Sweat and Tears Brown Turinth

Smooth russet dances over this hatchling's hide, clinging desperately to each and every tuck and dip of his body. Shadows gather at his lean waist, creating the illusion of an overly gaunt frame, casting his joints into darker hues as well. Wingsails seem almost tattered - streaked with sharp spots of darkness - as they stretch between each fingerlike spar, the same odd stripes carrying over his back and ridges. His headknobs, crowned in golden glory, slope upwards from his delicate face, while his muzzle is dotted with rust freckles, falling downwards from each faceted eye.

Egg Name and Description


Shroud of Secrets Egg
Aged cream, tinged a light hue of khaki, gently folds and wraps, engulfing the long shell in a shroud of ivory. Folds of fabric seem to gather here and there, tucked and caught, fitting loosely around the ovoid's shape, contrasting with the red and white of the Xanadu Sands. Age spots of light gold are dappled here and there, adding depth, while most peculiarly, there seems to be some sort of imprint upon the shell. Dark brown, contrasting sharply against the pale creams, makes it seem as if someone had engulfed the egg, shroud and all in a tight embrace, leaving a pattern behind.

Hatching Message

Shivers of cream cause the Shroud of Secrets Egg to shift and roll a bit upon the red and white hands, age spots betraying its movement.

The Shroud of Secrets Egg, shell delicate after its time on the Sands, begins to crack. Failing under the weight of time, the shell's quickly becoming nothing but an old memory.

The Shroud of Secrets Egg suddenly dissolves, the ancient relic that sat upon the Xanadu Sands suddenly no more, leaving only a pile of dust in its place. And a hatchling.


Mystical Memories
Turinth's mind is very calm, almost peaceful, and it feels as if the weight is taken off your shoulders at the touch of his mind on yours.


The theme for Seryth and Kinseth's clutch was 'Ancient Relics', and the Shroud of Secrets Egg is based on the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is said to contain the image of Jesus, as it was used to wipe his face during the walk to his crucifixion.

Sweat and Tears Brown Turinth is loosely based on the theoretical image of Jesus during this walk - gaunt, crowned with thorns, his side pierced by a Roman spear.


Name Sweat and Tears Brown Turinth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Niva
Impressee A'ar (Aidar)
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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