Trail Blazing Bronze Valenth

Flashes of light sparkle off of the hide of this newly hatched bronze dragon, blinding the eyes of people who happen to catch the reflection. Despite the fact that the light in the cavern is not spectacular, to say the most, the prismatic patterning on the body of this hatchling seems to magnify any ray of light that may fall upon his large form, particularly when he spreads his wings. The translucent sails glimmer when they unfurl, and spars sparkle with a light dusting of gold. In the darkness, the pattern can be seen that covers his ribcage and midline, showing a criss-crossing that looks as though he were… thrown on a grill? The heat must have penetrated his color, as hot crimson and searing vermillion permeate throughout his body, making the bronze color glow with a sweaty heat.

*Art by Rh'al

Egg Name and Description


Red Planet Egg
Marbled black and blood hug an egg more spherical than ovoid. An aura of dust floats around the unsubstantial egg, hiding the shadows that cause the illusion of risen hills and rough planes and pitted craters where great masses were pulled into it at great speeds. There's a certain attraction to this egg, a faint gravity as it sits, peaceful and mysterious upon the warm sands. Soggy brown like mud cakes to a few places, on closer inspection part of the eggs design and not some weyrbrat's successful attempt at touching the shell. Near each end of the ovoid is a mass of crystalline, as if someone had shaken a massive white pen and spilled the ink all over.

Hatching Message

Deep crevices begin to form in the Red Planet… and the egg begins to crack beyond repair. Pieces of shell turn into shards and crumble to the sands below, depositing a large bronze dragonet on the sands.

Impression Message

Suddenly, you feel as though the walls of the cavern are coming closer, squeezing your heart, squishing and pressing against your lungs until you can't breathe. Your eyes begin to tear up, and the world begins to spin. Right before you think you're going to pass out, it all disappears, and you feel a soft, cool breeze blow over you. « That was… wicked… My name is… Valenth. And I am yours. »



With an intelligence that is beyond compare, Valenth will amaze and surprise you at every turn. He can see what others can't. He can solve the problems that most people haven't a clue as to where to start. He's a master of puzzles. He's a king of riddles. He has the answers to all questions, and can always give you the advice you're looking for. But regardless of this great wealth of knowledge that Valenth may posess, he is benevolent and kind in the greatest sense of the words. He will always try to help, though sometimes it may backfire on him. « I thought… I thought she'd want to know she looks fat wearing that… I…. I'm sorry… » It's okay.

Valenth is the fool's fool. He is dignified yet…well… stupid. He is intelligent beyond compare, but he's also ignorant. He doesn't know all the facts, no matter how much he may like to think he does. He will often surprise you, yes, but as a hatchling, the fact of the matter is, he just came into the world and he -doesn't- know everything. He'll ask a question, and if he doesn't agree with your answer, he'll come up with one of his own. But more importantly, he'll be your champion when it comes to chores. Valenth will be your equivilent of a child-labor lawyer. He will come up with a thousand reasons why you should be exempt from doing the work, and sometimes they'll work, and sometimes they won't. He's your champion. After all, you're perfect. Why should you have to work? When he grows up though, and starts to notice other female dragons,well… that's a different story. He'll become cassanova. He's kind, sweet and super sachrine, especially towards the little greens that adore him. Oh…yeah… you're there too… right.

What is pink and tall and wears white? Mine of course! Rhial, who else could it be? If you ask me, and at some point in your life, I'm sure you will, he's the most perfect boy in the world, and I couldn't have thought up a better person. From the moment he touched my egg, I was sure. It was written in the stars. It was declared, and I am but the messenger.


Fascinating Flashes of Light
Fascinating flashes of light explode and sparkle like burning fireworks in the sky. A distinct scent of burning phosphorous tinges your nostrils as a brassy baritone voice booms in your head.


This dragon was based on the famous novel by Robert Heinlein: Stranger in a Strange Land. Perhaps the most famous of all the novels written by this influential and well-known science fiction novellist, Stranger in a Strange Land is abou… Well… You should find out for yourself. Rent it, buy it, get it and read it.


Name Trail Blazing Bronze Valenth
Dam Gold Everenth
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By Tristjen, Aerdon
Impressee Rh'al
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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