Dignified Priest Blue Teyath

A stately robe of pure azure settles on the form of an overly large hatchling. Although the shadowy draping of blue fits well and is generally of even tone and color, here and there are little lighter sparklings, as if his hide were attempting to mimic starlight upon the twilit sky. There is a light graying about his muzzle, and in the corners of his eyes, though above his headknobs and sloping down his muzzle are slight speckles of darker indigo. Despite his large form, the hatchling is thin, almost gaunt, yet with a stately elegance in his movements that attempts to detract from the gangly appearance of his build.

Egg Name and Description


Mosaic Stone Egg
The egg is slightly rounder than your typical oval egg, though it's quite far from a perfect sphere. The shell has the vague appearance of a patchwork quilt, featuring sections of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. However, the boundaries between some of these patches are not entirely clear, as the whole egg has a weathered and faded appearance, as though the sands of time have worn at a vibrance that it may have possessed. Slight chips of pale stony grey are most prevalent at the boundaries between colors.

Hatching Message

The Mosaic Stone Egg gives a preliminary light shake before it stills. Once its movements have ended, it begins anew, wobbling a bit more violently this time before it tilts. In this new position the egg reclines and the youngling within gathers strength and is still once more.

The Mosaic Stone Egg wobbles to and fro, shaken and guided about by the motions of the hatchling within trying to escape to the without. The efforts do not go unrewarded, for soon there's a crack and a hole is torn in the hard shell. Cracks begin to spider outwards and the egg stills. Time for another rest.

The Mosaic Stone Egg begins to quiver once more as it paws — or noses, it's a bit hard to tell from a distance — at the previously made crack and small hole. And before long something is burst out of the egg, and it all comes crumbling down to spill its occupant onto the sands.


Egg based on mosaic Aztec calendar and hatchling based on an old wizened priest.


Name Dignified Priest Blue Teyath
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Mianyi
Impressee T'ne (Tione)
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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