The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Tigreth

The presence of this brown fills the weyr almost, a light color of eggshell, cracked through with the colors of chocolate hide beneath. His hide is like the walls of a dried desert canyon, deep cracks in the parched land, muddy and dark, swirled and sandy, dry, dusty, screaming for water, sustanince, relief. He looks slightly odd, almost misshaped, but that is an iilusion of the light that keep him a living rememberance of life inside the darkness and dankness of an egg, safe and secure, waiting like a hunter for the right time to spring on its prey. Every step speaks of pride and grace, dark yellowish wings held out for balance, perhaps to make him seem bigger than he really is.

Egg Name and Description


Sandstorm's Fury Egg
Lurking behind one of the other eggs and partially covered in sand, sits a desolately-looking egg. Dusty roses and washed-out blues drift into swirls of dull, sandy yellow over the surface, highly reminiscent of storms blowing off the desert. Reaching out to touch it, despite the harshness of colouring, there is a grittiness, as if the shell itself is composed of hard-packed sand. The egg somehow seems warmer than even the heat of the Sands could account for.

Hatching Message

Sandstorm's Fury Egg shivers and rumbles, shaking so violently that the shell turns to shards so small they could be dust. And as these grainy particles fling into the air and settle down, the hatchling within appears.

Impression Message

As swirling violet eyes look into yours, you feel the heat of the desert sweep through your caught mind. It roars through your body, leaving you with a sense of awe. The heat of the Sands becomes magnified tenfold, and all the sounds disappear. It is just you, and your new lifemate. « At last! I have found you. I am your Tigreth, as you are mine, and now we are together. » booms a voice strangely feline in its demenor, and speaking of the winds through the palms of an oasis.



A predator in the night, a being of fire and light, storms and chaos, willful pride, the essence of a tiger. He stalks you always, there in the back of your mind, always seeking you and urging you on. If he is threatened, he will defend himself and you til the end, is always there, and will stand up for himself with a will that seems unmatched. His temper is quick to unleash, and many things are found to annoy him and anger him, so living with him may be hard at times. When he's in a bad mood, he's likely to stay that way for a while.

Tigreth is a rather irritable and restless sort of dragon, easily used to speaking his mind, and if it hurts feelings, well, tough for the other! He's rather brash, and tact isn't his best subject. If something is bothering him, its best to just say it straight, and as he gets older, it seems to get worse. Some days there is just no living with him. He's quick to start arguments, picking on every little thing, and calling people lazy when all he does is sit around! And don't even try to protest, as a doting youngster, perhaps you'll only get a « I'll do it later, don't worry » but soon it may change into « That's your job not mine! » or even « Shut up now ». Its infuriating! And you should see him with those lovely greens and golds. He'll strut and preen and compliment them til the sun stops rising and ignore you! But the minute those ladies are out of sight, its all about you, the dear, the pet, the master, the bond, the lifemate, the One.

Oh, I don't know. I just _liked_ Maureen. She seemed like she needed me. Adrift. Yes, adrift is the word. Always running. And so I loved her. She is like prey, and I the hunter. So I waited patiently. And I knew. She would be mine. I just had to wait. And then she'd be mine. Maureen is mine because together we will wander. Together we can hunt. Together we are free.


Suddenly, your mind is assulted by a sand storm, your thoughts wrapped up in a catastrophic dust devil filled with hard grains of glass. Heat, burning in a hot conflagration, licks with its fiery tendrils and a hot hiss, like water falling on a heated stone sizzles as a voice not unlike yours, but not like anything you've ever heard, whispers in your mind.


The theme for this clutch were the 'Sword Dancer' series by Jennifer Roberson, featuring Tiger and Del.


Name The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Tigreth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Gauth
Created By Darianya
Impressee Maureen
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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