And Your Little Blue Toth

A small blue, his hide a dark shade of indigo. He has a blunt muzzle with a pronounced chin, pointed headknobs splayed to the sides, and a heavy brow-ridge over the round eyes that are seemingly the only big thing about him. A short neck is echoed in stubby legs and an abrupt tail whose fork is nearly a quarter of its length. Even his wings are small, blunt sails whose color fades from midnight to a pale sky blue.

Hatching Message

Great Green Egg gathers itself. A dark tail uncurls, and then the hatchling rises from the shards of egg, shaking once more and sending pieces flying in all directions. A small, dark-hued blue stands on the sands, and he snorts as he spreads his wings, then folds them against his back once more. There. He's ready.

Impression Message

And Your Little Blue Hatchling trots over the sands to investigate the candidates. That one? No. This one? No way. He knows who he's looking for, and he finds her in a brown-haired girl. Her eyes widen in surprise as the diminutive dragon rears up and plants his forepaws on her shoulders, and she staggers back but manages not to fall. In between his licks to her face, Dorry manages, "I think we're not candidates anymore, Toth."


Name Toth
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Soriana
Impressee Dorry
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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