Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Turlath

Soot and ash seem spread unevenly upon aged bronze hide, creating shadows where shadows should not be found and making bulk seem more then it really is. A wide head with eyes ringed in coal smudges over aged bronze pours up and over well pronounced eyeridges then down along the proud arch of his neck. Flames flicker and come to life upon stout shoulders turning the hues to molten brightness that flows out onto whisper thin spars that portray firelight while thick spars resemble charred wood. Over back and hindquarters returns that aged bronze, smudged and marred by flaky ash, legs mottled by a greenish patina that gives way to onyx claws upon large feet. Like the rest of him, the tail that sweeps out behind him is thick, stout perhaps, tapering down in girth slowly to the wide spade at its end where the only true traces of pure bronze is seen.

Egg Name and Description

Coils of Energy Egg
Dull silver snakes round and round over a field of white. From acme to sand hidden base the coils wrap, offering peaks of the pristine whiteness beneath from time to time. A rather plain egg with a wider mid-section then most where the coils seem to be gathered more tightly, overlapping each other until the appearance of a ridge is offered. To make it stand out all the more the poor ovoid seems to lean to one side even when standing straight and tall, and that needle like tip seems ready to lead the egg towards a fall.

Hatching Message

Coils of Energy Egg springs into action, wobbling in a circular motion before it rolls off its pile of sand and downwards.

Coils of Energy Egg continues moving, its momentum carrying it further away from its sandy home, cracks beginning to form along the outside of the shell from the exertion.

Coils of Energy Egg can take no more, finally coming to rest as its momentum gives out, the shell giving out as well, falling apart and leaving its occupant alone and unshielded.

Impression Message

The heat of the Sands is replaced by a different sort of heat - flickering warmth that drives away the cool air that suddenly cushions your thoughts. Tongues of flame lick at your mind, smoke gathering in the corners. « Relion. » A pause, and then, « E'on! » The voice says more concretely then, confident with this declaration. « We must be each other's strength I am Turlath, and you are my E'on. » After a moment, the fires flare up before disappearing to mere embers, hunger lingering in his thoughts. « First, though, we must eat. »


Turlath is first and foremost a protector - of you, of his clutchmates, and of his Weyr. Even in the beginning, he'll be trying to make sure that no harm comes to you or his clutchmates - reminding those in the barracks with you to pick up properly, leave the walkways clear and empty, and to return things to wear they belong as to not cause any sort of obstruction to trip over in the middle of the night. As the Weyrlings age, he'll also be the first to remind the others to stretch out - to do their wing exercises to avoid strains, and to pay attention to their surroundings to avoid stumbles, trips, falls, or bumps.

He is never overly pushy - it is with a caring tone that he offers his advice and reminders - and should ill befall you anyway, there's never a comment of 'I told you so'. Instead, he merely helps gather you up mentally - and physically if possible - offering soothing tones and gentle words to comfort you until everything is right once more. For his fellow Weyrlings, he'll offer a gentle nudge, a soft lean, a brief bit of contact before letting the warmth of his mind try and slowly sooth away the hurt, the embarrassment, or the anger.

He will be a large bronze, and with his great size will come great possibilities. Even before he's fully mature, he will be able to lend his strength when it's needed, should another dragon become injured aloft, should something collapse, or should some other disaster befall the Weyr or its residents. After graduation, should you have intentions of doing anything other than Search and Rescue, you'll likely be convinced to set them aside and join the Galaxy Wing.

However, no one is without a weakness, and Turlath's is certainly his ego. Confident in himself and his abilities, he'll often forget to take his own advice, forgetting to protect himself as he encourages other to do. Instead, he'll often attempt to do more than he should, and put himself in greater risk than he would let anyone else. After all - someone needs to be a hero.

Physically, Turlath is a large, somewhat awkward dragon. He'll never have the agility of some of his smaller clutchmates, but he'll have as much staying power as some of the smaller golds of the Weyr. He'll prefer straight forward flights - up, and gone - without any of the twists, turns, and tricks that some of the others rely upon.

When it comes to flights, Turlath will certainly enjoy the chase - as it is a sort of rescue of its own sort. He'll use his size to his advantage, often pushing the others out of the way when he can, as he won't have the same agility that some of his counterparts will. Should he manage to catch, he'll be perfectly attentive - particularly if it happens to be a gold - offering continued comfort and support as long as the female is willing to accept.

From the core, Turlath is a firefighter - a protector, a rescuer, and a caregiver, and you will always have his utmost loyalty, for you are his E'on.


Battling all Blazes
Turlath's mind is one of perpetual smoke and fire, embers lingering, ever ready to burst forth into full flame at a moment's notice. The heavy grey lingers, growing thicker as emotions do, and yet it never seems to harm or suffocate - bringing no harm to you or the other dragons of the Weyr. Excitement will cause the glowing embers of orange and red to return to their full glory, casting bright shadows and flickering light into the darkest recesses of your minds.

There's an inherent strength in Turlath's mind, evident in the gravelly tone of his voice, a voice that never seems to be more than an arm's length away no matter the physical distance that may separate you. The background of his mind is what you might guess - the smell of burning wood, of charcoal, the hints of a cool, crisp autumn night, the flame safely contained, tended, and nurtured for its beneficial qualities.


Greetings and Congratulations!! From the outside in your dragon and his egg was created by Sianne and Niva, with Sianne being responsible for the egg, and Niva responsible for the majority of Turlath himself. Turlath's egg was based on The Slinky, that Coiled ribbon of metal that could crawl down stairs and more and offered lots of entertainment to some. Now if you haven't guessed it already Turlath himself was based on a Fireman which lots of little boys want to be when they grow up - That hero that sweeps in to save the day as well as someone's life, home, family, and pets.

I wanted to find a name that was everything you asked for but found the Irish name Turlach. Here is what the website where I found the it said about the name - From an Irish name meaning "one who aids or assists." It is usually translated as Terence and Terry, two names that have become strongly associated with Ireland. Turlough O'Carolan was a 17th century blind harpist and composer who wrote one of the most haunting pieces of Irish music, "O'Carolan's Concerto." All in all I thought it was rather fitting and went along rather well with how I envisioned Turlath being with you at his side.

Please remember that everything that was written about your new lifemate is just helpful tips and ideas, you don't have to play him the way the writers envisioned him as he is your lifemate and your characters partner.

Once again Congratulations and Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Xanadu.


Name Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Turlath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Isterreth
Created By Sianne and Niva
Impressee E'on
Hatched September 26, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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