Silent Snowfall Blue Tuyeth

The softest hues of baby blue settle lightly upon his shoulders and back, his wingsails and his headknobs, like large soft snowflakes forming a fluffy layer. Light blue touches his chin, his neck, a soft chill present in his coloration, as sky blue stretches across his wings, coloring his belly. Even his talons show the chill as they are a rich royal blue, the same richness peeking through on his wingspars and his ridges.

Egg Name and Description

Azure Depths Egg
The deepest depths of the ocean are gathered together upon this very shell, as the shallows of the seas are a pretty azure. The depth increases, darkening the oceans to prussian blue, betraying the sunlight. And yet, there are places where only darkness lives, as the shell is near ebony here and there.

Hatching Message

Blue and black splotches are swaying back and forth, wavering where they sit in the red and white sands of Xanadu. A sudden shake, and slowly cracks are spreading, before another push, and the shell is falling to the sand.

Impression Message

Silent Snowfall Blue Hatchling is crooning here and there, looking up at Vivian with a soft snort, before he's moving on. What's this? A sniffling candidate - that just won't do! And so slowly the pale blue head is extended, even as he's holding his wings up as if to embrace a girl of not much past fifteen, crooning to her softly. Look at him, he's right there - there's no need to cry!

Faila was in fact crying, though she was trying to hide the fact by rubbing her face intermittently against Yaike's back. However, there's suddenly something, someone, else there to comfort herself with. After a moment of staring in stunned silence, Faila's detaching herself from the boy next to her, and moving to hug the blue close. "Oh Tuyeth Thank you…" She says aloud, tears stemming as she moves with her new lifemate to the side of the Sands.


Tuyeth is a quiet, introspective dragon, and often times you will find yourself being given a deep, well thought out observation even as you believed he was asleep the entire time. He'll be a crying shoulder, and the giver of physical and emotional comfort, protecting you from the cold, harsh world.


The theme for the NPC clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. Tuyeth is based on the very basic idea of snow, and his name even comes from the word Tuyet which means snow. His description and his mind both reflect the peaceful, soft glow of a long snowfall, as the world is carefully tucked away under a thick blanket, kept safe from the cold.


Name Silent Snowfall Blue Tuyeth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Niva
Impressee Faila
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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