Lurking in the Forest Green Ulaekimajith

While this average sized green lacks uniqueness in her build she certainly makes it up with her coloring. Her broad maw is dipped in a deep forest green, creeping down her thick neck and halting at her barrel chest. Blotches of fern dapple over her hide, slipping along her wide forehead and stubby headknobs. Olive has been smeared under her large eyes, highlighting their bony structure and drawing one further into her gaze. All along her back fern, olive and forest green mingle, creating a camouflage pattern that could easily hide the dragon outdoors. Each of her sharply curved ridges is dipped in army green, muting their sharpness as they make their way down her whip-like tail. Springing out from her frame are two large wings, each speckled with the same shrouding shades of her top half, her needle like spars dipped in gray asparagus. Army green suffocates her stocky limbs, deepening to a green so dark that it can be mistaken with black as it reaches her large paws. In shocking contrast with the rest of her dull coloring the dragon's underbelly and tail are highlighted in vibrant honeydew. Streaks of lime crackle amongst the honeydew, brightening the hue even further.

Egg Name and Description


Life is Short Egg
This fat little egg is covered in an odd texture. Parchment paper seems to fold over the egg, crinkles and spots of lighter and darker color blotting the surface from time to time. Near the apex a shimmering shade of mint green veils the vibrant red double hoops that has been stamped onto the shell. The same mint green makes its way along the middle of the egg, the thin band composed of tiny wavy lines, each moving along vertically. A sky blue circle breaks the band, positioned perfectly in the center is a snow white bird, its wings held aloft in mid flight.

Hatching Message

Life is Short Egg vibrates a bit on the sands. It's hard to notice at first but soon it starts to shake more violently and then… Did the egg just bounce?

Life is Short Egg continues to bounce, the egg making its way towards the Candidates. As it hops on it becomes apparent that it is not moving in an erratic way, following a steady beat as it goes forth. With every bounce a crack appears and soon enough there's plenty of space for a talon to peek through.

Life is Short Egg finally comes to a halt. Most of the cracked shell has managed to stay together but in the blink of an eye that all changes. After one last powerful hop the egg comes crashing down onto the sands, shards scattering everywhere as the tiny hatchling finally breaks free of it's prison.

Impression Message

The heat from the sands suddenly becomes more bearable, a gentle breeze swirling all around you and hiding the sands from view. Darkness falls, the blackness that surrounds you actually rather comforting considering that you are unable to see a thing. Suddenly you hear the faint beating of a drum, the sound growing louder as it nears you. When its steady beat seems to be right on top of you a strong voice fills your head. «I am your Ulaekimajith.» It is such a foreign sound yet it feels so right, like a sound you have been waiting to hear all your life. «Come my Saige, we must leave this place and secure nourishment.»



Ulae is a huntress, a curious creature that is one with nature. From the very moment she discovers the world outside the Weyrling Barracks she will want to explore, eager to merge with the wilderness. When I say merge I /mean/ merge. You will have a hard time keeping her from using that camouflage hide of hers to cause mischief. Her favorite past time will be blending into the foliage and pouncing on unsuspecting weyrfolk, using this as hunting practice. As for Weyrling lessons you'll soon discover another interesting trait this green possess: She is obsessed with winning. Everything will be a competition to Ulae, be it who can eat their meal the quickest, which is sure to produce at least one choking incident or thick tail, or who can perform their drills the best. Even silly little things that no one would possibly think can be a competition will become so. For example: Your group is taken out to the pens for their first hunting lesson but the Weyrlingmasters have yet to arrive. Instead of waiting for direction Ulaekimajith will run off and take down the biggest buck of them all and declare her victory. If anyone tries to tell her there wasn't any competition going on she'll reply something along the lines of «They are just jealous. Victory is mine!» She will be a fierce competitor, revealing in the surprising agility her not so slim body is capable of. If she fails to be first it will not matter, she will always be victorious in her mind.

As Ulae matures something will become obvious: She holds a deep disdain for courtship. Your lifemate will be highly critical of flirty dragons that throw themselves on males, watching them with disgust and filling your head with comments such as: «Can you believe Sirenath? I am ashamed to call her a sister with the way she keeps throwing herself on him. She has the appearance of a mangled wherry when she acts so.» She will not approve of you having frivolous relationships, ready to give you a hard time if you move from lover to lover. If you do find someone you want to have a proper relationship with she will not get in the way, though she would prefer to keep you to herself and away from men in general. She is tolerant of males for the most part but if they dare try to touch her or degrade her in any way she will be quick to lash out. You will have a hard time holding her back in these situations since her temper will flare up so violently it will take all your will to hold her back from raking her sharp claws over the silly male that incited her ire.These incidences will be few and far between though, mostly she will be content to spend her time amongst nature, enjoying the sights and sounds it provides. Daily trips to the forest will be a must for her and she'll prefer to spend them with you for the most part. Sometimes she will just wish to hunker down and meld into the scenery but she'll also have days where she wants to go out and hunt. She'll be a fan of tracking animals for fun, rarely actually harming the critters but revealing in her keen senses. Ulae will also prefer to go after wild game than the animals kept in the pens, finding little pleasure in taking down the beasts since she has an unfair advantage. She's more interested in the thrill of the hunt than easily taking down a dumb domesticated critter.

Cada Blanco de mi mente
Anything clear in my mind

se vuelve color con verte
turns to color when I see you

Y el deseo de tenerte,
and the desire to have you

es mas fuerte es mas fuerte
gets stronger gets stronger

When your huntress green starts to glow you will notice an odd change come over her. While she will not become some silly flirty green, she will become more interested in males — and some more than others. Ulae will take to keeping close to those males she finds to have some interesting characteristic, be it intelligence, agility or beauty. Your lifemate will start stalking the blues, browns and bronzes that she feels are worthy of her, pursuing them to the ends of Pern if necessary. No really, you will have to have to keep her grounded if a suitor leaves the Weyr, the proddy Ulaekimajith determined to bring him back so she can continue keeping an eye on him. She will not understand why she must stay within the Weyr because of her glowing hide, the feeling of being a prisoner making her agitated. «I am bound to no place!» Though she will eventually relent to you, her chosen. A brown she thinks is witty is taking a bath? Ulae will be right there, watching from the shore with those vibrant eyes of hers. A blue that has a particularly mesmerizing hide is busy running down a wherry in the pens? Ulae will be right there, stalking his every move. When she finally takes to the sky it will take all your concentration to keep her from over doing it. Twisting and turning like a tornado, it'll be very easy for her to pull a muscle or even tear something. She'll become consumed with testing the limits of the males, making them take part in at least some form of acrobatics in order to make sure they are fit enough to contest for her attention. When a winner finally catches her, she'll be content to let him lead her down and take the back seat for once. The morning after the flight will be an interesting event… As soon as Ulae awakens, she'll lash out in anger, eager to leave the male and go back to the peace she finds in the forest. She'll refuse to leave you behind and so you will have to follow your lifemate out for some cleansing and eventually she'll be back to her normal self. Until she starts glowing again that is.

Solo quiero que me lleves
I just want you to take me

De tu mano por la senda,
by the hand through the path

Y atravesar el bosque
And to cross the forest

que divide nuestras vidas.
that divides our lives

No matter how reserved Ulaekimajith may appear she is eternally bound to you. Though she may not be one to show affection, she will love you above everything else. You will be the only one that can keep her pride under control because you complete her. It may not make sense to many but to Ulae it does. You will be the only one to witness her emotions and feel the vibrant touches of her mind. You are her solace, her fellow huntress and her only equal.


Flashing Lights and Steady Beat
Ulaekimajith uses a soothing yet strong willed voice to communicate. The sound of a steady drum is constantly beating in the background, the tempo only ever increasing when the mind grows angered and slows when saddened. Magenta and canary yellow pixels form geometric shapes, mostly falling like rain in order to fill up the others mind entirely. Ulae likes to rely on the smells of the cool, wet earth. Employing it's soft feel in her touch at times. There's a persitance behind her mind, a feeling that no matter how hard you try it will always find a way to slip back in. Rarely it borders on nagging, the continual plucking of a vibrant guitar string echoing out in the darkness, ready to pursue you to the end of time itself when she is feeling clingy for some reason. Despite the neediness of the feel there's something reassuring behind it all, the feeling of a deeply rooted love that will never expire.

Flashing Lights and Steady Beat filter into your mind, the steady sound of a cymbal sounding off in the recesses of your mind. Suddenly the persistent twanging of a guitar joins in, canary yellow pixels starting to materialize in your mind. It's like a flashing traffic light, the flashing corresponding with the catchy 'one-two' rhythm.

Flashing Lights and Steady Beat flood your mind with thousands of tiny magenta squares, the shapes falling like blocks into place until they've completely dissolved the darkness. When all is bright the color retreats, leaving you to the blackness again. After a booming drum roll the magenta blocks return to form a circle, flickering in and out of the blackness in time with the beating of a drum before vanishing yet again.

Flashing Lights and Steady Beat return! The mind begins to pull in what seems like every possible shapes and colors, it's overstimulating to the senses. The feeling of being crowded emerges, the visions seeming ready to push out of the shell and right into your very body. Without warning the colorful shapes pull away, allowing you to breath once more on the dull hot sands.


I took your request for a dragon that was not a stereotypical flirty and silly green, had a passion for exploration and still had a level head and quickly thought of a perfect fit. Artemis: the Greek goddess of forests, virginity, and the hunt. I didn't want to make Ulaekimajith as ruthless as the huntress, seeing how she was a fan of killing off people when they angered her, so I decided to tone her down a bit. I tried making her a gentler version of the goddess but still felt her complete disdain for courtship was something that would go along nicely with your request for a more level headed dragon. Since you asked that your lifemate's coloring be a play on light and dark shadows I decided to go with a camouflage pattern, sticking to the greens that would most readily be found in a forest so that she could blend in easily. I can just see Ulae hunkering down, hiding that shockingly contrasting light belly of hers from sight so she can stalk her prey stealthily. As for her name, I took Artemis and Kamuflasje (camouflage in Norwegian) and jumbled them together until I came up with something long that sounded pretty. :D I pronounce it: Ooh-lay-kim-uh-jith but feel free to say it however you like!

Ellamariseth and Arinith's clutch theme was music. Life is Short Egg is a rough translation of "La vida es un ratico", the album that the Latin rock artist Juanes produced. This is the album cover I used to design the egg For the mind name I decided to use one of my favorite songs: Me Enamora. The song is basically about Juanes professing the many ways his beloved makes him fall in love. Here is the music video and here are the lyrics and translation Now you may be wondering why I decided to mesh Juanes and Artemis to make Ulaekimajith. Honestly I thought Juanes's stalker like pursuit of the girl in the music video would be a great turn around for a proddy Ulae. XD Artemis, who hates anything to do with sex or courting, turns into this obsessive stalker when her camouflage hide starts a glowing. I wanted to keep something from the theme but still give you what I hope is the perfect dragon for Saige. I really enjoyed working on Ulae and I hope she's everything you wanted. If she's not, please feel free to change her around. Ulaekimajith is yours now! Congrats and welcome to Xanadu Weyr!


Name Lurking in the Forest Green Ulaekimajith
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By S'ya
Impressee Saige
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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