Welcome to My Nightmare Blue Tiurneth

Chain-like blotches tattoo the hide of this gaunt blue, link after link trailing over a hide that seems stretched almost to breaking point. Deep navy encircles his eye and trails down over his cheeks like tears, while similar tones crest each of his crooked looking neck ridges and lap up his wingspars. His legs are thin, bound by the same chainlike detail as his torso and ending in narrow feet tipped with poisonous looking talons. His wing sails once more delve into the dark navy tones, the colour dripping down over the sails and giving them an illusionary ragged appearance. Behind him a long, cane-like, tail is held rigid and tipped with the only brightness his hide has to offer - a silvery tail tip.

Egg Name and Description


Along Came A Spider Egg
For all its diminutive size, this little egg has a rather unsettling look to it. The majority of the shell, the side facing the galleries at least, is white. The rear shades to black, ripples in the colouration giving it an almost hair like appearance. Near the tip on the white side a patch of black has seeped forwards, trickling down to encircle a giant eye shape that stares, unblinking, at the galleries. Underneath the eye it breaks into four trails, each fading off to white once more before they reach halfway. Near the base of the white the black once more appears, carving a dark frown that dips into the sand.

Hatching Message

Along Came A Spider Egg moves in its sandy home, the shell rotating so that the eye turns away from the galleries at last and appears to stare around the sands instead.

Along Came A Spider Egg bulges dangerously, its ominous exterior cracking and twisting so it seems to be crying. Tiny pieces of black flake off from around the eye, tears of shell mingling with the sand.

Suddenly, and without much fanfare, the Along Came A Spider Egg explodes in a shower of egg shards and a scrawny blue hatchling slowly raises his head in the remains.

Impression Message

Welcome to My Nightmare Blue Hatchling is stuck, or rather his wings are — glued to his back like some sort of straight-jacket. He struggles for a time, fighting against this odd bond, finally snapping one wing free. A moment later the other loosens, and he flares both, striking a pose on the sands. Like a flash he darts forwards, stopping before a girl who seems utterly bored with the whole thing already. Slowly his neck stretches out towards her till the pair end up almost eyeball-to-eyeball and he lets out a deep chuckling croon. Caryn almost manages to hide her interest now, though her reply of "Yeah, well you weren't the only one waiting Tiurneth." is perhaps not the happiest of introductions. Her hand does go to his heck, however, and slowly a smirk spreads across her face.


Welcome to your nightmare. Or perhaps Tiurneth will turn out to be more of a dream once you can manage to resign yourself to his little quirks and eccentricities. Right from the start it will be clear that in many ways he is not like other dragons, after all not many other dragons have a preferred method of eating which involves first ripping the head from a wherry.

One thing to be discovered early is that on the ground or in the air Tiurneth has a surprising turn of speed, not only that but he seems to have a store of energy somewhere that allows him to keep going far longer than others of his size — something which will be come a definite bonus to him later on in life, if you can get him to actually care long enough. His attitude seems to be 'try anything once no matter how much people might be against it', and that alone will likely end you up in no end of trouble as he grows up and his stunts get wilder by the day. You may well end up looking back on the day he decorated the barracks in half-chewed meat with a fondness, especially if his latest stunt is to spread the corpse of his latest kill from one end of the weyr to the other. He likes to shock, to stir things up a little, and a little blood along the way just makes things better.

As he grows older he may mellow slightly with the right influences, but there'll always be that impulsive streak, that bit of showman that needs to rear its head occasionally, and never will he be afraid of speaking his mind in the bluntest possible terms. Even when he's pushing to become the best, to lead the wing into fall instead of being lead, he has to do it in his own way. And he will push to be the best. He had an uncanny knack of being able to predict the way things are going to go, be it the wind changing direction or a fall being an hour later than predicted. In that he will become quite the asset to any wing, if he's given the chance. You may well find yourself having to argue that they have him all wrong, that he's not really as bad as people try to make out. And you would be right, his legend will far exceed the truth about him but he will revel in the rumours and do nothing to dispel them - in fact he tends to wear the disgust as a badge of honour.

That disgust is something you also will have to get used to, as he slowly fills you weyr up with little bits and pieces of his favourite collection - skulls. Thankfully he will usually leave them somewhere else to rot for a while before bringing them up and adding them to his pile, but once in a while you may well find a rather nasty surprise at the end of your bed.

Flights are one are where you will have to keep a close rein on Tiurneth. He has a tendency to over-blood if not held back — it's almost an addiction for him, he needs that extra drink. Once in the sky, however, he is surprisingly good at planning to be in just the right place at just the right time, and many a surprise win will be wrested from the larger and more experienced dragons as he uses both his speed and his mind to full potential. He is as much of a shock in the sky as he is on the ground, perhaps more so when he decides to go chasing that elusive golden dream from time to time, even though he will never win.

When Search rolls around you may well wish that he were not quite as enthusiastic about it as he appears. He takes it as a chance to widen his horizons, to take his ideas to a whole new group of people. Just cross your fingers and hope that when he presents a severed head to a person he wishes to be a candidate they have a strong stomach.

Blunt, showy, shocking and slightly sick. That's probably the description others would give to your Tiurneth, yet when he deigns to let it show through there's a softer side of him that gets shown to a very select audience. For all he likes to push the boundaries as much as he can he has a wicked sense of humour and is actually rather intelligent. Together you may well end up running things, well if he has his way that is. You are his only censor — you have the fun job of playing damage control.


Lace and Whiskey
Tiurneth has a rough gravelly voice, and almost always sounds as if he's shouting. When he does choose to whisper his voice sounds almost unpleasant due to the thin, almost ethereal, sound it takes on. Behind everything however there is a dramatic flash of red that announces his presence and grows in intensity depending on his mood. You can bet when he is angry you will end up with a headache.

Lace and Whiskey enshroud your mind, a curtain that holds the mind in residence in shadow, for the moment. The lace breaks, the smell of the whiskey grows stronger, and a sudden flash of blood red announces with no uncertainty that someone… something… has appeared. There's a deep chuckle, this one is laughing. At you? With a noise like the swirling of a cloak the touch vanishes, the curtain falling on this performance.

Lace and Whiskey peel back quicker this time, the mind in the shell ready to break free, to prove itself. Flashes of red fill your mind, the scent of whiskey mingling with the smell of warm blood. It pulls from your memory any sights of uncooked meat, juggling the images before your eyes in a disgusting, yet almost impressive show.

Lace and Whiskey seem unready to split this time, to let you see what lurks inside, but at the same time there's a strange feeling of calm — quite at odds with other times of touching this particular egg. The lace that shrouds this particular mind parts gently, a laugh that is almost a cackle accompanying the image of a skull thrust towards you — this being's idea of a final joke. No encore to be found here, the show is over at last.


When people think of Alice Cooper they tend to think of shock rock, straight jackets, and a man who once bit the head off a chicken in front of a live audience (a trick which was later "borrowed" by Ozzy Ozbourne). Surprisingly his most famous act was one he never actually did, it was all rumour, and people seem to overlook that he once ran for President of the United States. What people always do seem to agree on however is he is a consummate performer who takes things to a whole other level, who is never afraid to say or sing what he thinks, and who the world would be a whole lot duller because of if he wasn't around - just ask Marilyn Manson.


The egg is based on the album cover for Along Came a Spider, his latest album, and the hatchling is based on Alice himself, with a little bit of 'Nothing's Free' thrown in for good measure.


Name Welcome to My Nightmare Blue Tiurneth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By R'sul
Impressee Caryn
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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