Peregrine Warrior Brown Thielloth
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A strangeness; a subtle caress of something foreign lurks on the features of this dragon. Everything is just as it should be and is yet somehow inescapably different. Darkness seems to shroud his hide, deep mahogany in solid tone over his entire form. His proportions seem elongated compared to others, tall and neck extended; muzzle much broader than usual and musculature more defined in the long limbs. Monochrome he may be, yet he is intense in that simplicity. Against the darkness of his hide his teeth gleam very white and the facets of his eyes glitter as jewels in sunlight, next to the shadow.


Name Peregrine Warrior Brown Thielloth
Dam Gold Mhiyath
Sire Brown Jerubbesheth
Created By Hassaleah
Impressee Lumine
Hatched May 1, 2005
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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