Tripping Through the Rift Brown Tennath

Faded and frayed, this dragonet looks like he may as well be wearing someone's old and cast off overcoat. Bright intelligent eyes sit close together in his face, skipping from sight to sight with keen interest. Built on long, lean lines, his body seems almost too lithe to support the wide wingsails that flutter gaily from dark spars, color paling to nearly invisible cream at the edges. Limbs are gangling but he moves with a strange, energetic grace on broad paws tipped with talons of fashioned brass.


Egg Name and Description

Timeless Monolith Egg
Deep shadows pool at the base of this egg, sweeping upward into long columns of slate that taper slightly at the top only to widen again into the span of a bridgelike oblong. Rough-hewn and pitted by time, pockmarks leave whorled, dark indentations along the surface of that stony color with no apparent rhyme or reason. Gleaming from between monolithic arms, the glimmer of sunrise peeks through, deep reds and golds reaching upward through the spectrum of rose to indigo of a wintry morning sky: the dawn of a new day, a new turn.


Hatching Message

Timeless Monolith Egg shivers uncontrollably in its bed of sand, sending minute grains trickling downward away from its monolithic sides. The gleam of lights in the hatching arena catches on the glow of sunlight peeking from between twin arms of gray, hope for a new dawn coming, anticipation of the egg's shell cracking.

Timeless Monolith Egg continues to tremble, amps up trembling into outright rocking. Suddenly the mounded sand gives way around the base of the monolith and the egg goes hurtling downslope, tumbling and turning, seemingly uncontrollably before coming to a sudden stop in a slight dip on the sands' surface. Cracks form a fine network all along the incipient dawn, framed between arms of gray.

Timeless Monolith Egg rocks back and forth, frenzied motions speaking to the need for release, for exit. Finally the shell gives away, and a smooth brown head pops out, like a gopher peeking aboveground for predators and bright eyes open, looking to and fro at this new world outside the egg, all laid out for him to explore.

Impression Message

Pushing free of the rest of his shell with a roll of his shoulders, the Tripping the Rift Brown gets to his feet with a bounding motion and stands there for a moment, breathing, taking it all in, wide-eyed. A flip of wings dislodges trailing bits of shell and then his head snaps around, nostrils flaring like he's on the scent of something truly wonderful. Bounding eagerly forward like there's no time in the world but the present, he practically bowls over a tall young woman, with klah-dark skin and equally dark hair. Staring open-mouthed at first, Marta lifts a hand to run wonderingly along eyeridges, then bursts out laughing. "Oh yes, of course we'll go find out what this 'food' stuff is, Tennath. Straight away!" And off they go to figure out the world together.


Whorls of the Vortex
Tripping the light fantastic, the touch of this dragonet's mind is light on the surface, shimmering with prismatic colors that change and shift constantly with its changing moods. Deeper though, feeling this mind can be a psychedelic head-trip as all sense of time seems to fall away, or rather, many different things, past, present and future all seem to co-exist all at the same time, while still being oddly linear. End, begin, it's all the same and highly mystical. The ting of crystal chimes flutters through, and sometimes the sound of some cosmic engine whirring and creaking into existence and then away again.


Our theme was Past vs Future, with eggs being Past and hatchlings the Future.
Based on Stonehenge for the past, H.G. Wells' "Time Machine" with a very hefty dollop of Doctor Who and the Tardis for the future. Overall theme: Timekeeping and time travel devices.


Name Brown Tennath
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By D'son
Impressee Marta
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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