Celebration of Life Brown Verbenth

Rich chocolate brown covers this dragonet, swirling eddies melting across his muzzle. Dark chocolate melds with milk as the two twine their way across his face. Broad banners wave in the breezes as they drift down his neck, dancing between his ridges which rise into the air like proud fantasy castles. Like streamers released into the wind the shades of brown blow up to his wings and drape themselves to become his sails. His powerful haunches are colored with firework spots of tan on dark cedar, the sparkles fading as they drift down to the tip of his tail. He is large yet sleek, powerful but not bulky.

Egg Name and Description


Joy of Youth Egg
Remember the first time you went to a carnival, parade or fair? The colors and excitement swirling around you, nothing really in focus as your eyes and mind leapt from one thing to the next? That is this egg. The swirls of fresh paint cover the shell, constant motion drawing you around and around it until you'd feel dizzy! The whole thing is perfectly designed and orchestrated to give you a sense of excitement. Every color is present, but they're all beautifully coordinated so no clashing colors are beside each other. And if you squint, the dust swirling around the egg almost looks like fireworks and confetti. Party!

Hatching Message

Joy of Youth Egg gives a convulsive leap, jerking to one side like a whip before it rolls across the sands like a wild thing.

Joy of Youth Egg begins to splinter, small cracks racing along its shell. They converge with each other and hold still for a long moment.

Joy of Youth Egg finally explodes in a sudden shower of shards, the hatchling within falling into the world with a bound of energy.

Impression Message

Joyful Expressions races into your mind with boundless energy and vibrance. It's as if the very best moments of your life are converging into this single moment. The dragon's mind fires with sparklers, all sorts of colors spinning in bright pinwheels. The voice, when he speaks, is a wonderful mature tenor, partly echoing your own. He sings to you, a simple melody rising and falling, « S'gat? No, that is not right. My love, my wonderful rider, I am here and I am yours. K'lton, I am your Verbenth, let's make all our dreams come true. » There is a pause and then a soft, almost apologetic whisper, « Can we go to the snack bar? »


Verbenth is a multi-faceted personality as complex as any person's. Overall he's easy-going and fun, the kind of dragon who is always up for a game or an adventure. He is confident and charismatic, but recognizes your shyness and will honor any requests from you to stay away from the limelight. That won't stop him from giving you nudges to get out and meet people, however! You can't live your entire life by yourself - life is better with other people.

He will always support you in everything you do, including healing. Golds might be the only dragons able to control another dragon, but Verbenth helps you through more subtle means. He is a calming and stable influence on injured dragons, and can also help you determine what is ailing them. He thinks it is wonderful that you heal and help, and he is completely committed to helping you do the best job you can. However, after you've spent a long day in the infirmary, Verbenth will want you to get out and be with other people. Perhaps a nice glass of wine in the tavern, or a visit to one of the Holds for a dance.

Your brown is never the party-animal and not one to tease or prank other people or dragons. Yet he does enjoy being social. Everything about your dragon is a balance. He might get caught up in a moment but he never looses his head so much that he would do something obnoxious or rude. Nor will he let you get that far into a party. So go ahead, relax and enjoy yourself, Verbenth won't let you go too far.

Your brown has two ways of relating to other dragons. To those he knows well and is comfortable with, he's more playful and fun - wanting everyone to have a good time and relax. With those he doesn't know so well (and especially the queens) he is the epitome of a perfect gentleman prince. Courteous and proper, he is ready, willing and able to help any and all who have need of him (or you!) Don't be surprised to find yourself stretched rather thin at times as he hands out your time and services to everyone at Fort. It will take some time for you to teach him how to say no to people.

In the matter of love your Verbenth is a true romantic. From flowers to dead wherries, he will woo the ladies with a simple charm and elegance. He will always come to the aid of a DID - Dragon in Distress - even if some don't want to be rescued. If he is rebuffed by a lady dragon he'll need your support and reassurance. He participates in flights with a gentle desire. He's not lusty, but loving.

Why you? Because, you are his perfect match! He sees in you someone whom he can help grow and draw out of his shell. At the same time, you will show him patience, understanding and the endless love he needs. Together you will both grow and strengthen each other's weaknesses.


Joyful Expressions
Verbenth's mind is bright and vibrant, colors ever shifting like banners on breezes. Accented by firework emotions his voice is a rich baritone, sometimes shifting up to a light tenor when needed. His voice is trained and smooth, lifting and falling with easy melodies. Why just speak when you can sing?

Mind Touches
Joyful Expressions bounds out at you with the sudden exuberance of a canine puppy wanting to play. The force of this dragon's mind does not know its own strength as it seems to sniff curiously around you. Hihihi! Who are you and what are you doing and are we going to have some fun and what do you do for playing and do you like food I like food but I don't know what food is yet because I'm stuck here in this egg and…the thoughts spiral off with an explosion of colors.

Joyful Expressions returns to your mind more serenely this time, quiet and almost calm. It seems that the second 'act' of this dragon's performance is the calming one. It drifts from here to there, the colors of its thoughts like long silk streamers. They flutter around you, and may even tickle your nose.

Joyful Expressions is back into excitement mode, gearing itself up for more fun! Tell it how to play, share some games with it! Oh, that one is wonderful! It wants to play that one right away. The egg reaches out one more time to give you a sort of mental 'squeeze', before it dashes back within itself to explore all the new games it's learned.


Both egg and hatchling were created by Elara. The hatching theme was music, and your dragon is based on Disney songs. He is the best, most fun, most romantic and ideal dragon. Yet at the same time he is calm and caring. I based his romantic personality on "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. His adventurous and fun facet comes from "You can Fly! You can Fly! You can Fly!" from Peter Pan. And his love and encouragement of you comes from "Two Worlds" from Tarzan.


Name Celebration of Life Brown Verbenth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Izelth
Created By Elara
Impressee K'lton
Hatched March 18, 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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