soothing, and represents wisdom and communication, as well as devotion - aren't these all just the perfect traits for your big brother-type dragon? Vernammerath is every inch the loyal friend for Y'taer, the big brother who he can rely on, share secrets with, get dubious advice from… Vernammerath will always be there for him, no matter what he needs.

You'll have noticed that his desc uses a lot of gemstones as colours. Well, that was intentional - you asked for jewel-toned, and I sort of took that literally. As a gemstone healer in training, and someone fascinated by gems and their meanings, I wouldn't resist the opportunity to tie your dragon into something that is so broad and vast a theme as to satisfy my own artistic desires, while also catering - hopefully! - to your own dreams of the perfect dragon. Not only do the gemstones make up his physical appearance, but they have a big role to play in his personality, too.

Vernammerath's major colour is from a stone called spinel. Spinel, which you may or may not know, comes in various colours. The blue version is often mistaken for sapphire, and as well as echoing the above-mentioned traits of friendship and loyalty, it is a stone that's associated with high energy, vitality, and helping us to move on towards our best destinies. In this sense, Vernammerath will do his best to offer advice that helps you move through life… though maybe take his opinions with a grain of salt, because what he suggests may not always be the best course to take!

He's enthusiastic (that's where that high energy comes in!), and he desperately wants to see you successful in life, no matter what you try you hand at… which means he may meddle a little bit, especially where he may not exactly be wanted. He'll like to draw Ellezath into the picture with her logical thinking, especially when it comes to offering advice on new inventions - she's pretty good at thinking up those things, and he may just try to pass them off to you as his own, in his efforts to impress you. The problem is, though, he's not a great liar - nor is he the best at logical, linear thinking - so you'll see through it every time. But it's the thought that counts, right?

While Vernammerath may not be the most logical dragon, that doesn't mean he's not smart. Spinel is a stone that stimulates intellectual power, and that makes Vernammerath the perfect sounding board for your ideas. Sure, he may not always get things right and he doesn't necessarily consider the mechanics or feasibility of the things he suggests, but sometimes that off-the-wall thinking is what leads to the biggest breakthroughs ever, right?

The final aspect of spinel used in Vernammerath's inspiration is the stone's soothing sense of calm. It's a gemstone used to reduce stress, to relieve depression, and to encourage you to move forward with life, to seize your best blessings even in the darkest of situations. And Vernammerath is /perfect/ at this. Whenever you're frustrated, whenever things are going wrong, whenever it feels like the whole Weyr's against you on those no good terrible very bad days, Vernammerath will be there to make it all better. He's as soothing as a fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, helping you to clear your head, to recognise the things that outshine whatever's got you down in the dumps, and to march on with the best things in your life as a shining beacon to follow towards overcoming the dark days. He loves you, and this is his way of protecting you.

"A friend is someone who will always be there for you, in good and hard times."
―Lailah Gifty Akita

You'll also have noticed goldstone in his description. This stone has traits that emphasize upon those associated with spinel - it's a great stone to use for attaining goals, so expect Vernammerath to be your biggest cheerleader, no matter what you've got in mind to achieve. He won't be there waving mental pompoms or anything like that, but he'll be egging you on with his vibrant energy.

Goldstone is also great for staying calm, emotional stability, and protection, echoing the above ability of your dragon to soothe whenever things are rough. The protection in this sense, however, involves shielding you from things that might upset you. If Vernammerath knows that girl you've got a crush on has started dating someone you don't like, don't be surprised if he tries to divert you from wherever she is so you don't get hurt. Likewise, he'll try and act as a buffer for any bad news he may hear, so you get a cushioned version of it before the big blow comes. Along this line, he always likes to be on top of what's happening around him - not that he's nosy, as such, but he has a way of finding out anything and everything that he wants to. Maybe he's persuasive. Maybe he's a good eavesdropper. Whatever the reason, he's one of the best go-to dragons to find out what's going on, where, when, and who with.

Tanzanite, blue chalcedony, and moonstone are all mentioned in his desc as well, as they play supporting roles in Vernammerath's personality. All three are associated with balance, calm, harmony, deflecting stress, as well as having soothing energy and attracting success. They are all especially good protective stones, as well as having strong links to emotional balance. These are all traits that your Vernammerath exemplifies, and that come together to make him the best big brother-cum-best friend than anyone could wish for.

He may be a great dragon to rely on and a great best friend, but… well, everyone has their quirks, don't they? And Vernammerath has a few that might just make you cringe, depending on how easily embarrassed you are! First, there's the fact that he is a very, uh, /gassy/ dragon, at least when he's small. It could be because he likes to wolf his food down, and therefore he swallows air at the same time, but Y'taer, be prepared for a dragon that BUUURPS like crazy, and be thankful that it's not so much coming out of his /other/ end.

That's about the grossest habit he has, as otherwise he's quite neat and tidy - sure, he'll happily roll in mud and get dirty with you whatever you're doing, but he'll want to be clean afterwards. Dirt is made all the more fun by being able to have a bath!

While it is the grossest, burping isn't by any means the weirdest thing Vernammerath does, because he has a thing for hoarding things - especially if they're shiny. Call him Igen's resident magpie, because if it's shiny and it's out in the open, he'll claim it as his own. This might mean you'll have to travel across the Weyr to find the empty ledge that has the most sun-reflective mica - because he /needs/ a shiny ledge to sunbathe on and watch the world go by from. It has to sparkle! And it has to be big enough for him to stretch out on, too, because Vernammerath loves to lounge, by which I mean /sprawl/. Spread out, limbs akimbo, neck and tail jutted out - he's going to take up all the space he can simply /because/ he can, because why shouldn't he feel Rukbat's warmth on as many inches of his hide as possible? The light gives his blue a satisfying gleam, too - not a shine, as such, but a deep-rooted glimmer, especially along his eyeridges and the top of his nose, where there are tiny freckles of copper-bronze in amongst the dark blue there.

… which takes us to his physicality.
Vernammerath is a tiny blue, easily one of the smallest in the Weyr - though while he may be small, he's by no means dainty. In fact, he's buff enough to look somewhat bigger than he actually is, and he's broad, too, and muscular but not overly so. He's every bit a masculine dragon.

Colour-wise, his hide is rich, jewel-toned blues, predominantly spinel-blue, which is a great shade for showing off his pretty good conformation. There are those copper-bronze freckles across his nose, from his muzzle up across his eyeridges, where his colouring is a deeper blue than the rest of him - goldstone blue, in fact. His paws are oddly pale, with those shimmering translucent claws, and they look barely big enough to be connected to his stout legs, let alone to support his substantial bulk.

Broad he may be, but he's well put together, though his wings, which are dark enough blue so as to almost appear black, might be a touch too wide (all the better to get his buff body off the ground, maybe?), and his paws, paler than the rest of him, seem a little too small on his stout legs.

When it comes to flights, your Vernammerath is quite the catcher. He's small enough to be able to shadow greens closely, with strength being an added bonus on top of his agility that comes together in a pretty successful pairing. There's a good degree of lust in him but he won't chase every single green that goes up - rather, he'll wait for your ok. You're his wingman as well as his bro, and you're the one who'll have to say go before he'll even think about starting to blood. That's the level of consideration he has for you - Vernammerath will (likely) never chase any dragon unless you're ok with it.


L'Amour en Fuite

Vernammerath has an incredibly broad mindscape, which is rarely the same twice. He's expressive and lucid in what he conveys, choosing whichever colours and symbolism best suit whatever the moment happens to be. One quirk he has is to pilfer memories from your own mind to help illustrate his thoughts, though he spins them around with extra colours and more details than were originally there. It may be confusing for you at first to experience as much, but it's something you'll hopefully get used to in time. The colours he uses can vary wildly, but he does seem to have a preference for rich jewel tones, deep blues, greens and purples especially, but he's by no means limited to that spectrum. In fact, the only near-constant in his thoughts is the sharp scent of citrus, which will be ever-present in your mind - it could be sweet tangerine, tangy grapefruit, or sour lemon, even mellow pomelo, depending on his mood at the time. Mostly, though, it's just a pleasant tingling sensation, like the zing of citrus acid on your tongue.



What's in a name? Vernammerath came from a whole load of research, toying with letters, playing with sounds, adding extra letters (10 letters seemed to happen automatically!), sounding out syllables… and then it happened. Vernammerath. Four syllables that meld together, that have more than 10 letters, all of which are easy to say and that occur in the English language… even if their origin is anything but! The rough meaning of Vernammerath is 'loyal friend', from 'verny', Czech for loyal, and 'kammerat', Danish for friend.

Loyalty and friendship are two of Vernammerath's theme, which tie in - as does a little bit of his Impression message - with the Wicked theme of our egg, to fit in with our Broadway Musicals clutch. Unlimited Egg was described based on the Wicked poster.

The mind theme of this clutch was alcoholic drinks, with L'Amour en Fuite, or Love on the Run, being an absinthe-based cocktail. Why absinthe? Because of the whole 'green elixir' theme in Wicked, and Love on the Run echoes the love story that emerges at the end of the show - I'll not ruin it for you if you haven't seen it yet!


Name Vernammerath
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Quillan
Impressee Y’taer
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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