Pillar of Stability Bronze Tesnath

Rukbat's rays break over the hide of this dragon, burnishing his bronzed presence with a sun kissed red that shimmers as if reflecting in a desert like haze of internal heat. His body is that of a well-toned predator, shorter limbs, an elongated muzzle full of razor sharp teeth and a long paddle like tail that is almost constantly whipping from side to side. His low-slung form is given a more deadly look by the tightly bunched muscles rippling under his leathery hide, adding to the heat haze effect of his colouring. The reddy bronze ripples darken significantly as they drop down over toned flanks towards the almost burnt colouring of his underside, a stark contrast to the fiery bronze of his slightly smaller wings.

Egg Name and Description

Glittering Cascade Egg
Rising up from a small patch of blue at the top, an ever-increasing flurry of white runs down and around the egg. The cascading flow of the bubbling white is channelled by a series of darker granite patches until one large yellow patch splits the foam in two; right before it disperses into a large expanse of blue that surrounds the base.

Hatching Message

Glittering Cascade Egg twitches ever so slightly, as if a small bubble just popped underneath. The movement starts to become more insistent, a gently fizzing torrent assaulting the egg from inside as it wobbles in it's little hollow.

Glittering Cascade Egg jumps up a little way with a sudden fierce impact from inside. The egg lands and settles again, a crack starting to form from the blue patch at the top. Ever so slowly the crack expands down the sides of the egg, smaller tributaries cascading off in other directions to cover the egg in a latticework of cracks as the occupant inside settles to wait.

Glittering Cascade Egg remains still for a long time until with a sudden fierce flurry of motion the hatchling inside bursts free of it's concealment and scampers off across the hot sands sending shards of egg and burning hot sand everywhere.

Impression Message

The bronze before you looks intently into your eyes, a burning passion explodes into your mind as a clawed paw rises to be placed against your chest. As if fanned by the intense heat of Rukbat his mind touch sears through your body. « I am Tesnath, remember the name well because you have been chosen. » The paw against your chest tenses ever so briefly in emphasis, claws pricking through the robes to leave a ring of marks around your heart. « We are as one now, forever Tesnath and P'ton. »


One thing that you'll find out fairly quickly is that he loves storms, they are a symbol of power, raw and untamed. He would love to fly free through them, dancing up there through the lightening wracked air, if you let him that is. The fiercer the storm the better, his fascination knows no bounds as he marvels at the sights and the feeling of tension in the air. He's likely to know by changes in pressure when big ones are due to roll in.

Tesnaths' body is ultimately suited to the water and short running sprints that will have his body wriggling along in a similar motion to a snake, his tail thrashing about behind him. He really will love swimming, his long tail propelling him along underwater with an ease that will leave other dragons jealous of his manoeuvrability despite his size.

You will always find him warm and welcoming of strangers, foreigners from far off lands will intrigue him the most. He'll mine them for information on how their culture works and how it has evolved, over time you'll even hear him asking how things have changed since the last time they spoke.

When it comes to things like flights his energy will be released like the storms he enjoys so much. Wild and unbridled he will unleash his fury like a tornado, beating other suitors out of his way if he can to gain the advantage, at this time his vast knowledge base of his rivals will be used to taunt and distract in order to put them off their stride as he rides high on the air after his prize.

When he does catch, his attentions will be lavished on the female, whispering sweet nothings to her in order to endear him to her for future favour. Any clutches that he sires will be kept safe, he'll need to be kept under tight control at the likes of touchings as he will be fiercely protective of his progeny and is likely to just sit waiting patiently, ready to rush anyone who dares to cause any perceived harm to his eggs. He won't actually harm them, his rush is more likely to knock them over and scare them witless as he sits low to the ground hissing in their faces.

You would think with his fierce parental streak may be likewise of his siblings, but in that you'd be wrong, for some reason he just can't bring himself to deal with Gensoth. It's a rivalry born of jealousy, weyrlinghood was a nightmare when this trait revealed itself, he spent a good amount of time working out ways of ingratiating himself with others just so he could cause trouble and turn others against Gensoth. Anything that 'HE' managed Tesnath had to have better.

No matter how much he may hate his bronze sibling, when it comes to others he will usually come over as all charm, smooth and efficient with his speech, working things round with plenty of questions to ensure that they're the ones that are doing all the talking. It helps him to gather information to work with to his own ends. Don't ever be surprised by how much he knows about other individuals, their fears and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses he gets them to tell him everything.

But why does he need to know all of this? For is own ends of course, he is a manipulator, he knows how to use all his information to pick at peoples egos or vulnerabilities to get them to do what he wants them to. He uses his talent for manipulation to get people to do what he thinks is right. He's not trying to be malicious or do it for his own amusement or anything of the like, dragons aren't inherently evil it's just that the people and dragons he's manipulating don't always see eye to eye on what is best for them.


Eye of the Storm
Smooth, confident and as implacable as Rukbat beating down on the Igen deserts, every word thought and image will be chosen ever so carefully and presented to get maximum impact for his intentions. When he speaks there is always the hint of a lisp present that adds a slight hissing note to everything, it's especially pronounced when he's trying to be subtle. Underneath it all there is always that burning desire buried deep within him, mostly it will be covered by his calm machinations but if he's angry expect his temper to switch suddenly to the chill of the desert night, cold enough to burn as effectively as Rukbats rays. It is only ever with you that his true emotions will ever be revealed, though those times are likely to be rare and treasured as a result.

Eye of the Storm swirls into your head, a veritable sand storm assaulting the senses making it difficult to tell what direction is what, are you facing forwards, down or on your back facing the ceiling of the hatching cavern. Just as suddenly it fades into nothing again.

Eye of the Storm resumes the assault on your senses with a fresh purpose. Appearing out of the storm of sand a searing pain drives deep inside your mind, burning it's way through without a care, intent on one purpose only finding all your weaknesses.

Eye of the Storm continues to probe deep within you, checking into every corner of your psyche to see what it can see. Eventually satisfied or not the searing pain disappears, you are dismissed as the barrage of the senses drops to a chill empty nothingness.


Tesnath is based on the Egyptian god Set, often seen as the evil side of the spectrum and perhaps he was thanks to that unfortunate jealous dismembering of his brother but mostly his reputation was born because of his association with the foreign conquerors of Egypt, first the Hyksos and later the Persians and Romans. Prior to his demonization he was worshipped as the ruler over Lower Egypt, the god of the desert, storms and chaos and he carried the epithet "His Majesty" which was only shared with Ra. I have tried to embody most of the traits and associations of Set within Tesnath while not having it overpoweringly nasty or nice, his description is based on Sets son, Sobek the crocodile god. As always these are guidelines only, feel free to adjust him as needed to suit.


Name Pillar of Stability Bronze Tesnath
Dam Gold Crystath
Sire Bronze Khirsath
Created By Orla
Impressee Payton
Hatched October 28, 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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