A creature of living flame, this queen's burnt orange hide is a dazzling thing to behold, marked for brilliance from the tip of her nose to the ends of her tail. Candlelight flickers along her sides, shimmering aureolin twining with roguish rouge in an incandescent dance down her neck and sides. Harvest-gold traces her from head to tail, a soft-edged streak that fades through bright gamboge, stunning ochre, to subtle sinopic depths against the chest where beat her hearts of flame. A wide muzzle is balanced by equally large eyes, the marigold dapple down along her nose just a touch lighter than her cheeks. Her brow-ridge is a brighter hue, a sunglow gold that pales further along her ovoid knobs into soft champagne. Daylight dreams and springtime flowers gild the strong lines of her back, sweeping down ridge by tumbled ridge along her neck to tuck between her wings. They're massive spans, those wings, the tawny spars whose sails swirl fulvous hues with marigold, yellow and orange in tangled mixture along wings large enough to shelter the world - or drag upon it. The golden streak along her back continues past those spans, arching along her hips before it sweeps the length over-long and rather-dextrous tail, the hue undaunted, narrowing until the forked tip is formed entirely from rays of purest light.

Egg Name and Description

The Other Side of the Mirror Egg
Half of this egg is made of brilliant living color - reds and greens, blues and browns, mixing and mingling together. Shapes and swirls converge into patterns, creating a semblance of human form splashed across the curving shell. Its anxious face, picked out in warm earthen tones, is turned towards the other half - a cold, grey parody, lacking any hint of life within its washed out hues. And yet - the same visage, a pale echo, stares back, barely shaded with lifeless pastels, just a reflection in a mirror. And, yet… is it one face? Or is that two pairs of eyes screaming from that frozen mask as one ashen fist raises upwards to knock once more against the back of the looking glass?

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
The Other Side of the Mirror Egg rocks and sways, teetering back and forth on the sands, the sides rolling as whatever it confines with in rolls, and moves, and attempts to escape. Just… maybe not yet. But soon. Soon it will be free.

Crack Message
The Other Side of the Mirror Egg vibrates, fissures forming in hardened shell that spiderweb outwards, creating fingers of ruin that stretch, and deepen, and fall away in great chunks that reveal nothing, giving away nothing before it goes maddeningly still again.

Hatch Message
The Other Side of the Mirror Egg comes to live with a burst of energy, one tiny snout bursting free of egg, pushing and clawing and fighting for freedom until where there was once vibrant egg, there now stands a living creature, covered in egg goo and perhaps to bits of egg that stick to newly-hatched wet.

Sands Pose #1
True Love Burns Bright Gold Hatchling IS FREE! There's a squeak of sound that she emits, a shiver of that body as if to dislodge wet and bits of shell as she — wait a second. She hesitates, rears back as if suddenly unsure of whether or not she trusts the heated sands waiting for that first step. She places one paw down hesitantly, attention focused on the action before she tilts her head towards the other paw and repeats. Talons flex, those shoulders shift and — yes! Tappatappatappatappa. She lifts her paws and sets them down over and over in rapid succession, in the same spot. This is AMAZING! You can see the shiver of excitement in her as she takes one, two, three unsteady steps forward and then goes down, rolling in the sands with a chirrup of sound, coming down on her back and looking towards the candidates upside down with paws up in the air. It's just like she dreamed it'd be.

Sands Pose #2
True Love Burns Bright Gold Hatchling rolls back to stand, shaking sand loose as the candidates draw her attention towards them and she ambles forward, getting caught up in the length of her wings, whipping that too-long-tail with more correction than is necessary but enough to send her tripping, stumbling, tipping over sideways and right back into the sand. But her head perks right back up, that obvious thrill of excitement almost infectious as she turns her head up into an imaginary breeze, scenting those candidates who gather in wait and those crowds who amass to see what she will do. And then she's back on her feet again, determined, and starting forward.

Impression Message

Public Message
True Love Burns Bright Gold Hatchling can't be stopped! She goes running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding! Wings FLYING, heart POUNDING! There's so much for her to do, so much for her to see. Those candidates are so close, close enough that bumbling feet and too-big wings aren't enough to deter her because for the first time ever, she's completely free! So she keeps coming, digging in clumsy paws at the last possible second but not soon enough to prevent a collision. THUNK! …right into the brown haired, blue-eyed journeyman that will be where her new life begins.

Private Message
Sands disappear into the perfect, reflective ink-black of a lake and midnight skies. Thousands of hundreds of millions of lighted lanterns rise, their glow filling the sky overhead, winking back from the surface of the lake as shooting stars twist into brilliant stripes of gold that dance, and twist, and curl around you. Giddy, sunbright exuberance overwhelms and captivates the senses, a voice melodic and cheerful bleeding into your thoughts. « Now I'm here, do you see? I'm right where I'm supposed to be, Nessalyn. » That presence settles, shifting her world and yours irrevocably as those lanterns and that lake take on a whole new meaning, as she watches the lanterns with you, quiet with wonder, adoration in every flicker of light. Then fire consumes, a brilliance that sears away the images of lanterns and lakes until you're almost blind with her excitement. « Neither of us are alone anymore. I'm your Tineangranth, and you — you're my new dream! » A beat, a ripple through the water and a hiccup of laughter. « Well, aside from maybe something to eat. Is that… chocolate? »


Anna: Please don't slam the door! You don't have to keep your distance anymore. 'Cause for the first time in forever, I finally understand; for the first time in forever, we can fix this hand in hand. We can head down this mountain together! You don't have to live in fear, 'cause for the first time in forever… I will be right here.

WELCOME TO GOLDRIDING, NESSALYN! This is the story of how you died. Oh, but don't worry! It's a (hopefully) happy story, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Meet Tineangrath. She will be the Anna to your Elsa, the Rapunzel to your Flynn Ryder, the infallible constant in your life that will see you — all of you — for who and what and how you are. She will love you beyond meaning and measure, will be your strength, your kindness, the one who bolsters your potential and encourages you to take those often terrifying but undoubtedly rewarding steps out of your comfort zone to try something new, something FUN, to FIND YOUR HUMANITY. (Haven't you ever had a dream, Ness?)

She has a spirit of adventure, a playfulness that couples with her childlike wonder to make everything new, and bright, and exciting straight from the start. She wants to try everything, explore everywhere, map every star in the sky and discover what secrets those celestial bodies harbor in their winking watch. She wants to jump in the mud, roll in the grass, fly to the highest heights, and swim in every sea, every lake, every ocean, every river you can possibly find. No branch will be unclimbed, no bug unsniffed, no strange delicacy unsampled, because it’s all so new and so pretty and she wants to try it all. (Just don't tell her she can't do it; she can do anything she puts her mind to — and so can you!)

Young Anna: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Young Elsa: Anna, go back to sleep!
Young Anna: [sighs and rolls around] I just can't! The sky's awake so I'm awake. So we have to play!

In the beginning, that curious nature will be your (and her) worst enemy. The things she learns during Weyrlinghood will be exciting, but the inability to chase after adventure upon her own little whimsies will lead to a restlessness that finds you (and by you, we mean her, who will then wake you) up at 3 AM when lessons are scheduled for Bright And Early the very next day. This means childish, whimsically-driven mischief, the kind that comes with sneaking out of beds to building piles of snow that she can leap into, or learning how to dance in an empty Harper stage, or singing about the moon in the sky. What can she say? If the sky is awake, well then she is awake, and that means you have to play!

Yet for every seemingly-rebellious choice that Tineangrath makes, there will a very big, very loud, very contradictory war to be had with herself. She’s not a bad dragon, Nessalyn. She does revel in broken rules, nor does she find enjoyment in disobedience. Her errant ideas aren't an act of disregard for authority, but a pitfall of youthful exuberance, of being so dang curious. There's so much in the world to see, so much in it that needs exploring and, despite warning signs and clear expectations of what not to do, she has to figure it out for herself.

« I can't believe I did this. .»
« R'eyn would be so furious… »
« Well, it's okay! What R'eyn doesn't know won't hurt him! »
« This would kill R'eyn… »
« We should go back. »

This might end in more than one misery, in you finding her curled upon your cot in a miserable lump because she knows she’s gone and misbehaved, made a choice to do a wrong, and how can she possibly live with herself after? She’s broken rules, Nessa! She’s broken trust, put herself at risk of being in trouble just for the sake of a jolly jaunt - and what’s worse, she’s gone and done it to you! That will, perhaps, be what hits her most: that not only has she caused chaos for her own self by indulging in her childish impulses, but that she’s also brought it down on you. This is strangely important to her long before she can put words to such deep self-reflection, because FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER, she won't be alone.

Cinderella: Just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done!

This will fast become a gateway for philosophical considerations, and trust us, she will question EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING/ So prepare yourself for that, because you and her have just fallen into wonderland full of things, ideas, concepts that simply beg to be unravelled. But part of questioning everything means that you will find out (very quickly), that your Tineangrath similarly does not simply do things just because it seems to be the popular trend. You will never find her misusing her power, or her status, or her abilities simply because it is accepted. She will never join in on jokes she feels are too far or pursued at the expense of others. She is her own dragon in every sense of the word, and she will always come out fighting for the right side — even if it feels like she's made every wrong choice along the way.

In lessons, Tineangrath will likely find a kindredship with Ceruadharth and Euclath. There's an undeniable thirst for the unknown between the three of them, a bravery that calls to like and means that no lesson will ever truly be boring — not for her, anyway. She likes the thrill of adventure, that moment when just what it is that she is capable of clicks and she — and you (and all of them!) — see that she's so much more than just a dragon, or a princess (or a queen), or a means of weyr-life survival that's meant to be locked away in metaphorical towers and kept safe, waiting for those who might save her to come because she has you and you have her and there's nothing that the two of you can't do together.

Despite all of this seriousness, Tineangrath still makes use of her silly side, and will absolutely and one hundred percently go out of her way to finish all of your — « Sandwiches! » … yeah. Not your actual sandwiches (though believe us when we say she stares very intently with the biggest eyes and tries), we mean your — « SANDWICHES! » Yes, yes Tineangrath. Those. (So that she doesn't interrupt us again, we'll talk in parenthesis — which is the only way you're going to get away with not having her attempt to finish everything you say: with a lot of practice and closing her off from thought. And she doesn't simply finish your sentences with what you were actually going to say. No, she interrupts with inserts that just don't make any sense. At all. Whatsoever. To anybody. Even her. It’s fine)

"You can't possibly expect me to follow through with that, Nailii. I have —"
"No. No, not quite what I was —"
« That's what I was going to say! Look at how impressed she is by our mind-bond. It's so cool! »

That’s certainly one word for it.

Anna: You kind of set off an eternal winter everywhere.
Elsa: Everywhere?
Anna: It's okay, you can just unfreeze it.
Elsa: No, I can't. I don't know how.
Anna: Sure you can. I know you can.

Despite taking perverse enjoyment in making things just a teensy bit strange, Tineangrath isn’t totally selfish, and doesn't just celebrate her own victories. No, she sees the good in everyone - even rogues, even thieves, and ESPECIALLY you, Nessalyn. She believes in dreams and the ability of people to become something or somebody great. It’s not a teacher’s overused idiom of, “you can be more." It’s just… honest, earnest love that’s excited when you succeed and disappointed (quietly, but YOU CAN SEE IT) when you fail. This also means that sometimes she trusts too easily, wanting to believe that people are capable of doing the right thing without outside influence, giving you (and others) opportunities to make those choices that will bring success or spell out failure. It's probably what makes her disappointment so damning, because she wants to believe in you, she knows you are capable of so much more than your shortcomings and your failures and those hurtful, hateful words meant to rend, and when you choose to be less than you are… well. She knows you can do so much better than that. But she doesn't yell, or scold, or reprimand. Those wings droop, that head drops and turns away, and she quietly hurts. It's impossible not to feel it.

Prince Charming: Be kind.
Cinderella: [giggles again] And have courage.
Prince Charming: And all will be well.

Being able to trust and see the best in other people also means that Tineangrath will see the good in Zyddagath too, perhaps initially daunted by his everything, but quick to see past it, beyond it. And the best part is that she isn't afraid of him (which you just might find earns her Varequoth's respect — and maybe she likes that). You see Nessalyn, people (and dragons) will mistake all of that goodwill and eagerness for a weakness. People will think that your dragon, because of her capacity to love, and trust, and forgive, is easy to take advantage of, easy to trick, is weak. But she is not. We cannot stress enough that your dragon is as daring as she is kind, is as brave as she is forgiving, is as strong as she is willing to risk everything by believing in you, in others, in those dragons she has no reason to believe in.

Rapunzel: [holds up frying pan] I will use this.

She will encourage you to be kind and to do the right thing, but much as with Ceruadharth, it will be a mistake to interpret her abilities. Your Tineangrath has a very strong sense of morality, but still believes in shades of grey while seeing the world in black and white. There is evil and good, there is wrong and right, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in or to challenge those who err towards wrong. Do be aware that just because because your Queen might not be the most eager dragon to participate in a fight (and will do her best to dissuade them and/or run away from them — not because she is afraid, but because she doesn't want to hurt anybody), she will find very clever ways to win and use her abilities to both of your advantages if it comes down to it. She is big, she can be analytical, she has always been a touch pragmatic, and when the time comes to rise and fight or cower, she is the best weapon in your arsenal. She will fight with everything in her to keep you, and others, safe.

But Tineangrath will not take advantage of those strengths, either. She does not use them as leverage to gain the upper hand or force an outcome that she wants. She merely isn't afraid to use them when she has to — if it's for your good, if it's good for Xanadu, if it's good for those people and dragons and weyrs that you both consider home and want to protect.

And you will find, as she ages, that that sense of adventure, and right, and wrong does not diminish. She will grow into grace and take to leadership; she will be good with people, and be there for those difficult conversations to fill in the gaps when you simply don't know what to do. But she will always, always have time for a spot of mischief, to sneak out of important meetings and see the world, to take a minute or ten to build a snowman and remind you that there's always time to be who you are even if responsibility threatens to weigh heavy on your shoulders.

As for the singing and dancing? Why, those are here to stay. Tineangrath tends to break out in mental song every time she's happy, or sad, or confused, or narrating your life by means of melodious punctuation. She sings to the herdbeasts, to the firelizards, to the stars in the sky, to the world at large even if most of her (quickly forgotten) serenades stay in your head, utilized as a means to help you understand just exactly how she's feeling at that particular moment in time. She sings about everything too, which means that you have your own personal soundtrack to suit every whim, every mood, every terribad or terrigood idea that you two see through to fruition. You even have your own theme song, Nessalyn. It might change a lil bit every day because dragon memory just ain’t what it should be but HOW COOL IS THAT?

That’s not the only childlike aspect of her personality that’s gone and stubbornly set in her personality. What else could there possibly be, you ask? Well, the fact that her and your firelizards seem to be the best of friends. That's right, Nessalyn. What is ANY Disney Princess without her animal companions, and what is your Tineangrath without hers? It couldn't be animals (because the reality is they would be terrified of her and she, eventually, would eat them), but she does have an affinity for all things flitter and wher. OH YES, NESS. That means you'll often find her SHARING LOOKS with your firelizards, playing games of hide-and-seek or siccing them on you to stick their little flitter tongues in your ear when she wants you to « WAKE UP! » You'll even find her speaking with whers, completely void of that terrible dragon-prejudice you find in so many others: that these creatures are too dumb and therefore too inferior to be worth their notice. She genuinely cares about them, almost (but not quite) as much as she cares about you and will see after their needs to the last, if it means she needs to tend to them herself.

For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light! For the first time in forever, I'll be dancing through the night! Don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone!

Tineangrath also has a thing for gathers and parties. She herself may not be the most social dragons believe it or not (which does not mean she avoids others, she simply is content in the companionship that she finds with you, because you are her dream, her one and only, the wish that her heart made, the world-shifting light that spoke to her soul somewhere deep in the confines of an eggshell prison and lifted so much fog), but she absolutely demands attendance and absolutely wants to see you thrust in the midsts of all that chaos, dancing and laughing and eating all of the food. She loves to dance, she loves when you dance (AND HATES THAT YOU ONLY DO IT IN PRIVATE), and her body is much too big… so that means that the task of dream-and-wish-fulfilment falls upon your shoulders. It's also because — as we said at the beginning — she challenges you to leave your comfort zones and find out who you really, really are.

But Tineangrath will only challenge you so much. She is not out to make you miserable, Nessalyn. She loves you; she loves you more than she can put into draconic speech or evoke with draconic emotion. She simply wants that adventure you both enjoy outside to transpire inside too. But she will always know when too much is too much, and therefore she will always know when you are upset, and just what she needs to do to fix it. Those times when you try to shut her out will be the times when she persists the most, and she will respond to your rejection with absolute devastation even if it doesn't deter her from trying again. And again. And again. Perhaps with time she will develop a hook; a quote that she repeats every time your days seem too long and your nights seem too dark. Something that will remind you of her love for you, of your love for her, that life is made up a good things and bad things and while good things don't always soften the blow of bad things, bad things don't always spoil the good things either.

Kristoff: You almost set me on fire!
Anna: But I didn't.

But listen. She also thinks that if things end well, they are well and you shouldn't waste too much time on those pesky what-ifs. And hey, if you can't sleep because you're having too hard of a time, she will be there to help you with that too.

« Sleep on it, my dream. The answers will come. »
"But I don't want t—"
« BONG! »

Yep. She wields that mental frying pan with FINESSE. WATCH OUT, NESS. She's a certified facebreaker. BETTER DUCK. Juuuuuust kidding. Kind of. (We're not; we're not kidding at all.) There are simply times when overthinking a thing can be detrimental, worse for your health despite your dogged attempts to unravel it here, now, and so she'll simply to her best (read: worst) to clear it from your mind. Immediately. Easy right? Just kidding, she knows it isn’t, but that won’t stop her from doing anything in her power to make things better because she told you you’d never have to face the world alone again, and she meant it.

Rapunzel: I promise. And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise.

And so she is intense, and maybe a little bit crazy, but at the end of the day your Tineangrath is that she holds true to her word. She does not make promises or give her word lightly, and while she is just as susceptible as every dragon to forgetting things, she will make room to remember these vastly important truths. She will see these moments through to the bitter end, whether they become good promises or promises that leave her at a disadvantage. Keep in mind, your wonderful dragon, who is willing to trust and take risks and be disappointed, is pragmatic, and cautious, and intelligent. She will not strike deals with just anybody, and it takes a whole lot more to get a promise out of it.

With that in mind, the very last thing you need to know about your Tineangrath is perhaps one of her most beautiful traits: forgiveness. Your excitable, enthusiastic, loving, eager, funny dragon (oh yeah, she definitely has a wicked sense of humor) is more forgiving even than Ceruadharth — and that is saying something, for Cielo's dragon will rival your Tineangrath for genuine goodness. It doesn't matter who lied, who stole, who hurt her, who betrayed her trust, she will forgive them. She will forgive them, she will forgive you, she will love as fiercely as she does anything, and that means knowing how to let go of those things that hurt the most. You will need to watch her in this, Nessalyn, because the right person can take advantage of that — and we are not excluding you.

So the important things to remember about your Tineangrath: she's daring, she's brave, she's willing to do what she has to, but never at the cost of others. She's caring, she's kind, and she's not afraid to get in there and fight. All in all, we think that your Tineangrath is all around a force of nature. Or, as Leirith would say… a badass!



Sometimes, calling someone’s voice bright - or warm - is a metaphor. For Tineangrath, it’s just the literal truth. Your dragon speaks in tongues of flame, from fiery flickers of enthusiasm at the edges of her thoughts to the wildest roars of wildfire anger for those rare moments of true rage, it has forever found its home in her mind. She is never without a sense of heat. It may range from the subtle glow of a candle to the pleasant bone-soaking warming of the hearth, right on through to the breath-taking heat of a sudden explosion, all depending on her mood.

What lies behind the flames? Well, that’s difficult to see. Light keeps eyes from adjusting to the dark, after all, and your dragon’s mind is full of so many kinds of bright. She makes paths out of candles, leading from one concept to the next. She casts many-colored lanterns to the sky, exulting in how they float, free and bright. They are her favorite form of flame, rejoices in expelling them outwards on the winds of her thoughts, allowing them to coast gently during peaceful lullabies, and whisk away gleefully on her laughter.

And yet there’s more to your Tineangrath than initially meets the eye, and her mindvoice is little exception. Stars stud the atmosphere of her night, bringing warmth to something that might otherwise be cool and empty. Said starlight litters upon waters, waters full of life, from seaspray creatures that dip and dive about her words with careless abandon, or slow-coasting boats that she uses when she is in a more philosophical mein. Her voice winds and wends betwixt all these elements, melodious and wry, girlish without being mistaken for that of a weyrling’s.

But those lanterns she returns to, time and time again. They are her joy, her pride - all her emotions and memories, lifting her up, calling to her heart and reminding her of who she is. Up above, those lanterns can be seen - and down below, amid the darkness, there’s no need to worry about appearances. She can be with you, love and beloved, and there’s nothing that can keep you apart. Nobody who can see what happens, there beneath the lantern-filled sky. You are - for once - truly safe, there with her amid the softness of what might be pillows upon your own gently-rocking vessel, and nobody will judge you for the time you might spend nestled there with her.


Okay Nessalyn, here is the deal. When your sweet Tineangrath first hatches from that colorful shell, you'll notice one glaringly obvious thing about her: her wings are too big. Those spars look as if they belong on a much, much larger queen (like her mama (who she probably got them from (Leirith is only kind of sorry))), and they aren't doing her any favors. This means that more often than not you'll find those yellow-orange sails trailing along the ground with precarious proximity to her feet — and she //will find them under paw or catching on objects that land her face-first on the ground or suddenly being told to sit still because she's got one more injury that needs tending to. Again.

It doesn't help that Tineangrath's got a tail that's much too big for her body. When she's not tripping over her wings or snagging them against jagged rocks, she's overcorrecting her balance and sending herself crashing into clutchmates, into AWLMs, INTO YOU. They're more or less stumbles, but she is a big enough dragon that it's going to at least wind you when her body meets with yours. And, more often than not, it just leads to more foot-tail-wing entanglement and a whole lot of frustration for your bubbling girl. Fret not; she takes to the downtime in good spirits, encouraging you to read her that same book you've read a thousand times, or paint the image she's conjured up in her head, or play the hundred-thousandth game of I Spy.

But this too-big-body induced clumsiness will not last. As Tineangrath grows into adulthood, her wings and tail will remain large, but better suited to the stature of her body. That overextension of tail will become dexterous use, and she will master her wings in just enough time to fly right alongside her clutchsibs. Once she has it down, she'll be a creature much more prone to grace, capable in her romps, agile in the hunt, perfectly suited to flight and mating and keeping those male suitors at bay as they chase her through the skies.

Regardless, she is a beautiful dragon, and she will shine just as bright physically as she will mentally. There is nothing too frustrating, no obstacle too big (not even her wings and her tail) that she can't overcome. So you better keep up, Nessalyn! Because she's going to prove to you and everybody else that she's a whole lot more than just a queen!


Let's face it, Nessalyn. Your Tineangrath just doesn't get flirtation. At all. The concept is completely lost on her. You could argue that this is just because she just has no interest in the opposite gender and is therefore immune to their masculine charms (or that she has no interest in anybody outside of YOU), but whatever it is that drives that dragon-equivalent of an upraised brow at those smooth-talking, roguish bronzes (and hey, them browns too), it's very real.

Right up until she goes proddy, that is.

See, Tineangrath is not the kind of female dragon who seeks out attention or demands it of others, but she is the type of dragon to find 'true love' much, much too quickly. Every single time she goes to rise, she will have a favored suitor in mind (note: of HER choosing), but the problem is that she never makes this choice in a very pragmatic way. Basically she 'falls' fast, practically dragon-marrying those men-dragons she's only know FOR ONE DAY. It's probably especially exciting (or, perhaps, unnerving) for suitors because usually she just stares at them. Unimpressedly. Or perhaps from behind a fetchingly draped curtain. It really depends upon the day.

But she will pursue that single, alternating male with fervor, and it will be completely happen chance as to who it is. All that it requires is one small act of kindness while those stars are starting to glow in her hide, and she is smitten. Absolutely smitten. The scary part is that it might not even be a nice dragon (though rest easy; if he shows his true colors before take-off, it's game over), and she will still persist in their budding romance.

You will probably be able to tell when she's proddy as well, because she sings everything. Everything. This isn't, « I am excited, my dream! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER, THERE'LL BE MUSIC, THERE'LL BE LIIIIGHT. » This is turning every single waking moment, every single communication, every single thought, and feeling from sunrise 'til dusk into musical theatrics — the likes of which there is no escape.

Tineangrath stays true to this when she rises as well, and if there are any males that can meet her musical inclinations, there's a very real possibility that they will sway her away from her 'true love' and that flight will start to tip in the favor of whoever it is that comes in to play the part of 'prince charming'. The point is that it's a very theatrical kind of flying, and just like her mother (and Meirath before her), your Tineangrath is loud, sharing her song with the entire weyr… and certainly guaranteeing a boom in the weyr's population thereafter.

When it comes time to lay eggs, your Tineangrath will have the best of intentions. She’ll aspire to great heights and will try to be a doting dam, don’t get us wrong, buuuut… well. She will be just a little bit clueless. Hopefully that male suitor is willing to stick around and help her through the worst of it, because Tineangrath's best intentions don't necessarily mean she will be a perfect mother. She will certainly not be the worst, but she tends to forget exactly what it is that she's supposed to do with those eggs every time she has a new clutch.

But don't worry, Nessalyn. She manages just fine, and there's a lot of love for those eggs, more than enough to ensure those hiccups in confidence don't bring them to any harm. She is not negligent, just… a little unsure.


AWWWWYIS, NESSALYN! WELCOME TO WEYRLINGHOOD! First, let us start by saying CONGRATULATIONS on behalf of us (your dragon-writers) and all of Co here at Xanadu Weyr! We had a lot of fun watching Disney movies and hashing out the details of your Tineangrath, and we really hope that you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed writing her. But don't fret; if we got her wrong, just keep in mind that all points made in her RP tips and inspiration are little more than suggestions, and you are welcome to RP your Tineangrath however you see fit. <3 So let's get down to those inspirations!

In honor of our clutch being so close to October, the theme for this candidacy (and this batch of eggs) was two-sentence horror stories! The story your egg was based on is: “I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window, until I heard it come from the mirror again.” (Sorry, not so much that Alice In Wonderland vibe that you were getting), and the person who wrote both the mind touches and the description for this egg was none other than our resident bluerider, N'kon.

For your Tineangrath, we tried to stay most true to those qualities we thought best suited your requests from a few of those Disney princesses you listed. If you didn't guess it already (and we're pretty sure that you already have), your Tineangrath is based most heavily on Rapunzel from Tangled and Anna from Frozen. We felt that Alice's inquisitive nature was already captured in the former two, and we added Cinderella's "be courageous and kind" despite the fact that none of the female protagonists that you chose were lacking in courage or kindness. For her flights, we pulled first on Rapunzel's immunity to Flynn's charms, and then applied Anna's remarkable ability to agree to marriage with Hans despite only knowing him for ONE DAY. WHAT, NESSALYN. IT'S TRUE LOVE!!

Her descriptions, in mind and body, were inspired by Rapunzel from Tangled - though, if we're being honest, MOSTLY by the wonderful fire of candles and lanterns that features so prominently in Rapunzel's tower and dreams. There's a bit of that long, dextrous golden hair as well, ready to tangle, tumble, and draw her in - and out - of trouble!

The origin of her name is Irish, "Tine an Ghra" which translates into English as "Fire of Love". TELL US THAT WE WERE WRONG THOUGH. GO AHEAD. WE'LL WAIT.

Tineangrath was written (with the utmost love) by D'lei, Risali, and Siobhan. Again, we made her for you, so regardless of how you choose to play her, we sincerely hope that you like her! Congratulations again, and thank you for choosing us to go through this adventure with!

— D'lei, Risali, and Siobhan. <33


Name Tineangrath
Dam Leirith
Sire Garouth
Created By D'lei, Siobhan, and Risali
Impressee Nessalyn
Hatched November 30, 2018
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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