Create Your Own Fairytale Green Vaniveth

Create Your Own Fairytale Green Vaniveth

The vibrant hue of new leaves in spring suffuses this dragon's hide with perpetual brightness, subtly mottled undertones of bottle green giving her a sun-dappled look. A certain delicacy of bone structure lends a refined elegance to her appearance despite her size, notable especially in the fine features of her head, with a narrow muzzle and gently curved jaw. Sweeping eyeridges are highlighted in chartreuse, enhancing the shadows that pool about her faceted eyes and creating the illusion of an exotic slant. Headknobs and spinal ridges are also touched with the bold shade, slowly fading as the tips of her forked tail are reached. Off-setting her deceptively fragile foundation, her muscles are well developed, creating a sturdy curvaceousness throughout her body, particularly in the width of chest and shoulders, and in the breadth of her hindquarters. Her small feet are oddly elegant, long toes tipped with short, dark talons. The brilliance of polished peridot spreads across her wingsails, framed within bottle green 'spars and lightening into a dusting of jonquil speckles along their trailing edges, thickest near the outer tips.

Egg Name and Description

Not Just Stories Egg

Mottled with a wide range of earthy colours, at first glance this egg looks like a pottery glazing project gone wrong. Russet and white, gray and black, brown and red, yellow and cream, beige and bronze and touches of green all blend together with no discernible pattern or picture. It's only when looking at it side on, or slightly out of focus, that hints of images begin to appear. Could those be… faces? Half-seen in slanting shadow, peeking around a corner or partially hidden by the curve of a hood. But there is something off about them, something not quite right that begs for a closer look but eludes such an examination. Sometimes, the unclear visage appears to be human but at others that same phantom face might seem more animalistic, faint striations within the shading turning hair or skin into fur, feathers, sometimes even scales. But all it takes is a blink, a glance away, and when the viewer's eyes refocus all images have disappeared, leaving behind only gloppy, unattractive splodges of dull colour.

Dichotomy of Desires seems peaceful, serene, content within itself as gentle strains of internal music fill its quiet darkness. Until, with a tuneless scrape as if a bow has been dragged the wrong way across taut strings, it notices your presence. A spark of impatience is swiftly stifled as it shifts its focus outward to investigate, wary and untrusting as it sifts reluctantly through your thoughts. Finding something unpleasant, a whiff of buried memory that makes it turn away, not wanting to be drawn in.

Dichotomy of Desires has become agitated, its music becoming discordant as it struggles with itself. It wants no part of your world, and yet the mystery that is you has proven too intriguing to ignore. It stalks back into your mind with a bristling suspicion tempered by a need to give you a fair chance. Like turning the pages of a book it looks deeper into yourself, a ginger care given as it respects the delicacy of your psyche. Confused, enlightened, repulsed and amused depending on what it discovers, lingering over this and flipping past that, seeking the truth of what you are. In the end dissatisfied; is that all there is?

Dichotomy of Desires is determined, now. It has a theory, but there are still unanswered questions, more information to be gathered. Confident, it is a relentless hunter in search of the truth. Are you something to be feared and fought, or something to be respected and protected? No secret is safe; it has to /know/ and it won't give up until it does. Three things it looks for: that which makes you joyous, that which makes you sorrowful, and that which makes you rage. A trinity of truths to be carefully considered, weighed one against the other, trying to determine which is the strongest. Maybe you can be accepted into its world, but it can't decide for certain and so pulls away, low melody of brooding strings fading… fading… gone.

Hatching Message

Egg Wobble
A faint tremor passes through the Not Just Stories Egg, barely enough to disturb the sand cushioning its base. Only just beginning, after a pause it shivers again, occupant invisibly struggling for freedom.

Egg Crack
The efforts from within the Not Just Stories Egg are starting to come to fruition. At first, only hairline cracks break the outer shell, but determination and ceaseless motion see them slowly growing wider and longer.

Flakes of shell have been falling steadily from the Not Just Stories Egg, revealing the thick off-white membrane inside. A determined push causes it to bulge outward upon side, stretching and stretching until finally it tears open and the sticky hatchling within crawls free to sprawl limply upon the warm sand, panting from the struggle.

Impression Message

The heat, the noise, the Sands and your fellow Candidates, the entire /world/ disappears as you fall into the whirling gaze of the eager green standing before you. Like a portal into another world, a tunnel made up of swirling colours and sparkling rainbow explosions draws you ever inward, a wave of love rising to meet and envelop you in the myriad perfumes of a garden at the height of its bloom. The wild tumbling finally slows, a sense of homecoming and belonging settling into the deepest parts of your spirit and hers, here in this private moment, this private space; a quirky little cottage meant solely for the pair of you. For you are a pair now, forever and always, her heart and yours bound together just as it was meant to be. « Siaryn? » A gentle soprano sounds inside your mind. « Siaryn, I knew from the moment I saw you that you were The One. /My/ One. As I am yours; your Vaniveth. But you knew that already, didn't you? » And so you did, as surely as you've always known your own name. A sudden rumbling growl echoes from within and without, accompanied by a roil of deep purples and blues and surprised yellow sparks. « Oh! I… I think I want some food. Let's go get some together! » With a shared stomach cramp the real world spills back in a rush, leaving you separate in your bodies but not alone, never alone again; Vaniveth sitting with her nose pressed gently to your chest as she gazes at you.


While young, Vaniveth will be curious about /everything/ and fascinated by the oddest things. A simple suncatcher could be a thing of wonder, or she might sit and watch a weaver work for hours — if she could find one outside. She's eager to explore the world, but she wants to explore it /with/ you. Gallivanting with her siblings while you're stuck in lessons can be fun, but she'd much rather wait until you can be there to share experiences and discoveries with. « Siaryn, I overheard some of the gardeners talking about the flowers today. I'd like to see them; please come with? » She never demands, nor will she throw a tantrum if you say no. She might pout for a little while, but it won't be long before she rediscovers her cheer and finds another friend to go with, instead.

Her curiosity could easily get her into trouble, so you'll have to look out for her. It's not that she actively goes out trying to find mischief or knowingly walks into dangerous situations, but just that she's gullible. Her common sense sometimes takes a back seat to her desire to believe only the best in people, so she'll take anything they tell her at face value. In these early days, it'll be up to you to tell her to stop and think things through before simply believing them, and she'll look up to you much like a big sister as well as her best friend. Pranks will also fly completely over her head; what seems harmless and funny to most, strikes her as mean and mocking. This might put her at odds with Kolath, her brother's rambunctious personality often too overbearing for her. « He's just so /loud,/ and why must he be so pushy? Is it really so hard to just be nice? »

She also will need to be taught when it's okay to voice her opinions, and when it's better to keep silent. She will often butt into a situation without fully understanding it, blundering along like a cheerful bulldozer delivering sunshine-and-rainbows style advice. Arguments especially will cause her distress, whether she's a part of them or not, and she'll jump in without thinking to try to resolve things so everyone can be happy again. Sometimes she'll listen to you and exercise restraint, but sometimes she just won't be swayed, determined to whatever goal she's set. This is particularly true when it comes to Isanath. She both admires and is frustrated by her so-proper sister, and makes it a personal mission to try to get her to unbend a little. « /Puddles,/ Isanath! Let's go splashing together. Who cares if it's not 'seemly,' it'll be fun! »

Even at a young age she possesses a steadiness and sense of balance that lends her a grace uncommon amongst dragons; especially ground-bound ones. Rarely one to lose her centre, her strides are measured and unconsciously timed, working with the natural sway of her body so that she slides rather than waddles. This grace will extend to the air, though much like her first steps, her first attempts at flight will be clumsy and awkward. Once she adjusts to the differences her wings require, however, her aerial displays will be a vision to watch. An innate sense of rhythm of timing allows her to pick up drill formations with ease, and in the air at least her situational awareness is sharp enough that she's swift to improvise a correction for a mistake, whether her own or another's, her natural agility more than sufficient for executing hairpin turns and difficult flips with little to no preparation.

She will never completely lose her wonder in the world, she'll always look for the best and brightest side of the people and dragons she meets, and will often miss the subtler nuances of hidden or cloaked emotions. She truly wants to believe that everyone is as honest and open as she herself is, and discovering when someone has lied to her — either blatantly or by omission — will both hurt and confuse her. However, as she grows her child-like approach to the world will be tempered by experience, and you'll both discover a practical side to her personality. It will become easier for her to accept the day-to-day dishonesties that most everyone indulges in, though she'll never /expect/ them. Nor will she be as likely to just barge into a situation to try to 'fix' it, but will sit back to assess what's going on and decide how best to intervene.

The steadiness she finds as she nears adulthood will allow you to develop a more equal partnership, though that underlying sense of sisterhood will never leave. It will evolve into something more like a twin-bond, together in every venture. She is not shy about expressing her desires, for herself, for you, or for you both, but she won't try to push you into something you're not yet ready for. Conversely, if she disagrees with something you want, she won't try to sabotage it, whether by action or inaction. If her attempts to dissuade you fail, her support will be as unwavering as ever. « I don't like this, Siaryn, but if it's that important to you, we'll do it. »

Logic and sensibility will replace most, but certainly not all, of her 'all it takes is love and a song to change the world' attitude. Above all she wants people to be happy, particularly those she loves, and she will do her best to help them achieve that state. Even while accepting that sometimes, the 'perfect' solution just isn't possible.

She attempts to be liked by — or at least get along with — everyone, and once you're tapped into a wing they'll become her family. It might take her a while to get used to everyone's little quirks and foibles, and to accept attitudes that are contrary to her own, but once she comes to terms with all the differences she'll be settled in as if she'd always been there. It's in this situation that her inner caretaker will be nourished, and she will endeavour to be there for her wingmates whenever they need her, whether it be to bolster their spirits, provide encouragement or simple companionship. You'll discover a decisiveness that was missing during her weyrling days, and while she may not always take a /conventional/ approach, at times following her heart where instead her head should lead, she can think her way quickly through a situation and commit to a course of action without hesitation. Being a leader is not something that would ever occur to her, though she could be guided in that direction if such were your ambition.

While she can and does experience darker emotions, they very rarely make an appearance. She's more likely to simply shrug off an annoyance or hurt if it can't be fixed with a simple and frank discussion, and devote her energy to more pleasant things. Right up until she goes proddy. She will not turn waspish, picking fights for the sake of it. In fact, there won't be much change at all in her overall demeanor, save for increasing restlessness and a growing, phantom itchiness of her hide that only lounging in the shallows can ease. But if something /does/ spark her temper, there will be no calm and rational approach. She will vent, stamp her feet and 'shout,' and (re)discover that oh my, releasing one's anger can be so /liberating!/ Her delight in allowing the emotion free rein could prevent any arguments from getting too out of control, as once the initial outburst has finished she'll be laughing at the wondrous novelty of it and swiftly forget whatever it was that roused her ire in the first place. She may or may not blood before she rises; it usually depends on if she's been recently annoyed before the urge to fly overtakes her. Her flights will tend to be fast, but she'll push herself and her chasers right to the limit. Only he who can intuit the wild steps of that passionate aerial dance deserves to join her in singing that ultimate duet. She'll be sweetly devoted to her catcher for as long as she remembers he did so, but if she forms any lingering attachments they're most likely to happen outside of flights.


Vaniveth is possessed of a gentle soprano and has a light, lilting way of speaking, words rising and falling as if wrapping around some internal melody only she can hear. This is echoed in her physical voice as well, far more inclined to musical warbles and croons than she is to harsher vocalisations. Bright colours dominate her mental touch, the intensity of her chosen palette depending largely upon her moods, or the mood of whomever she happens to be speaking to. At times swirling as if liquid, at others drifting like smoke, still others sparkling in rainbow bursts or sometimes a combination thereof. Natural scents add to her expressiveness, from the light fragrances of garden flowers to the earthier odours of a deep forest for the widest range of emotion, while the musty and sickly sweet stenches of rot and decay are saved for darker feelings.



Our theme for this clutch was Companions, Partners, and Sidekicks. Within this, Not Just Stories Egg was based off of Detective Nick Burkhardt and the Blutbad Eddie Monroe from the new television series Grimm. Burkhardt discovers that he is a Grimm, a rare bloodline that can see the true forms of 'wessen' — fairytale creatures — and as he's drawn into this world of living myth and magic he meets and teams up with a reformed Blutbad, or Big Bad Wolf, Monroe. The description is based off of the wessen, who appear as human most of the time, unless they wish to be seen or during periods of emotional stress, when they become visible to a Grimm, and the mindtouches are a blend of the portrayed personalities of Burkhardt and Monroe, both reluctant but drawn into each others' worlds despite themselves.


With the tenuous link of fairytales I chose Giselle and Robert Philip from the film Enchanted as inspiration for her personality, since I felt that the contrast of those characters would provide that balance between sisterly and sweet, but not overly silly or girly, that you asked for. (Though admittedly she's more Giselle than Robert.) Her name, Vaniveth, is a partial anagram of 'nevinovati,' which according to the dubiousness of online translation is Romanian for 'innocence.' All pieces written by Sh'koi.


Name Create Your Own Fairytale Green Vaniveth
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Malphath
Created By Sh'koi
Artwork By Heart of Pern
Impressee Siaryn
Hatched 28th July 2012
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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