Turn Up the Heat Brown Todraith

Pale oak mingles with antiqued mahogany as the warm wood hues are carefully joined to form the hide of this young dragon, crisscrossing bands creating stick-like patterning across his hide. Shadows seem to peek through here and there over his large body, the base of the fire built up, allowing the warmth to spread from the very tip of his rounded muzzle to the end of his branch-like tail. Upon his wings, bright flames of orange flick upwards, following his wingspars, before the are cascading down over the sails like an open fire threatening to char him into dust

Egg Name and Description

Smooth and Creamy Egg
The smooth colors of creamy butter and fresh dairy swirl, creating a ivory shell that is uninterrupted, unmarred, and unscratched by any other colors. There's no hint of khaki or peach, nor any green that dares to attempt to invade.

Hatching Message

Smooth Creamy Egg shakes frantically, the poor shell being battered from side to side as the dragon inside seeks freedom. A brown tail punctures the shell, sending it toppling over and over until the appearance of a foot stops it in its tracks. A moment later another foot appears, then with a shake and a flaring of damp wings the shell is removed completely.

Impression Message

Turn Up the Heat Brown Hatchling stumbles forth again from his heap on the ground. Picking himself up and shaking himself off, he begins his stumbling venture forth. And then he finds his lifemate, Eraniya, by stumbling head first into her stomach. Oof. Hi there.

Eraniya was busy looking up at the galleries to find her older sister, making large arm gestures to indicate the brown. A brown that has just stumbled into her. "Todraith?" She says with surprise, Erani looking back to find her sister. "His name is Todraith!"


Todraith is a very active dragon, always on the go, always cheerful, always ready and willing. At times he's almost too hyper, as he has a tendancy to get into everything. While normally this isn't an issue, he's particularly clumsy and even tending towards destructive even though his actions are always well meaning- it's never his intention to hurt anything.


The theme for this NPC clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. There's nothing better about a winter day then sitting gathered around a warm fire, the flames spreading through the wood in the fireplace, flickering with a happy orange and yellow glow. Todraith is that fire.


Name Turn Up the Heat Brown Todraith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By R'sul
Impressee Eraniya (Erani)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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