Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Teimyrth

Xanadu bronze appears to have caught fire, burning away most of the color until it's nearly black. This near-onyx shade is worn like a cloak, sliding down his massive boxy head and down his stocky neck. Like thick tar, this metallic black hue slips down the back of his bulky muscled chest before it moves on across his neckridges, slipping over his ribcage until it continues down the length of his long thick tail. Olived-bronze 'boots' are worn upon each of his limbs, climbing up past the joints to battle with the ebon. This war rages on, sometimes charred bronze swoops closer to his midsection while other times the aged bronze hue creeps up, nearly reaching his midnight spine. Two massive wings sprout from his back, the tops matching the shadows of his back while the soft underside is a honeyed bronzed that dances with windswept streaks of blizzard white. Taking after his mother, perfection is not a word to describe him; his bottom jaw is flawed, jutting out further than his upper jaw and teeth have a difficult time staying hidden. Finally, in stark contrast with his shadow cloak, a necklace of ruddy copper cuts around his neck at the base, twelve large circles barely touch, like a string of glinting reddish pearls.

Egg Name and Description

Fossilized in Blood Egg
Craggily cracks appear to splinter across the surface of this egg. Maroon, burgundy, and garnet swirl around the fractured surface. Some places inch closer to black while other areas are bright ruby only to be shattered, like a piece of glass that has had a rock thrown at it, splintered in every which direction. The crack lines run sporadically, no apparent pattern as it leaves clumps of different colored reds settled next to each other. Perhaps the egg was a stained glass painting once before it was dropped upon the floor and all the pieces haphazardly put back together again. None of the pieces quite seem to fit together and yet it could almost be considered beautiful, in the frenzied way the reds come together.

Blanket of Ice is all engulfing. While you could swear that you were on the hatching sands, touching this egg, you are now transported to a land of white. Bitter wind assaults your skin, biting, nipping, clawing as snow and ice whip by. You start to shiver, craving the heat of the hatching sands as an eerie howl blasts by your ear. Your head whips around and you try to track the sound and a sense of fear starts to creep up from the pit of your stomach. There's an overwhelming feeling of anger being aimed at you. Anger at having been awoken from its slumber. Another burst of air is thrown at you as the egg's consciousness shoves you away. Leave. You are not welcome nor wanted.

Blanket of Ice has lost some of the frigid blizzard of anger it had previously displayed. The storm seems more subdued now and you may even be allowed to walk around and explore the expanse of white instead of sitting there shivering in place. There's still that sense of irritation that seems to be directed at you, but there's also a sense of curiosity about one who would dare touch again. So brave! Perhaps the consciousness was wrong about you. It pokes and prods, sending icy shards against your mind, searching for ways into your mind. It can't be a pleasant experience and as the pain intensifies you try to escape, try to remove its arctic hold. Just as you start to cry out in pain you're shoved away. Freed.

Blanket of Ice is finally spent, the snow now rains down in fluffy fat flakes. It could almost be relaxing here, if it wasn't so sharding cold! Since there isn't a raging blizzard going on, you can finally make out the frozen form not too far from you. A snowdragon sprawls out before you, and when you approach it, its head whips around and swirling eyes stop you in your tracks. It's wondering more about you, but this time it isn't stabbing your mind while probing around. This time it's gently wrapping you up in a blanket of snow, which is surprisingly warm, as it lures you closer. It wants you to share your innermost secrets. Regale it with stories of your past. It's definitely curious, although be warned, it's not always the wisest thing to tell. You never know when it might be… used against you.

Hatching Message

Fossilized in Blood Egg vibrates, shaking ever so slightly, in quick back and forth movements. The sand holding it upright starts to slide away, leaving more room as the egg appears to be digging itself deeper into the sands. One last quiver shoots through the egg before it goes still.

Cracks are now zigzagging across the Fossilized in Blood Egg as the tremors start up again. Not that there really is all the much difference between how it looked before and how it looks now. The only change is that this egg has now sunk half way into the sands and flakes of shell tumble down its sides. It pauses, perhaps its occupant is taking a breather.

A strong gust of wind seems to rush through the hatching caverns, shooting bits of the Fossilized in Blood Egg in every direction. The frigid wind might be a welcome relief to those out on the sands, but it has left this egg in shambles. Its occupant is left upside down in the newly created hole.

Impression Message

Claws pierce your mind, digging into soft flesh while he consumes memories. You're the one he's wanted, ever since the first touch of your hand on his shell, he /knew/. The talons slowly release, and the smell of a wintery pine forest waifs in as smoke curls around your mind. « Ila'den. » His words creep through your body, riding your veins through your body until you feel completely frozen. He's in places in your mind that you didn't know existed, taking over those memories, knowing all there is to know about you. And then there's unbearable pressure as he crushes you in his mind, like a brittle leaf crumpled in a palm. There you are, broken, pieces everywhere, and yet there is no urge to put yourself back together again, as something about this just feels /right/. « Teimyrth know your secrets, renegade. But that is the past and I am your future. » The howling wind rushes by you, and even though he has withdrawn to let you gather your wits, the painful sensation of pins and needles course through your limbs and remind you that this is no dream.


General personality: Teimyrth is a very misunderstood dragon. To everyone who isn't inside of his head, or doesn't mean a whole /heck/ of a lot to you, well, he'll come off as downright cruel at times. He's not one to put up with crap. If he feels someone is causing any sort of problem for him, he will take care of it, one way or another. Typically it involves threatening to do disgustingly evil things to them.

« I told you to lay off, Nyzieroth. Don't make me reach down that oversized gullet of yours and pull your stomach out so you can never drink again.»

He /likes/ threats. They will probably be what he uses most when he speaks to other dragons, /most/ other dragons, unless he sees a use for them. Authority figures? Really don't mean a whole heck of a lot to him. He's very much in the mindset that respect is /earned/ and not just given. (Him and whoever's dragon is the Weyrleader's bronze probably won't get along well at all as he'll think he always knows best). He tends to mostly be this way with males, although females who annoy him will cause him to snap in much of the same way. Most of the time he'll tolerate the company of the opposite sex. He's one of few words, unless he truly cares for her. If that's the case, he'll probably still be quiet, and in public probably ignore her much more than she would like, but in private he'll make up for it, by showering her with affection. It isn't as if he's trying to hide his true self, he just doesn't really see the point to letting everyone into his 'shell'. And his shell is /mighty/ thick and hard to crack. It will have to be one special girl for him to be fawning over her.

While Teimyrth might be downright mean, and sometimes even cruel. There's typically a reason for it. He doesn't get nasty unless his patience has been tried (unfortunately he has little patience for most people/dragons and won't hesitate to let you know just what he thinks of particular riders.)

« K'yr's blushing again. I know some people who could give him a reason to be flushed! »

Oh yes, Teimyrth will always state his mind with blunt, uncaring precision. There is absolutely no sugar coating for anything he says or does. Tact? What's that? Teimyrth surely doesn't know. However, there is a flip side to the coin; he's very protective over those he deems 'weak' in his eyes. This can be anything, from human, to dragon, to animal. In fact, he has an affinity for felines. Big wild ones, or small tame ones, it doesn't really matter. He wouldn't ever hurt a feline and will even try to start collecting them for you.

"We already have a black one…" « What? No. You must be blind, Ila. This is /not/ a black one. It's dark gray. And we don't have a dark gray one, especially not one with a white spot on its back. Perhaps we should have the healers check your eyes. »

Because he's like this, if one of those 'weaklings' he's dubbed is getting picked on, he'll rise to the occasion and play the role of protector and hero to the scum of the earth.. which is typically Nyzieroth. Oh yes, they will not get along at /all/. A constant battle of proving who's best was started the day their eggs were laid, it was kismet and there will forever be something about Nyzieroth that Teimyrth just can't /stand/. It's a good thing that Nyzieroth isn't really a fighter or there might be some serious battles between the two.

Weyrling: This time will be rather frustrating for your Teimyrth, because he'll be small, weak, and completely dependent upon you. This will irk him like nothing else since he has such a strong personality. He does /not/ like being helpless and any time he perhaps gets hurt when he's an adult will also bring him back to this mentality state. He's probably going to be more agitated than normal, probably growling/snapping at people he doesn't know or doesn't like (he likes his space). And when it comes to the period of time before he can *between* to do his business.. he will probably try to hide his piles of poo. He's too proud to just leave it out for you to pick up. So of course this makes it more of a pain for you, who will have to constantly try to find out where Tei has hidden his pile this time. When he starts to fly, he'll struggle, which is another thing he'll hate. He'll practice until he hurts himself if you let him, so it's something that you will have to be very careful with. He doesn't deal with failures well and this will be most obvious when he's a weyrling and there's lots of failures to be had. Once he actually learns to fly, he will be a strong flyer, not all that fast due to his bulk, and not agile either, but he can fly for ages which will make him invaluable in the search and rescue wing when he matures.

Flights: Ah, flights, Teimyrth will be all over them flights. He will always have a preference to be in green flights, not because he wants to really win every green flight, but because you see, he's /training/. He has to be the best, or at least will strive to be the best, even if he can't be. For this reason, he will see green flights as practice, and because he absolutely /loathes/ failure, he probably won't chase after a gold until he's lost a few green flights (or won depending). He won't see the green flights as real 'flights' to him, he'll ignore those losses and just focus on those golds and racking up notches on his belt. He might even form a preference towards one gold, and put all his effort and energy to making him the best, most awesome bronze, so that she, of course will have no other thought in her mind but him. That being said, he is a big boy, pretty much topping out at how big bronzes can get, and while his stamina for flights (or flying in general) will be unmatched by most others, this means that he has to plan his tactic well in advanced and basically lays traps for the greens or golds to really have a chance. Greens will be trickier due to their agility and he will have to be quick at thinking up a strategy for that specific greenie girl in order to win. Golds, are harder to catch, but easier to plan for as they are built like him and he's got that stamina to keep up at the very least.

Clutch Dad: Teimyrth will make an /amazing/ clutch dad. Or at least the way he sees it, he'll be amazing. Perhaps not every gold will agree with this, he might come off as overbearing. He isn't the type of father to be ZOMG RAWR! At the candidates when it comes time for touchings. It's just he's very doting on the eggs, and tries to do what's best for them (such as getting to know the candidates before they hatch). However, if anyone is too rough with them, or anything that could be construed as harmful happens around the eggs, his seriously nasty side will rear its head and let us just hope someone is there to stop him less he tests out just how sweet candidates can taste. This being said, he defers to his golden mate when it comes to the eggs, and if she chases him off the sands, he'll probably mope around and sulk as close as he can get away with. (Although don't accuse him of sulking because he doesn't /sulk/)

Weyrleadership: This is Teimyrth’s one true ‘goal’ in life. He was born to lead, in that head of his, and he won’t truly ever be fully happy until this is obtained. It might take him a /long/ time to fulfill it, but once he does, he’ll make sure to be the best Weyrleader that Weyr has seen. Because of how he acts with all the ‘weaklings’ in his life, he’ll always want to be in a position to protect them. If he can’t make you Weyrleader, then he will strive to put both of you into other positions of power until he makes it all the way there. You sadly won’t have much of a choice in this matter. He will have to be striving for rank, for importance, for /power/ to protect all that he wants to protect. While he might never succeed in winning a senior queen’s flight, that urge in him will always be there, nagging and tearing at the back of your head until you want it just as bad.  

Kiltara: At first, it might take a little bit for Teimyrth to understand just how much Kiltara means to you. You are the only person in his life who he of course loves unconditionally, so for there to be a second one in your life… well he’ll just be confused.  As he grows older though, he’ll fall in love with the girl and just like you, he will be fiercely protective over her. Pity the time when she’s old enough to catch the opposite sex’s interest! Both you and Teimyrth will be of one mind here. And while you aren’t around, he’ll make sure she’s kept safe. While he is one of little words, he will occasionally speak directly to your sister (although she will be the only other human besides yourself that he’ll do this with). It isn’t often but he feels as if he’s become her big brother, having chosen you, and will take the role seriously.  


Much like the rest of Teimyrth, his mind is similar to his egg. Impression was your first taste to his voice. While the initial pain of talking to him will be intense, each time he touches your mind and the frostbite sets in, it will hurt a little less until it's not painful at all. His actual voice is deep, a rumble of sorts more than anything. But it's smooth, like fog rolling down the mountain side, gliding down and filling every crack as it goes. He will fill your entire mind at times and make it difficult to concentrate on anything but him. His mental smell is softer, not overbearing, but nonetheless not something one can ignore, and it smells like a pine forest covered in snow. Where the air is crisp and clean and the faint aroma of the trees wraps you up in the scent. There's also a hint of wood burning smoke that can be made out, as if there is one solitary cabin a ways off in the distance, tempting you with warmth.



This egg was described based off of the birthstone of January, garnet while the touch messages were based off of the frigid and unrelenting winters that January can bring (to some parts of the world). The dragon was a combination of two characters I knew you loved. First, your precious Thrall, the great (ex) Warchief of the Horde! The second and harsher part of his personality was based off of my very own Sikriel. I thought these two personality types would work well together to create an excellent mate to your misunderstood Kilarden. Teimyrth’s name was based off of the base words ‘Tiemhnean’ (Gaelic for dark) and ‘Emyr’ (Welsh for ruler), so basically he’s a dark ruler. Main reason I chose this is because his egg is based off of the frigid winters of January, and blizzards/ice is definitely a dark ruler. Plus it kind of fits Sikriel’s personality part as well. Egg and dragon were created by K’yr’s player, who hopes you love and have great fun in playing with Teimyrth.


Name Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Teimyrth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By K'yr
Impressee Ila'den
Hatched July 31, 2011
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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